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Month: January 2020

My Take: Using Bleach to Kill Dangerous Mold

Kim Ray’s articles on “How To” are excellent. I love reading her common good sense suggestions. One example is Homemade Spray-On Daily Shower Cleaner. In particular Kim mentions the old stand-by bleach to rid showers of scum and soap residue for the shower area. She also has some great recipes for a spray-on daily cleaner using hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, liquid detergent and dishwasher detergent. Please look at her article for the exact ingredients.

The area I would like to add my two cents is the use of common products to prevent mold spores. During the winter months in cold climates as the one I live in my allergies go ballistic. In part the reason is dust within the heat air ducts which can be remedied at the rate of $35 per duct with the average mid-size house having about nine, so I am told by a professional cleaning company.

The other treatment for the house is to replace old air filters regularly. The replacement of an old dirty filter not only helps in reducing airborne dust and allergens it also saves you money in heating costs. There are various types of filters on the market, but I use the brand 3M. The new “Filtrete” is an electrostatically charged filter that captures airborne allergens, pet dander and mold spores more effectively than the standard fiberglass filters.

According to Healthlink a service of the Medical College of the University of Wisconsin, mold allergies are abundant both at home and in the work place. Fundamentally mold spores are very tiny, but their impact on sensitive individuals can be devastating. Not only the inconvenience of runny nose, red eyes, and irritability, but really debilitating illness. See http://healthlink.mcw.edu/article/926104064.html

According to Healthlink, the home “hot spots” are shower stalls, basements, refrigerator drip trays, foam pillows, air conditioners, humidifiers and places where food is stored.

At work, bakeries, breweries, barns, dairies, and greenhouses are prime work spots for mold. Some furniture res upholster is particularly vulnerable to contamination by mold.

The untreated contamination of mold in human beings can bring about permanent lung damage in some individuals. Thus the Healthlink author suggests prevention. Simple allergy shots and over the counter allergy medicine just simply does not work.

Which brings me back to our CP Kim Ray and her great articles on home cleaning. Bleach is the most effective means of killing mold in the bathroom and every place mentioned by Healthlink for being hot spots. The fantastic thing is the remedy Kim suggests is dirt cheap or maybe mold-cheap.

The cost of a gallon of bleach at any discount house is approximately $1. If you want scented, I recently purchased an orange scented bleach at Wal Mart gallon size for $1.19. This old fashioned product is the safest and the cheapest agent against mold available. Like anything, if you are working in a confined place, open a window or turn on a fan to dissipate the fumes of bleach. I have found that even the scented variety has a bleach aroma.

Mold exists in humid climate more frequently than in dry, arrid climates. States like Texas and Florida have had limitations on their ability to carry adequate home owners insurance for mold. The cost to de-mold a home can be in the thousands of dollars. Mold can occur in any state, and it appears the best approach is to try and abate the problem before it gets started, if possible.

Hip, Hip Hoorah for Kim Ray. Just a little time and a little change can make all the difference. In order to get these professional services in New Jersey area you should be visiting mold inspection new jersey without wasting any of your time. This way you get the best consultations and can save yourself some money.

Social Media In 30 Minutes Or Less, Will It Be Great Or Not?

I’ve written several articles recently about the importance of social media for authors, be it published or unpublished, and listing dozens of ways to increase your all-important “platform” for publishers using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Smashwords and Scribd.com.

Since I work from home and am literally online 10-12 hours a day, every day, it’s easy for me to forget that lots of authors are using social media on the run; checking into Facebook for a few minutes here, tweeting for a few minutes there and perhaps posting on a blog or Scribd.com, in sense of become famous with Socialized activities, when they can.

I was reminded of this fact recently when a reader wrote in to say, “Help! This is all great advice IF you have the time, but I don’t. What can I do when I have less than 30 minutes a day?”

It got me thinking of what an effective social media campaign might look like if you didn’t have all day to post, update, tweet and re-tweet; if you didn’t even have an hour. And so, for my time-challenged author friends, here are five simple ways you can have an effective and optimal social media campaign in 30-minutes (or less) per day:

  1. Schedule It: If time is of the essence then you really, really have to schedule your time online when it comes to social media. Let’s say you really do only have 30-minutes per day to devote to social media. What will you do with them? How will you split them up? If you can find a nice block of 30-minutes, that’s a no-brainer, but if you’re grabbing 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes at lunch and 10 minutes after dinner, then so be it; make that your “schedule” and try to stick to it every day.
  2. Prioritize It: Let’s face it: some days you just won’t be able to hit all the sites that are important to you. What then? Know which sites you definitely want to hit in a day and then be active on them in that order. For instance, if you have 5,000 Facebook friends and 500 Twitter followers, well, start where you’re going to get the biggest bang for your time and make sure you cultivate those 5,000 FB friends before you turn to growing your Twitter base. If your blog or website is getting (far) more link-backs from Scribd.com than Linkedin these days, then recognize that trend and go where the heat is and hit Scribd before you tend to Linkedin.
  3. Cycle It: Ideally, you want to hit all your social media sites every day, but if you can’t, then start at the top of a short, daily “to do” list and get as far as you can before your 30-minutes are up. I call this the “cycle.” So, let’s say on your list you have Facebook, Twitter, Scribd.com, Smashwords and Linked In – in that order. Start at the top of the list and work your way down; stop when you’ve hit your 30-minutes. Let’s say you’ve only had time today to hit Facebook and Twitter on your cycle. That’s fine, just circle the sites you didn’t hit and, the next day, start with them so that you’re always hitting your 4-5 social media sites every two days, then starting over through the cycle.
  4. Share It: Don’t spend hours a day thinking of something original, fun, cutesy, clever or SEO-optimized to say; let others do the work for you! Seriously, you can boost your own profile while helping build the success of others by regularly sharing interesting, targeted and informative posts on Facebook or re-tweeting great links, advice or quotes on Twitter. I re-tweet often throughout the day and folks are always grateful for it; plus I get to share timely and helpful links or advice without scouring the internet for hours a day!
  5. Say It… With Less: Finally, don’t think you have to blanket your favorite or most effective social media sites with daily posts, long-winded witticisms or rambling messages. In fact, I’ve found that with social media less really IS more. Everyone is busy, not just you; so whenever you say something, say it with less. If you’ve thought of something funny, timely or relevant to share on Facebook, share it quickly and without a lot of explanation. If you’re tweeting a great link you found elsewhere, remember the link is the most important part of that post, not your rambling explanation about it. Trust your friends and followers to do the rest!

So there; you really CAN do social media on a time budget… IF you know what you want and how to find it – fast. This should come in handy as the holidays approach and we all find ourselves with less (online) time on our hands, and more family to see, share and enjoy. Happy holidays, happy writing and happy social media-ing!

Benefits of Elo-Boosting

In simple words, elo boosters is a way with which League of Legend players can improve and level up their account and character quickly in the game. With the help of this service, players can hire other professional players to play the game on their behalf until a certain level and after that, all the account access is given back to the players again. Players can opt for the booster services again as well. There are several benefits of using Elo-boosting services such as:

  • This service helps the players in several different ways. For instance, for some players getting a character skin is their ultimate goal while for others leveling up the best part of the game. And in order to do all this, players might need a little extra help that they can easily get from this boosting.
  • In order to achieve their goals and complete the in-game quests players try so hard. Some professional payers even spend a major portion of their day just playing the game. This is, however, not possible for all of use. Most of the users can not focus only on the game which is why we have these boosting services. Elo-boosting is a great way for players to not only pay attention to the game but to their social life as well. They can improve a great deal in their game without investing so much time and effort as they play the game. 
  • Using the booster will also reduce your burden as there is no need for you to play the game all the time in order to level up the characters. The professional players that have access to your account will help you with this. They will level up your character and would also recommend a really good gaming strategy as well. 
  • Lastly, you save a great deal of time as you use a booster. It is not that easy for a new player to improve and level up their character at the initial stage of the game while professional players are highly experienced and can do that for you really easily.

Creating Attractive Free Online Classified Ads

Creating the perfect classified ad that will help to drive new consumers to your product or service may simply be a matter of practice and proof reading. To begin, you need to have a plan of action. Start your classified ad proofing by following the next few suggestions.

Target Your Niche

Selling fencing? Is that best classified under Home Improvements or Pet Containment? If you are baking goods you may need to decide upon whether or not you want to be categorized with caterers, or alongside the home crafts and creationists. Whatever your niche, you need to narrow it down to one, and stick with it for your advertising needs.

Plan Your Attack Ad

Consider your advertisement an attack on consumers! What do you need to tell them to drive them helplessly to your product or service? Do you offer something unique that no one else in your niche does? Advertise that blatantly. Sure, this runs the risk of having competitors take your ideas, but since it was yours first, you likely will have drawn all of the crowd that can be drawn from it before someone else’s plan of action begins to resemble yours.

Prep Your Ad

Along with the plan of attack for the ad, must come some basic ad planning. Planning your ad will give you the chance to see it in its ‘first draft’ stage. As any good business person knows, the first draft is always the roughest version. From this framework you can eventually build a truly phenomenal advertisement.

List your Product Perks

Make a long list of the pros of using your particular product or service. Try to leave out the ones that are comparisons, I.E. our product is better than so-and-so product because it has more than, less than, or so on. Try to stick to what makes your product shine all by itself. Once you have a long list, go back over this list to cultivate the best highlights that you want included in your free online classified advertisement.

Catchy Titles

It may not be pleasant to admit but most consumers can be quickly reeled in by a catchy title. Your advertisement should be no different. Coming up with an attractive title can be the only thing that will bring overexposed viewers to your ad in particular. Take the time and ask around. Do not be afraid to ask the younger generations as well, sometimes they know exactly what to say to draw in the crowd.

Body Filling

Plan the body of your ad just as you listed your product perks. Write it once, give it the once over, and write it again. Give it a few shots before you commit it to its own URL on the web. If possible, get a third party to check over your ad. Sometimes, it can be impossible to proof your own writing as common mistakes can be glossed over with a scanning eye.

The Benefits

The benefits of posting a well thought out classified ad are the increased views, and subsequent increasing traffic to your site. However, there are also some serious scams that are enacted over the free classified ad services. For this reason scam-awareness starts with you and your free classified ad.

The Scams

As always with any interaction you have on the web, you will want to keep an eye out for scam ads. So you aren’t purchasing? This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be fully aware of what scam ads are circulating. Unless of course you enjoy running the risk of inadvertently having your free classified ad resemble flagrant scam ads.

What are some of the most common current scam ads running in early 2011?

Work from Home Scams

Of course not all work from home ads are scams, but some things that may indicate they are can be the ad asking you to download a dialer or browser bar to be able to participate in their work from home program. These tools are little more than spyware and malware that companies use to track your browsing paths so that they can target you for yet more scams dependant on your browsing histories.

Direct Deposit / Checking / Money Order Scams

Although it should go without saying, some scams can be very convincing. Be certain to never get involved with any advertisement that ask you to deposit checks or money orders into your bank account, provide them with your direct depositing information, or otherwise diddle in your bank account. Legitimate products or services do not require this type of information to function.

If you feel you have come across a scam ad please take the time to report it to the top sites to investigate these issues so that other consumers do not lose their money, or even their freedom, over an internet scam.

While the ads are seen as a side business for celebrities to earn some extra income, it is a known fact that it is basically to increase its value in the market so that gullible customers can buy it due to seeing their favorite stars endorsing it. But times have changed and people can no longer be taken in with such stunts, as the tampa seo found out to its cost when it incurred huge losses.

Review of Gogo Inflight Internet Service

This is a review of the Gogo Inflight Internet service, which is available on various flights basically within the continental USA. I was given a promo code to try this out. But what I write are my own observations without any scrutiny or vetting by the company or its representatives.

More about Gogo Inflight Internet Usage

I went to the website and easily created an account. You will be asked for your credit card information, but aren’t charged unless you opt to buy one of their plans. On my bumpy flight from Atlanta to Denver on Delta, I was given the option to buy three plans, the Gogo Unlimited for $34.95 (month of unlimited usage on flights), the Gogo 30 Day Pass for $39.95, and the Gogo Flight Pass for $12.95, covering the 1200 or so mile flight after passengers are allowed to turn on their computers and access the internet. If you have a promo code like I did, you can bypass entering your credit card information and enter the code. At this link, you can see more various online plans, where one-flight passes can be lower depending on your flight’s duration.

During the flight, I found that this internet is really fast and responsive, and that despite flying in bumpy skies. After signing up, you can even follow the path of the airplane en route to its destination. Now, I found that if you choose to logout of the Gogo account, you’ll lose your access to the internet, but you can re-login and get it back during the flight. I was able to keep caught up on my emails and other online-related work while 30,000-plus feet in the air, until my computer’s battery got very low; and thus, the flight outlasted my laptop’s battery life. It would be nice if planes were equipped with plugins in coach class, but that’s not Gogo’s fault.

I do recommend this service despite the normally steep base price for one flight’s usage if you don’t have a promo code (though keep in mind that Gogo sometimes offers discounts if you purchase a plan in advance online). The old saying that “time is money” certainly applies. Instead of not being able to get some web-related work done during a flight, it’s now possible on many flights which are designated as internet accessible. One can be more caught up on work after arriving at the airport, especially when it’s likely you’ll be tired after a long journey. For a lot of people, it may be necessary to have gotten some business-related work done before arriving at the airport, so those who paid $12.95 during my flight will find that amount well worth the price. To repeat, Gogo charges less for shorter flights. And for frequent fliers, they can buy plans where the average flight usage price is considerably less.

Besides numerous Delta flights in the US, here’s the link of other airlines who participate domestically. For more information, go to Gogo’s website.

Gogo will provide you with lots of detailed information about numerous airflight that you would want to know about which would include private flights as they are quite a reliable website with little to no chances of misinformation or manipulation of facts that are quite a norm with some other sites.

6 Tips to Find the Best Big Tent

Tents are available in wide range of sizes- from small tents for solo hikers to large party tents- there are several options to choose for. Are you planning a much-awaited camping trip with your entire family? Well, in that case, you will certainly need a big tent. Now, if you haven’t bought a tent before, buying a tent for the first time would be slightly overwhelming for you. But, nothing to worry- the post below offers a brief on finding a solid large tent for you.

Count the number of fellow travelers

This is one of the most important pointers to check while getting a tent, especially a large one. Your chosen tent should be able to accommodate more number of people than the size of your travel group. As a rule of the thumb, if 4 people are camping, a 4-person tent won’t suffice. You will have to look for at least 6-person tent to conveniently accommodate all people together in one tent. So, calculate your group size and select a big tent accordingly.

Check the height

When you are camping with a big group, you have people with varying heights. Thus it’s better to find a tent with sufficient height. There are leading tents that are 86cm long.

Easy ventilation

When you have a big group of people inside one enclosed space, it’s not unnatural to feel claustrophobic. So, look for a tent that allows easy ventilation with sufficient roof vent and multiple windows.

Look for waterproof tents

Find big tent with waterproof fabric rated at least 1500-2000mm and huge rainfly. The tent should also feature sealed seams.

Look for screen porch

Look for a tent with screen porch for protection against unwanted insects outside.

Multi-room tents

If a large gang of people are going to stay in one big tent, privacy could be compromised. But, you can look for multi-room tents here as they will restore the needed privacy for every couple.

How to Keep Your Luggage from Winding Up at the Unclaimed Baggage Center

When you walk into the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, Alabama you are met with lots and lots of clothing, an unbelievable amount of iPods, and books galore. Oddly enough, there aren’t that many suitcases. Go figure. While on a recent visit to the Unclaimed Baggage Center I was rather amazed to find that the suitcase section was even smaller than the large exercise equipment section. Perhaps by the time the Unclaimed Baggage Center receives the suitcase they are so banged up that they won’t sell them.

There are a few tricks, tips, hints and common sense steps to take in order to further ensure that your lost luggage does not wind up at the Unclaimed Baggage Center. On occasion, luggage gets lost in the whirlwind shuffle of the airport carousel because people don’t even recognize their own suitcases. One way to avoid this problem is to buy colorful luggage or decorate it in such a way that it is practically impossible not to spot it as it goes around. Another way that luggage gets lost is through human error associated with old labels left tied to the suitcase. Who is really at fault if you leave an old travel label on your luggage, you or the guy working for the airline who gets paid in a way what the top airline executives spend on their fitness club in day? Take those old travel labels off and save yourself the problem of trying to solve this conundrum.

Quit packing everything you own in one suitcase. An overstuffed suitcase can quite easily burst the latches and send your clothing and souvenirs all over the place. Where do you think all those iPods and Vera Wang dresses that are found at the Unclaimed Baggage Center come from? Fork over the extra bucks for an extra suitcase and make sure it is one with latches as resistant as Sarah Palin at a truth-telling convention.

Keep an eye on your baggage claim ticket. One of the biggest reasons for iPods, Vera Wang dresses, and even the autographed Michael Jordan poster I saw at the Unclaimed Baggage Center actually winding up at the Unclaimed Baggage Center is that people are careless with their baggage tickets. This is your life folks. Or at least that part of your life that can fit into a suitcase. Put those baggage claim tickets into a safe place and don’t forget them.

When everyone around you at the baggage carousel inside the airport is plucking their suitcase off with a smug look while you stand there as clueless as Karl Rove at a vegetable-only salad bar, you have to take action immediately. As soon as you realize your luggage has been lost, contact the appropriate office at the airport and fill out a lost luggage claim resort. This way when the luggage does finally show up, if it shows up, your name and address and the claim will be on file.

Follow the above advice sincerely and you will find that your luggage will return to its true owner and be careful from next time onwards as not many people have the good fortune of having their belongings unclaimed and are lost forever. So, before buying a kvaliteetne reisikohver, make sure that everything is safe beforehand and you don’t have to rely on customs all the tinme.

4 tips to find the right Appliance Repair company in Murfreesboro

Are you on the lookout of a reliable appliance repair company in Murfreesboro? It could be that your refrigerator is not cooling properly or you are facing some serious issues with your AC. Well, whatever it is, whenever there is any problem with daily appliances, you should immediately consult a credible appliance repair firm. The post below offers a brief on how to find a trustworthy Murfreesboro TN appliance repair firm.


Search around

Don’t just settle with the first repair service you come across online. Not every such company out there would be able to support you with the best possible service. So, you should first take a comparative survey on at least 5-6 such companies. Check their service approach, experience, reviews and ratings. The one you choose should be a professional and seasoned company backed by great reviews and happy customers.

Check out the credentials

Your chosen company should be backed by trained and certified technicians only. Appliance repair is a complicated job. While it doesn’t demand a degree in engineering, it surely does need good lot of technical know-how. So, look for an appliance repair firm which promises highly professional service by trained and expert technicians only.

Warranties on repaired appliances

Warranty is an important pointer not only while purchasing a product but during repairing a product as well. So, yes, you must check the warranty quotient while hiring an appliance repair company. Your chosen one must offer reasonable warranty of repaired parts.

Flexible timing

If your refrigerator has stopped working on a fine Saturday morning, you can’t wait till the work week kicks in. You would rather need an appliance repair company which can cater to you immediately. Thus, look for a company which is game with flexible timing and is ready to work on weekends and odd hours.


Ten Scary Movies for a Perfect Halloween

It’s Halloween. If you are too old to trick or treat and no one has invited you to a costume party, it would be an excellent chance to stay at home, make yourself some popcorn and nachos and slip a great horror movie into your DVD player. Here are ten movies that would make for a scary All Hallow’s Eve. As you prepare yourself for Halloween you can try out cartoon hd apk download for awesome movies and tv shows that you can enjoy with your family on Halloween eve as you celebrate the fest.

�The Omen (1976) Directed by Richard Donner – Gregory Peck and Lee Remick stars in this exceedingly disturbing film about a young boy whose mysterious and horrific deaths that follow him around would indicate he could be the dreaded Anti-Christ. Jerry Goldsmith’s superb Oscar-winning score will really get under your skin.

Frankenstein (1931) Directed by James Whale – This film should be a staple of every Halloween. This best adaptation of the classic Mary Shelley novel still packs a punch even today when Boris Karloff’s look has already been endlessly imitated and parodied. Sprinkled with some camp and dark humor, its sequel, The Bride of Frankenstein is said to be even better.

The Shining (1980) Directed by Stanley Kubrick – Stephen King was reportedly disappointed with Kubrick’s adaptation of his best-selling novel and so are many of the book’s fans. But those who look at it separately from the novel will find this is a wonderfully creepy and borderline surreal and cerebral horror masterpiece from one of the world’s best directors. Time has, thankfully, vindicated it.

Ring (1998) Directed by Hideo Nakata – The film that placed Japanese horror into the consciousness of mainstream world cinema. Few films have ever topped this one which already spawned a sequel, a prequel, a Hollywood adaptation and even a Korean version. The Hollywood version may have better special effects but the Japanese version is guaranteed to make you sleep with the lights on.

Cat People (1942) Directed by Jacques Tourneur – It’s just one of the many great horror films produced by Val Lewton (a box set of all of them is available for purchase). Not to be confused by the awful 1980’s remake, this film about a man who falls in love with a woman (Simone Simon in an outstanding performance) who claims to come from a tribe whose members turn into killer cats. Film is scary yet also a tender, moving love story which would make for a great Halloween date movie.

The Fly (1986) Directed by David Cronenberg – Speaking of Halloween date movie, those whose girlfriends don’t mind disgusting makeup effects to go with their tears would do well as to rent this unconventional film about an ambitious scientist (Jeff Goldblum) whose experiments in teleportation go horribly wrong. Geena Davis plays his girlfriend who watches him slowly lose his humanity as the fly’s genes invade his bodily system. Sure to invite both vomit and tears.

Nosferatu (1922) Directed by F.W. Murnau – This German silent film is an unofficial adaptation of the Bram Stoker novel and it features probably the scariest cinematic vampire ever. Though Bela Lugosi is the best official Dracula, Max Schreck as Nosferatu is the one who will rule your nightmares.

Scream (1996) Directed by Wes Craven – This film singlehandedly revived the teen slasher genre in the mid-1990’s. This darkly comedic self-aware parody of the genre is in itself a scary entry to the genre. A horror movie crazed killer is killing off teenagers in a suburban town. Every cliche is done and done well. Spawned two sequels and numerous subsequent imitations but this one still remains the best of them.

Psycho (1960) Directed by Alfred Hitchcock – What else is there to say that has not been already said by this Alfred Hitchcock classic film? From Anthony Perkins’s creepy performance, Janet Leigh’s famous murder in the shower and “Mother”. Beware the wholly unnecessary 1998 remake.

The Exorcist (1973) Directed by William Friedkin – Despite being over 30 years old and with numerous sequels and parodies over the years, this movie about a little girl possessed by the Devil, still manages to be scary, disturbing and startling and that’s really saying something.� Halloween is not complete without this in your viewing schedule.

These are just 10 scary movies. There are numerous others like Poltergeist, Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Sixth Sense, etc. You do not need to go trick or treating to have a perfectly scary Halloween.


There are many uses for custom optical filters in the field of photography, research and medicine. This is why, there are multiple components which are ideally used by practitioners in the performance of their jobs. This is mainly because the role of Optical band stop filter cannot be substituted by another type of filter and this stands true for every type of custom filter that is out there. 

When investing your money in a custom optical fiber, you must take note of a few factors. It is also important to understand the goals of owning a custom optical filter in the first place and ensure that you are buying it for the right purpose. 

While we may have learnt about photosynthesis only as a way for plants to make the food that we eat, there is more to it than meets the eye. There are many uses of custom optical fibers in industrial and scientific applications today. Today, we have mastered the technology to divide the spectrum of light and develop it in the form of strong commercial photography, guidance in using security weapons, spectroscopy, space exploration and so much more. 

Today, custom optical fibers are used in a broad variety of industries for the performance of a wide array of jobs. By altering the properties of light, researchers have been able to make breakthrough advancement in the field of science and develop many new novel products. By affecting how light is absorbed, reflected and refracted, we can achieve a number of uses and bring it under the purview of a wide array of applications. 

Certainly, there are a variety of optical fibers which exist today but which one you are going to need for your use, depends mainly on the properties of the optical fiber.