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Month: January 2020

Cryptocurrency In The World Of Sports

Cryptocurrencies and digital tokens have been around for the past few years or so, and its adoption into various industries and markets have been steadily growing. As we progress into the digital age, where most transactions are most convenient when done digitally, cryptocurrencies have started to cement themselves as powerful tools in a variety of industries worldwide.

One uncommon integration of cryptocurrencies seen recently is in the world of sports. The market in the world of sports has been bigger than before, with passionate fans willing to purchase different merchandise, collectibles, and memorabilia to support their respective teams.

Cryptocurrencies first appearance in sports

As the market grew, sports teams and organizers have started utilizing systems and tools that offer more effective, secure, and convenient ways to facilitate transactions. It was in 2014 when Sacramento Kings made Bitcoin an acceptable payment method for merchandise and tickets. This is now considered the first move in incorporating cryptocurrencies into the sports world. From here, different sports organizations began considering cryptocurrencies into their market system.

Cryptocurrency in football – the biggest sport in the world

Football is arguably the biggest sport worldwide, with audiences spanning the entire globe especially during the World Cup. This single sporting even offers the largest market potential for any sports organization or company due to its wide audience reach. Just last year alone, FIFA has recorded over 3.5 billion people watching the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

This huge market potential has led to various sports organization and companies to integrate cryptocurrency technology to create a more convenient way for the organizations and the fans to do transactions. Teams have started releasing platforms featuring digital tokens which fans can use not only to purchase merchandise but also to participate in various team activities such as voting on jersey designs and such.

Partnership of sports and cryptocurrency

Socios CEO Alex Dreyfus have started up a partnership with a major cryptocurrency exchange platform to give fans a chance to connect more with their favorite teams through digital tokens and cryptocurrency. His explanation for this partnership is it opens up a huge potential for both blockchain technology and the sports world to mutually benefit from each other considering the huge market volume of sports audience, currently estimated at 3.5 billion people.

Food Dehydrator- What It Means to Food Aficionados

What are the things that are vital for our existence? You must be knowing about atleast three of them: air, food and drink. They are the basic necessities without which it is impossible for human life to exist.

When the discussion is about food, you don’t know where to begin the story as food is generally consumed but talking about it is quite difficult as whatever delicacy you start talking about, you tend to visualize it in your mind which eventually turns into a crave that cannot be pacified until the food is eaten.

When we go out to eat at a restaurant, we are given the menu card listed with all kinds of cuisines and we get to choose what we want or we order something new to try out different varieties.

But at home, you are spoilt for choice and can cook whatever that takes to fancy at the moment. The problem is that most of the vegetables or ration from department stores are quite moist and sticky so it may not be viable to eat it.

Luckily, the food dehydrator is a vital help in this regard as it helps in getting rid of all the moist on the food, thereby making it useful for preservation.

As the name suggests, it helps in drying up the food by reducing the content of water on it. As moisture is removed, it is impossible for bacteria to invade and spoil it.

Benefits of food dehydrator:

  • The dehydration of food makes it quite tasty and healthy to consume.
  • The food becomes natural and authentic after dehydration with all the minerals intact.
  • Nesco dehydrator is considered to be the best in this regard with a variety of accessories to suit your need.
  • It is quite versatile and can be used for chopping fruits and vegetables