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Ezze Travel : Welcome to Cyprus to get car rental services

CHRYSALINIOTISSA CRAFT CENTRE. The craft centre contains eight units or workshops, built on the idea of a traditional inn, where contemporary methods are used to create traditional crafts such as glass blowing, woodcarving and the production of herb’s and oils.

OMERIYE MOSQUE. Converted into a mosque by Mustafa Pasha in 1571 the building has a varied and interesting history. Near the main Municipal Market within the walled city, the original building was destroyed by Ottoman artillery. The door of the main entrance belongs to the 14th-century Lusignan building.

ST PAUL’S ANGLICAN CATHEDRAL. It was built in the style of an English church in 1893 for the Anglican parishioners that live on Cyprus.

THE MUSEUM OF THE HISTORY OF CYPRIOT COINAGE. A Permanent exhibition showing the development of Cypriot coinage dating from the 6th century BC to the present day.

STATE GALLERY OF CONTEMPORARY ART.Exhibiting a collection of sculptures and paintings by to days Cypriot artists.

CYPRUS JEWELLERS MUSEUM. A display of fine religious examples from the 19th century, including ornaments, silver utensils and old instruments.

THE NICOSIA MUNICIPAL ARTS CENTRE. Using what was a power station and one of the finest examples of industrial architecture in Cyprus as the venue for important and prestigious exhibitions. This is an interesting concept in modern thinking to promote contemporary creativity.

CYPRUS POSTAL & PHILATELIC MUSEUM. A collection of examples of Cypriot stamps dating from 1800 onwards.

AGIOS APOSTOLOI CHURCH. In the Pera Chorio village the church has some beautiful examples of 12th century frescoes. In the area of the village of Dali, was the ancient city-kingdom of Idalion, which is undergoing excavation. Mythology has it that it is here Adonis the illicit lover of Aphrodite was slain by a wild boar sent by her husband. For the best journey, the checking of the information can be there at https://www.leiebilnord.no/ site. It is the place where the rental services are the best one to deliver the best results. The charges are under the funds available with the people. The services are excellent for the engagement of the people. 

THE NICOSIA MUNICIPAL ARTS CENTRE. Using what was a power station and one of the finest examples of industrial architecture in Cyprus as the venue for important and prestigious exhibitions. This is an interesting concept in modern thinking to promote contemporary creativity.

CYPRUS POSTAL & PHILATELIC MUSEUM. A collection of examples of Cypriot stamps dating from 1800 onwards.

AGIOS APOSTOLOI CHURCH. In the Pera Chorio village the church has some beautiful examples of 12th century frescoes. In the area of the village of Dali, was the ancient city-kingdom of Idalion, which is undergoing excavation. Mythology has it that it is here Adonis the illicit lover of Aphrodite was slain by a wild boar sent by her husband.

AGIOS IRAKLEIDIOS CONVENT. The original convent was built in 400 AD has been destroyed and reconstructed many times over the centuries. It is said to have been visited by Saint Paul and St Barnabas and is also the site of the martyred Bishop Tamassos. The Convent was extensively restored in 1773 by Archbishop Chrysanthos including the monk’s cells. You can also see and the saint’s relics, kept in a silver gilt case. The use of photo and video cameras inside the convent is prohibited.

MACHAIRAS MONASTERY. Located 41 km south of Lefkosia. Built in the Machairas Mountains, it was founded by two monks in 1148 after finding an Icon of the Virgin Mary in nearby caves. Each year on August 15 a large religious fair is held. After receiving a grant from the Anastasios G. Leventis Foundation, Machairas monastery have renovated the original monk’s cells as well as the stables and storage areas. The vestry has a room where the Monastery’s old books and manuscripts are kept, plus galleries and rooms containing icons and other religious artefacts.

FIKARDOU.The complete village has been declared an ancient monument, in order to preserve the superior woodwork and architecture dating from the 16th and the 18th century as they represent some rare and particularly fine examples of rural architecture of that period. The beautiful restoration was awarded the Europa Nostra in 1987. Whether you visit Lefkosia for shopping or to discover the history of the town you will find lots to do and see.

TAMASSOS. Located in the village of Politiko, 20 km south west of Lefkosia. (Nicosia) Tamassos was a rich city-kingdom in ancient Cyprus renowned for its copper mines. Excavations have brought to light the Royal Tombs and copper workshops associated with the temple of Aphrodite-Astarte.

ARCHANGELOS MICHAEL MONASTERY. Located off the Lefkosia (Nicosia) to Anthoupolis Road. The church dates back to the Byzantine period and was founded by Archbishop Nikiforos whose tomb can be seen in the narthex of the church. The iconostasis dates to 1650 and the fresco of the Archangel Michael to whom the monastery is dedicated dates to 1785. Rebuilding work has been carried out in 1963 and earlier in 1713 when it was purchased by Kykko Monastery.

PERISTERONA. Located 27 km from Lefkosia. The church of Peristerona is dedicated to Saints Barnabas and Hilarion, it is thought to have been in the early 10th century, and is an outstanding example of Byzantine architecture with the five domes. Also of interest is the Turkish mosque of Peristerona located next to.

PHANEROMENI CHURCH. The church is on Onassagorou Street, within the old city, built in 1872 it was the largest church in Nicosia. The marble mausoleum to the east of the church contains the relics of the bishops and priests executed by the Turks in 1821.

List Of Some Best Transparent Face Masks To See Your Mouth Clearly!

There are a lot of people who are preferring to use transparent face masks so that it will become easy to communicate. By using a clear face mask or any other window, it is now easy to go through lip readings. As a reason, in front of deaf people, it is more beneficial option for you to go for a clear face mask. 

It will benefit deaf people so that they will see lips syncing and will be able to communicate and understand words of speech. We know that using a face mask has become too important as well as a necessary thing in our day to day life. 

Make your own mask at home:

There are different ways through which you will be able to make mask and see through masks which is known as transparent masks. By using net or by using a clear cloth and cotton material, you will be able to create a face mask at your home. 

Moreover, it looks trendy as well as beneficial for you to communicate with other individuals and with those people who have hearing problems and issues. 

Why it is necessary?

With the help of a mask, you will be able to cover your mouth as well as face such that microorganism as well as tiny dust particles and germs will not be able to enter by using a mask. If you will go for a transparent face mask then it is also beneficial for you because through this you can communicate with deaf people in a right and appropriate manner. 

All the important information is listed in the above section through which using a face mask will become beneficial for you and you can easily protect yourself through it. 

Box Virtual Data Room – What are the advantages for the business organization?

Box is a notable player in the distributed storage space. It’s a considerable measure like Dropbox in some routes, with a similar sort of clean interface and ease of use. Nonetheless, Box is pointed unequivocally at the business group. While Dropbox is an extremely basic framework proposed to interest singular clients for putting away individual records, Box has a more confounded arrangement of consents and following under the surface, which makes it more suited to sharing business archives and working together on ventures with a scattered group.It’s this usefulness that fits a VDR application. Box’s effortlessness makes it a direct issue to share records, while holding control through its consents and following settings.

There’s nothing more needed than a couple of minutes to set up a VDR in Box, enabling you to share data safely with accomplices around the globe yet at the same time giving you the capacity to restrain their authorizations to transfer, see or alter records. Inside the VDR you can make isolate organizers for each undertaking, and you can set it to get warnings when anybody gets to the records in it – including transfers and downloads, alters and remarks. This implies you’ll generally be over who’s doing what in the VDR. You can set the benefits to every envelope to Preview Only or Upload Only, and there are a few layers of security to guarantee your data stays safe. You can plan for records to be erased once they’ve filled their need, or deactivate shared connections.Box gives what’s basically a safe record administration benefit, enabling you to move these procedures far from email – which is untidy and uncertain – and ftp, which is muddled to utilize and difficult to track. This is basic in a business bargain. And additionally guaranteeing that you and every other person have the most recent variant of reports readily available, you’ll generally know who has seen which records. There are variant histories and refresh tabs, and in addition email notices. You can unite everybody’s remarks into one focal and secure area, again making for a more proficient process. Advanced mark programming spares time and cash in finishing an arrangement by empowering you to e-sign contracts. Box likewise deals with a for each client estimating model, while others may have an assortment of methodologies including level charges and per-page.

Contingent upon what number of individuals will utilize the administration and how seriously, these can end up being wasteful.In conclusion, as with its standard Enterprise arrangement, Box has the decent touch of empowering you to modify your task with your association’s marking, implying that it has a more expert appearance. It’s a little detail however it has any kind of effect and different suppliers ordinarily don’t offer it. You can include your logo and shading plan to the Box interface and sign in page, so appropriate from the begin your accomplices are given a marked face to your association, and client URLs are likewise empowered. Dataroom will offer the best services to the business organization for the protection of the information. The attainment of the business goals is there to increase the interaction in the business. The offering of the details is there to get the right benefits. 

Who Wins The Fight Between The Thanos And Galactus?

Being a super villain thanos has down a lot of brutal activities such as killing his own mother, killing people unknowingly from knowhere as well as harming the entire universe. There are a lot of people who reach towards the thanos quotes comics because a lot of time he has shown mercy towards the universe and even adopted a child too. These unexpected things are dome by the super villain thanos and to know more about the winner of the fight caused between thanos and galactus go through the information which is listed in the lower section such as:

Thanos is a super smart villain who knows everything and always mentaly prepare for any type of situation such that when we talk about galactus then he was killed clean headed by thanos and in the fight thanos wins. As a reason, he is concise with super powerful equipment as well as natural power such that defeating thanos was next to impossible. 

Some more information:

There was a situation in the interdimensional power where thanos has killed his mother in a very small age. He was 10 years old when he did this activity such that he didn’t even spare the universe. He was super strong and a super villain of all the time in comic serios of marvel and avengers end game. For creating a device, galactus was collecting the infinity gems and thanos took the advantage of this time and he shot galactus due to this galactus dies and thanos wins. 

Being a super villain of all the time, the audience still consider this character as a super interested and featured one. As a reason, from his character to his brutal activities and mercy he is considered as one of the most popular character. 

Eco Chauffeur

The sun was shining brightly, beaming down on the leading lights in hydrogen and alternative fuel technology, as the inaugural Revolve Eco-Rally began in Madeira Drive, Brighton.

Manufacturers like BMW, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Lexus, Modec, Saab, Vectrix, Microcab, and VNC fused with some eco-aware celebrities and dignitaries with support from Transport for London, to ignite and excite, united by a global cause; Zero CO2 emissions.

The event marked the culmination of over 3 years of work from Revolve founders Steven Glaser and Mike Whelan, to create a future free of vehicle emissions.

With the state-of-the-art in hydrogen, fuel cell, biofuel and hybrid science on show, the Eco-Rally succeeded in drawing attention to the amazing technologies that these companies and organizations have been researching, developing, and producing. If you didn’t manage to make it to Brighton, Croydon, or London, then take a seat, and enjoy our Eco Rally Slideshow and other reflections from the day.

After some rousing words from Lisa Rogers, Robert Llewellyn, Baron Steven Bassam, and Steven Glaser; Quentin Wilson lit the touchpaper with the words, “Gentleman, start your fuel cells”. No wheel spins, or stalls, the Eco-Rally left East Sussex for Croydon. The Eco Chauffeur Lexus Hybrid was driven by Steven Glaser, with Lisa Rogers in the BioPower Saab, Quentin Wilson in a Ford Fuel Cell car, and the ever-smiling Robert Llewellyn in the amazing electric-powered Modec van.

With our flags flying proudly the eco-convoy rolled out of Brighton, before hitting an environmentally sound 55 mph velocity on the motorway. Proof that all the vehicles on show were not the result of some daydreaming designers whim, but instead these are fully functional, tested vehicles. Reliable, quiet, and of course, kinder to the environment than conventional vehicles.

We received a very warm welcome from Croydon, the vehicles all made their way through the huge crowds in the North End precinct. People were generally very enthusiastic about seeing these eco-friendly cars, many had questions for the manufacturers and companies on show. One Croydon resident asked me, “How many million would this cost me?” referring to the Lexus GS 450h, and was genuinely surprised to find that he could buy one for less than 50 000 pounds or hire a driver in Dubai, for considerably less than that. Many people were shocked that some of the technology was available right now, and hybrid cars and electric vehicles are being employed as workhorses or by eco-conscious individuals as a safe and practical means of transport. Sure true eco-friendly travel already exists, bicycles and shoes should be the preferred travel method. Yet, zero-emission technology would take you where ever you want to go, without a huge karmic debt or climate change worries for you or your children.

The assemble listened to speeches by Croydon’s Mayor, Labour MP for Croydon North – Malcolm Wicks, Quentin Wilson, and Jenny Jones, a Green member of the London Assembly. Jenny explained how she rarely drove, and that for those journeys that cannot be avoided, driving with zero or low emissions is a huge step forward and she was delighted to lend her support to this event.

Tourists and Londoners in Trafalgar Square watched our progress on huge screens and we were greeted by much fanfare as we parked in the shadow of Nelson’s Column. The media quickly snapped up the sound and video bytes, and on the London Hydrogen Partnership stage, various dignitaries and celebrities told the crowds what a historic event this was, not just for London, Croydon, or Brighton – but for the world. The world’s largest manufacturers in alternative fuelled vehicles, working together to create not just a cleaner London, but a less polluted Croydon and a cleaner world for all of us. The Eco-Rally has demonstrated that right here, right now, the technologies are in place and the motivation is in no doubt, but, the infrastructure needs to be created, right here, right now. So that hydrogen and other zero-emission technologies can replace the stinky old school. One message that was reinforced throughout the Eco-Rally was that by buying the most eco-friendly vehicle or potato you can, you will play your part in helping stop man-made climate change.

iChauffeur were delighted to take part in the event, and hope that next year’s Eco-Rally, will build on the success of this one, to really help drive the message home. Zero emissions are definitely possible, and the public will help deliver it by voting with their wallets, manufacturers realize this, good business sense, is really just good business.

Unlike a conventional vehicular rally, there were no handbrake turns, power slides, or spectacular barrel roll crashes. This was no race to the chequered flag more a positive drive towards a sustainable future. Demonstrating that a win-win solution is within our reach, if we grab the nettle and choose sustainable technologies – we can truly make a difference.

iChauffeur would like to thank Revolve for an enlightening, inspiring, and fun day and indeed the sponsors for investing in the first Revolve Eco-Rally.

Magic Mushrooms & Morality

The word morality is open to definition, but to me, moral behavior revolves around doing whatever you want to do as long as you don’t hurt anyone or anything while you’re doing it. I could itemize what this means, but it seems to me to be self evident.

First off, it is not immoral to ingest sacred mushrooms or any other mind altering substance. It is a personal choice. Eating bacon is far more questionable from a moral standpoint, and it is certainly more harmful to your health. But I want to lay out another idea here concerning mushrooms and morality.

I think that most human beings are essentially good. Left to their own devices without external coercion or desperate need, few of us are predisposed to harming others. Our economic system is built on harming the environment, torturing animals, and exploiting one another, so many of the most important moral principles that we all feel intuitively have to go out the window if we are to survive economically and follow the cues that we see on television.

“Reality” in our present day culture is defined by the economic system. It can be easily altered on that level. For proof, imagine what would be different in your own life if you suddenly had no economic limits. Your reality would radically change. So we are controlled by an economic system that is rooted in immorality.

The point of this post to share some personal experience. I can humbly say that I have never been a person who is prone to harming others, but my mushroom experiences significantly tightened my moral focus. After a few heroic dose experiences, I recognized things that I had swept under the rug. I became much more concerned about the environment, and I developed a deep and abiding love for nature. Since then, spending time hiking and communing with nature has become my church. I also became a vegetarian, and I came to understand energy vampirism and control dramas and learned not to harm others in even very subtle ways.

I think that the reason why we are told that mushroom ingestion is “against the law” is because it reveals the base immorality of the culture that we live in. It removes the veil and brings you face to face with the truth, and our society is built on evading and obfuscating the truth of our immoral foundation. You are not going to enlist in the Marines when you under the influence of mushrooms, and you are not going to want to sell your neighbor a widget for way more than its worth. If you want to buy magic mushrooms Canada, you have to make sure that it is safe and all the content of the products are naturally made. When buying this kind of product, your safety and protection should always be the number one consideration.

In my experience, truth holds the ultimate power, so the honest fact that my mushroom experiences have made me a more moral person gives me the courage and motivation to write about the topic here. If good information is available, misuse and subsequent negative experiences can be mitigated.

Online accounts have to be kept safe from hackers

We have to deal with the hundreds of applications and online accounts over here every day which requires us to input our personal data like our names, phone numbers, locations, passwords to create a profile. One way or the other, however, we put it, our existence is scattered across the internet.

We likely have accounts at forums or dating sites that we haven’t been to in a decade, and each and every one of those accounts is a potential avenue into our private life for a hacker; Hence the need to secure them.

These are some of the best ways to keep those online accounts secure—and they’re all brief and easy to do, so no excuses.

If you visit a particular account once in a blue moon or never at all, now is the time to close it. Because guess what happens to your old unused online accounts on the web? They get hacked! And sometimes they lead the way to the more valuable accounts that you really do care about. It really makes a lot of sense to stick to a few active accounts that you can manage so that you get fewer usernames and passwords to worry about.

Speaking of usernames and passwords, do away with all those sticky notes with your passwords scrawled on them. There are apps that can help out here. Password managers like 1Password keep all your passwords and important information protected behind your Master Password. It has extensions or plug-ins for all the major browsers, and can securely store other things, like credit cards, bank accounts, and licenses. You can save all the entries from a web page form, so you can remember answers to security questions or other information.

⦁ Add two-factor verification: This means that even if someone gets ahold of your username and password, they won’t be able to log into any of your online accounts on a new device without an extra code delivered over SMS or through an app. This also means they’ll need physical access to your devices. You can set it up on most online accounts, including ones for Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Monitor your account activity: Many of your online accounts let you check up on the recent activity. Make this a regular task to make sure nothing seems off. You can typically log out of all sessions but the current one, and revoke account authorizations for any devices you don’t recognize.

⦁ Delete third-party account connections: Keep these connections to a minimum and remove any you’re not using, to prevent any potential medium for hackers to get to you. You can easily manage your connected apps online for your Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

⦁ Trust no one: Be careful not to trust anyone. Be wary of profiles that send you to spam messages or social media messages with malicious content. Also, be careful of following links without any context and be aware that phishing scams continue to get smarter and trickier to identify.

Think before you click and read up on the latest threats.

If you get kicked out of your Facebook account by someone, you can get your friends to let you back in, as long as you tell Facebook who you trust beforehand—go to Security in Settings to set this up. Facebook sends your friends one-off codes you can use to regain access, codes which they’re told to only pass on to you. It’s that simple.

⦁ Stay informed: One of the easiest but most effective ways of keeping your accounts secure is just to stay up to date with the tech news. If you know about the latest threats and breaches, and how to deal with them, you won’t be caught out.

⦁ Add PIN code protection: This is the most basic security tip that most of us are aware of and currently practicing. A PIN code or password login on your phone or laptop is all that stands between your phone and passing strangers, so if you haven’t set one in place, please do now. Whether your devices offer password protection, or fingerprint ID sensing, or facial recognition, or iris scanning, make sure there’s something there that stops other people from logging in. Case closed.

⦁ Watch what you share online: Make sure personal details that can be used to verify your identity, like your home address, your birthday, or even what soccer team you support (is that your “secret security question”?) aren’t all over your online accounts’ profiles.

Dog Health Insurance Pet Care

If you had a surgery performed on your dog or the veterinarian has used high technology detection equipment on your dog that used to be primarily utilized for humans, you probably realize the high cost of keeping your dog healthy. Some pet owners are purchasing pet health insurance for their dog in order to prevent having to pay out a lot of money at the veterinarian office. Costs to keep your dog healthy typically increase dramatically when your dog becomes old. 

The typical pet health insurance for dogs is based on factors such as their age, the species of dog, any pre-existing health problems and some insurance companies are interested in the lifestyle of your dog such as does he basically live inside the house or is he exposed to numerous environments and other dogs. Some pet insurance plans have age limits such as eight years of age, however most of these age restriction insurance companies will continue to provide insurance for your dog after eight years of age if the policy begun prior to his eighth birthday. 

Some of the companies that provide pet health insurance for dogs will not provide coverage for breeds that are known for costly diseases. You can find insurance companies that will cover your dog if he has a pre-existing health problem if the disease is under control, however they usually require a waiting period of anywhere from three months to about a year. 

Given that we are living in the times of Covid-19 that has proven to be the worst pandemic in a century, dogs are prone to them aside from the regular ailments that the poor things always grapple with whether it is a cute Cute Shiba Inu or a full grown Labrador which becomes all the more important to get a health insurance for them even though it varies from breed to breed.

The average insurance deductible is about one hundred dollars on a yearly basis. Some pet health insurance for dogs comes in the form of a comprehensive package which covers a yearly examination, routine dog care, vaccinations for your dog, preventive medications as well as spaying and neutering services. Some insurance plans are designed to only cover costs associated with accidents and illnesses. The typical policy provides immediate health coverage for your dog regarding accident claims and typically about thirty days for claims regarding illnesses on new insurance polices. The typical pet health insurance for a dog allows the dog owner to visit the veterinarian of his choice, including specialists and veterinarians that are selected for emergencies by the dog owner. 

The typical pet health insurance for dogs is an indemnity insurance plan which requires you to pay the costs and the insurance company will reimburse you for the payments you made to the veterinarian. The insurance company will apply the deductible as well as the co-pay when determining the amount of money they will send you. If you are looking for pet insurance for your dog shop around for a good price. And Your House In Order Now€ Uncover Practical And Easy To Use Tips

Do You Wish To Stop Consuming Marijuana? Then Check The Methods!!

Wish to stop smoking marijuana forever? Are you tired of having no vigor or gumption because you smoke weed? You may have wanted to quit and tried in the past, however, you usually appear to end up getting stoned once again. Duration of time sober does not appear to matter or just what your excellent intentions were. Relapse is actually a typical event with people aiming to stop smoking marijuana, however there are means you could prevent this from occurring if you make use of the best program. You actually can quit abusing this controlled substance. Relapses take place for many factors, plus certain situations, and you have the alternative to decrease the threats by comprehending the typical reasons that could trigger a starting to smoke weed again.

In the event that you desire to give up smoking marijuana, possibly the most important factor is that you really want to live a life without the usage of this drug. If you are not quite ready, and also you try to quit smoking marijuana for the incorrect factors, a relapse is almost assured.

Another common trigger relapse would be the good friends you pick. Before you make a decision to quit smoking marijuana, your circle of pals had actually been all most probably pot lovers, now when you wish to obtain clear, the same circle of influence can trigger you to most assuredly relapse. To remove this opportunity, you should find peers who do not smoke weed, so you do not fall into relapse. After that start setting aside time to ultimately stop smoking marijuana. Stress and anxiety is an additional usual variable that activates one to relapse, so you have to take actions to lower your tension as much as possible. The actions of the people need to be the correct one to get the arizona kratom medicine. The elimination of stress and anxiety is excellent with the consumption of weed. While consuming, the withdrawal symptoms and dangers should be in the notice of the consumers.

Generally speaking, individuals do not recognize the damaging power of drug dependency and also especially MDD Marijuana Dependency Disorder. As a matter of fact, these and other abused substances are responsible for the harming of numerous people in the United States annually. Also if it does not directly destroy a person at the time of use, drug addiction invades and slowly corrupts the psychological as well as physical well being of a person which ultimately makes a person isolate and be marginalized from friends and family. When left untreated and untreated, drug abuse could make an individual do points that are incomprehensible for a regular as well as civilized person. Drug addiction could currently cured by different methods and also especially successfully through a closed in-patient drug rehabilitation program.

Lots of drug rehabilitation centers have actually recently sprung up with the goal of giving a way of rehab and also recuperation due to the fact that of the high incidence of drug-related offenses. There are numerous inpatient drug rehabilitation centers to choose from, understanding just what to look for makes a substantial distinction in between success as well as failing. When looking for a service to your troubles with compound dependence, it is essential to consider the variables that make an excellent addiction therapy center.

You have to ensure that the clinical center complies with all the standards of the international medical neighborhood setting. If a provided center can not supply the required documents to confirm their legitimacy, after that you had better look for one more.

You must evaluate the price contrasted to the quality of the services that a certain center can offer. In some cases, it pays to spend a little extra if you get to delight in far better centers and also greater service levels.

Goose Call- Learning Technique Made Easy

There are certain things that some people are aware and have knowledge about while others are completely ignorant of it and for good reason as such terms are used only among the experts in the field which are few and far between in the entire world.

What we are going to talk about today is in the same lines as it has a unique stamp of appreciation by the people that are involved in it but not so much about the people that don’t really know what it is about and therefore, leave it as it is without bothering to put their poor brain at work.

In today’s times, everyone owns pets whether it is dogs or cats as they come of great help by doing domestic work apart from engaging in playful activities with the kids but can anyone own a goose as pet?


Some people would be astonished to hear about it but there are some families, albeit very few in number, that do own goose as pets although most of them live  by the countryside or near sea areas.

While city dwellers can’t really own a goose, they sure can hunt for them and this is why goose hunting has become a popular sport over the years that continue to be followed by people fond of hunting.

However, you need to learn to call the goose in order to hunt them and this process is called goose call where you take a piece of small piece of whistle that can imitate their voice and start blowing it to attract their attention.

The technique of how to blow a goose call is quite easy where you just have to put the opening in the mouth and start blowing it loudly similar to a whistle which the goose would get attracted to once they start hearing the sound, which is when you go for the kill.