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6 Tips to Find the Best Big Tent

6 Tips to Find the Best Big Tent

Tents are available in wide range of sizes- from small tents for solo hikers to large party tents- there are several options to choose for. Are you planning a much-awaited camping trip with your entire family? Well, in that case, you will certainly need a big tent. Now, if you haven’t bought a tent before, buying a tent for the first time would be slightly overwhelming for you. But, nothing to worry- the post below offers a brief on finding a solid large tent for you.

Count the number of fellow travelers

This is one of the most important pointers to check while getting a tent, especially a large one. Your chosen tent should be able to accommodate more number of people than the size of your travel group. As a rule of the thumb, if 4 people are camping, a 4-person tent won’t suffice. You will have to look for at least 6-person tent to conveniently accommodate all people together in one tent. So, calculate your group size and select a big tent accordingly.

Check the height

When you are camping with a big group, you have people with varying heights. Thus it’s better to find a tent with sufficient height. There are leading tents that are 86cm long.

Easy ventilation

When you have a big group of people inside one enclosed space, it’s not unnatural to feel claustrophobic. So, look for a tent that allows easy ventilation with sufficient roof vent and multiple windows.

Look for waterproof tents

Find big tent with waterproof fabric rated at least 1500-2000mm and huge rainfly. The tent should also feature sealed seams.

Look for screen porch

Look for a tent with screen porch for protection against unwanted insects outside.

Multi-room tents

If a large gang of people are going to stay in one big tent, privacy could be compromised. But, you can look for multi-room tents here as they will restore the needed privacy for every couple.

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