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7 Reasons Why There Should Be Another Edition to the Chronicles of Riddick

7 Reasons Why There Should Be Another Edition to the Chronicles of Riddick

The Riddick movies, while not well received at the theaters it will be launched on movie2k for a special premiering with enhanced quality of picture almost comparable to ultra high defination, which have become a staple of most cable network rosters. These two movie editions have been played countless times over the years since they were released and continue to sell dvd copies. Reports that there was to be a third edition in 2010 were proven false and the fans are still waiting. This is the trailer that was leaked . Will there ever be another Riddick movie? Here are the top 7 reasons why there should be.

  1. To really be a Chronicle, there has to be another edition. Between the three movies, there’s only a week of Riddick’s life. Telling us there was five years between isn’t enough. Riddick’s history is a few short sentences. There needs to be more for a chronicle. (The third film is an animation called Dark Fury.)
  2. Cable companies play some movies again and again at certain times, knowing some of them are guaranteed to draw in a decent amount of viewers. From June ’07 To March ’08, Pitch black and the Chronicles were played on at least 25 different days and were often placed back to back, though out of order. There were a few weekends it seemed like one or the other was airing every time you turned on the t.v. and it wasn’t just on one channel. Considering the number of movies they have to choose from and how often the list is added to, I call that a significant number. If The Cable Co.’s think that highly of Riddick’s continued popularity, then the chance for another sequel doing well is still very good.
  3. All of the main actors from CoR are still very much in public view, are still watched and sought after and the fans would love to see them together again. Check out the Fanfiction websites. Over 1,000 stories on the Chronicles alone and over 500 on Pitch Black, people writing their own sequels in place of the ones they know may never come and most of them,(Absolute garbage) are based around only the existing characters. This one is really good .
  4. Sequels seem to be all the rage and most have survived. I won’t bore us by naming them. They’re never huge hits but they pay the bills, right? Super heros rescuing the world or psychotic slashers ruining the party, the remakes, re-do’s, and spin offs are everywhere. Why shouldn’t the CoR be revived too? If it was time for Freddy and Jason or Alien and Predator, surely there’s a place for another Riddick, who makes a lot more sense than any of the above mentioned American Icons.
  5. The Riddick character is unique right now. The strong and silent type has mostly disappeared and we,(women, a market the film makers haven’t really tapped yet.) miss him. I have to tell you, if I see another film with a ‘sensitive’ man in the lead roll, I may hurl.
  6. Not to make another edition to the tale is admitting defeat, failure.
  7. There needs to be a gap filler to get from them kneeling at his feet, to him reaching Furya if they ever hope to explore his home world and the story mentioned above has it. Shadows of Fate begins with Riddick and Aereon in the Necromonger thrown room and ends with him in the cockpit of a ship and home is where his passengers ask to be taken. In the CoR, Vakko states that Furya is a ruined world with no life to speak of. So shouldn’t he take people with him? But who? Other Furyan’s, of course. He finds them waiting for him on Tanaka Major, learns of a second half to the prophesy that says a great Furyan Warrior will find and lead his people home and true to his nature, Riddick is furious, realizing Aereon didn’t tell him. Riddick refuses to claim leadership of the group he’s found, denies being the great warrior but does agree to give them the ride to Furya in exchange for information and keeping the ship they say they have hidden. It ends up being a well laid trap by an assassin who was hired by the previous Lord Marshall over 30 years before.

Hopefully, the next edition will come out soon but if not, there’s always Fanfiction.

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