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A Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver Review Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

A Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver Review Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Let’s face it; if you like Pokemon, you’ll want this game. If you don’t like Pokemon, you won’t want this game. If you’ve never played Pokemon and you’re looking for a simple easy to get into RPG, you’ll probably want to check out the newest installment: Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver. You should check out decide wheel to learn about the game. You even get all the pokemon stats and their power up forms as well.

Heart Gold/Soul Silver follow the same formula as every other Pokemon game, which really isn’t surprising; “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies here. You’ll choose your first Pokemon and leave home to become the greatest trainer ever, catching plenty of adorable little critters along the way.

You’ll have to face every trainer along the way, beat gym leaders for badges, and of course thwart what’s left of the evil organization known as Team Rocket. Oh and don’t forget about the Pokemon League; you’ll have to beat them too. Once you beat the Johto League, you’ll have access to the Kanto region, allowing you to travel around getting a total of 16 badges. There are nearly 500 (493) Pokemon now, so it will take quite a while to actually catch them all.

One of my favourite features of these games is the return of the clock. Now you’ll only be able to catch certain Pokemon at certain times of the day. Some events will even happen on specific days of the week, so you’ll have to pay attention if you want to participate in them. There are also some new mini-games that utilize the touch screen. Heart Gold/Soul Silver also bring back the ability to have a Pokemon follow behind you, similar to Pokemon Yellow. Unlike Yellow version, however, the first Pokemon in your party will walk with you, not just your starter.

Another new feature is the device that comes free with the game; the Pokéwalker. The Pokéwalker allows you to collect ‘watts’ by walking, which can be exchanged for new items and courses. You can also catch Pokemon on the Pokéwalker which can be sent to your Heart Gold/Soul Silver game wirelessly. Once the Pokéwalker is synced with your game, any Pokemon you catch will be transferred to a PC box in-game, while any item you find will be transferred to your bag. If you don’t transfer a Pokemon to the ‘walker, a Pokemon from whatever course you’re on may join you.

The new games use the same graphics as Pokemon Platinum, so it is a nice upgrade from the old Gold/Silver Game Boy versions. The soundtrack sounds quite nice, but the Pokemon still make the scratchy 8-bit growls which seem to take away from the experience.

Overall, these are great installments of a great game. I would recommend these games to anyone who likes Pokemon or wants to get into Pokemon.

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