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Anti-aging Products: Do They Really Work?

Anti-aging Products: Do They Really Work?

Trying to turn back time, or at least the effects of time on the body, has been a fixation of ours for hundreds of years. We have walked on the moon, invented micro waves to cook our dinner, invented an artificial heart, cloned sheep and even survived the break up of the Beatles in the past forty years, yet the Fountain of Youth remains undiscovered.

We have tried in every way possible to create our own fountain of youth from creams, lotions, elixirs, pills and potions, but have any of these things worked? Is it really possible to stop or slow the aging process with any of the products on the market today?

So far, the closest we’ve come to masking the mark of time is cosmetic surgery. The Nip/Tuck field is a million dollar industry, but how long will artificial beauty actually fool the beholder?

After a certain age, there is no amount of nipping and tucking or botoxing that will disguise the 70 years one has been on the earth. It just looks scary to see a person with a 30 year old face and a 70 year old birth certificate.

Does anything short of surgery make a difference in the physical appearance of maturity?

The Boomer generation seems to be so youth crazed that our parents may well be the last generation to have aged gracefully. Now, all we want to do is stave off those crow’s feet and laugh lines and we won’t accept the sagging skin and wrinkles with diginity.

We will go down kicking and screaming and squirting Oil of Olay on our bodies until we breathe our last and then the mortician had better perform miracles for our last hurrah or we swear we’ll haunt him to the end of his days.

When you are slowly approaching the day that anti-aging products will rule your every waking hour, you’ll have to threw yourself into the research of such products to see for if there was any chance of slowing down the damage the years have done. Just like the top 10 melatonin Mzs of 2020, you have to carefully review and check the products that you are interested to try in your body.

So far I have come to the conclusion that it’s easier to take proactive measure to prevent premature aging than to stop or reverse the natural aging process.

One piece of advice that kept coming up over and over again was: protect your skin from the sun. The sun’s UV rays will cause all kinds of damage from premature eye lines to fatal cancers. A sun block with an SPF of 15 or higher is recommended.

Also in the area of natural preventatives, I ran into two more valuable pieces of advice:

Keep yourself hydrated. Some articles I read recommended the usual 8 glasses of water a day, some more or less and one cautioned to drink an extra 8 ounces of water for every 25 pounds over your ideal weight you carry. I say this: just drink as much water based liquid as you can stand to keep those cells plumped and avoid that sallow, sunken look.

Keep sugar out of your diet as much as possible. Sugar robs your body of necessary vitamins and minerals which you need to keep regenerating your cells.

Besides the fact that they are empty calories and may lead to obesity and tooth decay, excessive daily consumption produces a high acidic level in the body that requires so much calcium to rectify that it robs the bones and teeth leaving an inadequate supply to ensure the health of those structures.

I found two products that I like to recommend, however, I won’t promise that 20 years will drop off of your face the minute they are applied.

Using a daily moisturizer like Olay Active Hydrating Cream will help to keep your skin softer and smoother but when you stop using it, your skin will loose it’s plumped cells and lines will become more visible.

St. Ives makes a Mint Julep facial masque that reduces pores, smoothes and tightens the skin and evens out the color of your face, but of course tomorrow the whole process has to be re-performed to achieve the same effects.

The conclusion I have drawn from my research and trials is that the body needs to be taken care of from birth in order to retain it’s youthfulness into the golden years.

This includes eating natural, healthy foods, keeping hydrated, getting adequate exercise and rest and protecting the skin from the sun.

A moisturizing cream and a cleansing masque can’t hurt the fight for beauty but without costly and painful surgery, the body will age naturally and we can wear our age with grace and dignity and be the best person we can be for all the years we have on the planet. It’s cheaper, too.

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