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Palm Pre Plus from Verizon Wireless’ Wifi Hotspot

When the Palm Pre Plus came to Verizon recently I thought it was great. I’ve got a Verizon wireless customer and very much so wanted this new Palm Pre Plus. The WebOS operating system is great. It’s clean, fast, responsive and it’s got some really cool apps that I won’t go into.One of the number one reasons I purchased the Palm Pre Plus when it came to Verizon wireless is because it had one great built in-app, The Wifi Hotspot app. This built-in app allows you to turn on the Wifi Hotspot and broadcast a signal that can be picked up by anything that has wifi.

For me, this was great seeing as how I travel a lot and take my laptop everywhere I go and I’m constantly having to pay for wifi. So I purchase the Palm Pre Plus and immediately start running the Wifi Hotspot. My computer sees the new network, connects, and my laptop is running at near broadband speeds, wirelessly, and from my phone, thinking it just can’t get in better. Even if I use any best wifi booster, the connection and speed still can’t get any better. There are a lot of improvements that need to be done yet on this device.

Well CAN’T get any better is exactly right. I get my bill for the month that shows the new charges since I purchased the Palm Pre Plus and down the bill at the data charges section is a charge for $190 for mobile broadband service. Obviously there’s a mistake so I called Verizon. Nope, no mistake turns out that the salespeople at the Verizon locations are not disclosing the conditions of this app. Whether it’s because the Palm Pre is new to Verizon or not, I don’t really care. The fact of the matter, the sales lady explained that the Wifi Hotspot app was free as long as you had an unlimited data plan, which I do. Turns out she’s wrong and now I’m the bad guy.

It does turn out that with this app you get 5 gigabytes of transfer to other devices monthly for free and get charged $.05 for every megabyte thereafter. For some people, this may be enough data usage but for someone like me, my data usage charge was in the 20-gigabyte range within the first 27 days.

While trying to dispute this unfair charge the tech at Verizon said that it wasn’t their responsibility, it was the location where I purchased the phone from responsibility. Well, don’t they work for you? Aren’t you all Verizon employees? Aren’t your customer service whose phone number was on my bill? The store isn’t going to refund any charges until they get authorization anyways.

Keep these things in mind when dealing with Verizon. I’ve been with them for 5+ years and have issues all the time. I love their cell service but their customer service sucks.

St. John’s Bay Hailey Leather Handbag

My husband says I have fettish for two things, purses and coats. I admit, I am very fussy when it comes to choosing a purse. It has to meet certain criteria, it has to be made from a soft leather, and it has to be attractive.For cheapest St. John’s Bay Hailey Leather Handbags you can check out this site out. You get premium quality products and accessories there. You can look through all the latest collection of handbags and get yourself a new handbag at lowest possible price.

When it was time to replace my old purse I looked at numerous stores, but it was all in vain. I could not find that perfect purse, until I started shopping at JC Penneys that is. Their St. John’s Bay “Hailey” Leather Shopper was exactly what I had been looking for, and it was marked down from $65.00 to only $39.99, which was a great value.

The John’s Bay “Hailey” Leather Shopper comes in five different colors, but I chose a camel tan. The style of the bag is similar to a hobo, and it has numerous outside pockets, which were a must for me (and something that had been lacking in many handbags that I looked at).

There are two small pockets at each end of the bag, which are wide enough to place my iPhone, yet not quite deep enough. My phone sticks out 1 1/2″, so I don’t feel it is secure enough. Instead, I use the side pockets to hold my car keys and grocery shopping lists. My cell phone goes in either the front pocket, or the zippered back pockets. Many purses have cell phone holders inside the purse, but these are not to my liking, I never get to my phone in time.

There are two straps on this purse, and each has a buckle at the end, which I find extremely attractive. The straps are shorter, although I would still consider the John’s Bay “Hailey” Leather Shopper a “shoulder bag”.

Looking inside the purse, I find it very roomy. The bag closes with a snap, and I think this gets in the way more than anything else, and it is the only feature that I don’t like about the purse. There is a long zippered pocket that goes the length of the bag, plus two open pockets on one side and a zippered pocket on the other side. The size of the purse is 13 3/4″ by 4 1/4″ by 9 1/2″ high. It is just slightly larger than what I normally buy, but having all of the features I love and being so attractive made this a must buy.

The inside is organized nicely so that it is easy to find certain items, they don’t get “lost” at the bottom. The leather is not quite what I would call butter soft (like a Perlina brand), but it is very close. For the price, I feel this is a good quality handbag and am very pleased with my purchase.

A Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver Review Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Let’s face it; if you like Pokemon, you’ll want this game. If you don’t like Pokemon, you won’t want this game. If you’ve never played Pokemon and you’re looking for a simple easy to get into RPG, you’ll probably want to check out the newest installment: Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver. You should check out decide wheel to learn about the game. You even get all the pokemon stats and their power up forms as well.

Heart Gold/Soul Silver follow the same formula as every other Pokemon game, which really isn’t surprising; “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies here. You’ll choose your first Pokemon and leave home to become the greatest trainer ever, catching plenty of adorable little critters along the way.

You’ll have to face every trainer along the way, beat gym leaders for badges, and of course thwart what’s left of the evil organization known as Team Rocket. Oh and don’t forget about the Pokemon League; you’ll have to beat them too. Once you beat the Johto League, you’ll have access to the Kanto region, allowing you to travel around getting a total of 16 badges. There are nearly 500 (493) Pokemon now, so it will take quite a while to actually catch them all.

One of my favourite features of these games is the return of the clock. Now you’ll only be able to catch certain Pokemon at certain times of the day. Some events will even happen on specific days of the week, so you’ll have to pay attention if you want to participate in them. There are also some new mini-games that utilize the touch screen. Heart Gold/Soul Silver also bring back the ability to have a Pokemon follow behind you, similar to Pokemon Yellow. Unlike Yellow version, however, the first Pokemon in your party will walk with you, not just your starter.

Another new feature is the device that comes free with the game; the Pokéwalker. The Pokéwalker allows you to collect ‘watts’ by walking, which can be exchanged for new items and courses. You can also catch Pokemon on the Pokéwalker which can be sent to your Heart Gold/Soul Silver game wirelessly. Once the Pokéwalker is synced with your game, any Pokemon you catch will be transferred to a PC box in-game, while any item you find will be transferred to your bag. If you don’t transfer a Pokemon to the ‘walker, a Pokemon from whatever course you’re on may join you.

The new games use the same graphics as Pokemon Platinum, so it is a nice upgrade from the old Gold/Silver Game Boy versions. The soundtrack sounds quite nice, but the Pokemon still make the scratchy 8-bit growls which seem to take away from the experience.

Overall, these are great installments of a great game. I would recommend these games to anyone who likes Pokemon or wants to get into Pokemon.

Fatwallet.Com: An Easy Way To Save Money On Your Christmas Shopping And Holiday Gifts

If you’re joining the bargain shopper club for gift shopping this holiday season, you don’t have to wait for weekly store flyers and specials to cash in on the discounts. Rebates, online coupons, and exclusive online-only specials are just a few of the reasons to shop online with FatWallet.com. FatWallet is just one of the many bargain shopping portals that lead you to the latest and greatest deals at top retailers. Daily alerts are posted on the site so you can find the ‘hot deal’ du jour with ease, and there’s also a thriving discussion board where you can meet up with other shopaholics to share the latest finds. From electronics to apparel, FatWallet is a great starting point when you want to save money on your Christmas shopping and holiday gifts. With Lowes movers coupon you can save so much on your Christmas shopping. You can get your friends and family gift cards as well.

Getting Started with FatWallet.com

One of the key benefits of shopping at FatWallet is the cash back opportunity. As you shop your heart with the latest deals, you can also earn a percentage of each purchase for your future shopping funds. Each merchant on FatWallet provides a percentage of each sale right back to your account; this ranges anywhere from 1-10%+ depending on the merchant, and those dollars really add up when you’re purchasing big-ticket items. You’ll earn money on each purchase, and get cash back when your account reaches the $10 mark.

Online Coupons with FatWallet.com

When you want to browse around for the best deal, its easy to head to the Online Coupons section for a complete listing of merchants that are showcasing as sale. Just look for the little red sale tag next to the merchant’s name and you’ll be redirected to the store for the latest roundup of goodies.

Big Fat Deals on FatWallet.com

The Big Fat Deals section is the best place to check in during your Christmas shopping debacle. IT’s a listing of the most popular deals and offers, which often include free shipping, cash back sales, and announcements of seasonal sales. If you’re looking for quick snapshot of deals for the day, this is the place to go; just bookmark the FatWallet Deals page and take a peek!

Community and Discussion on FatWallet

You’ll find a very active community of fellow shoppers on FatWallet.com, and the site boasts half a million shoppers who can easily make bargain-hunting a full-time job. Forum categories include One Time Use Coupons, Travel Deals, Rebate Tracking, and Online Auction tips. Check out the Free Stuff section for freebies and other incentives available at retailers around the country.

When you’re ready to save some money on Christmas shopping and holiday gifts, online coupons and cash back bonuses are a great way to make the most of your dollar. The FatWallet community can help you track down a rare deal-or just inspire your inner bargain hunter!

Review of Tempurpedic Cloud Mattress

We’ve all see the Tempurpedic Mattress commercials a million times. The videos of a woman bouncing on the marvelous twin captains bed with a glass of red wine on the otherside and clip after clip of satisfied customers laying down as the mattress perfectly conforms to every curve of their body. You may think, “Is this too good to be true” like I did.

Six months ago, my husband and I were in the market for a new mattress and set out to find the perfect one for our ages old pine wood twin captain bed. Besides the commercials on TV, neither of us knew much about Tempurpedic. Since this was both of our first time purchasing a mattress, we decided we would take our time and check out every brand to find the right one for ourselves and our budget. We were really looking for three main things: Affordability, Support, and something with minimal motion transfer because my husband tosses and turns a lot during the night. We found many affordable mattresses that had good support, but we couldn’t find anything that canceled motion transfer from one side to the other. In our quest, a salesman pointed out the Tempurpedic series. There was no comparison when it came to motion transfer! My husband thrashed around on the demo bed and it was barely noticeable on my side. We knew then and there we wanted a Tempurpedic.

We laid on all of the Tempurpedic series and instantly fell in love with the Cloud. It literally feels like your laying on a cloud and is so unbelievably comfortable while providing excellent support. It is noticeably softer than the other models, and in my personal opinion, I prefer it to even their highest priced model – the Grande. There is also a Cloud-Supreme model …but it was a little too soft for my liking. Since sleeping on the cloud, I have had not a single ache or pain anywhere in my body.

Currently it costs about $1,000 online, making it one of Tempurpedic’s most affordable mattresses. When purchasing, make sure you check all mattress center’s that carry the brand as each one has different specials that may lower the cost for you. For example, the place we bought ours from had a “free shipping” special but if you purchased the mattress on Tempurpedic’s website they gave you two free Tempurpedic pillows. With lots of competition in our area, we were able to negotiate both the free shipping, and the free pillows. So make sure you shop around a lot to guarantee your getting the most bang for your buck!

If your thinking about purchasing a Tempurpedic Cloud, I would highly recommend it. I can honestly say that I am excited to go to bed at night because my bed is so comfortable! Every night when I lay down I think “this is the best purchase I have ever made.” Turns out that those “Too good to be true” commercials, are actually true!

Where to Book a Beach House or Condo Rental in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Are you planning a vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama, soon and planning on spending your time staying in a beach house or condo but are unsure where to go to find one or where to get the best deal? There are several realty companies in Gulf Shores that offer beach houses and condos for rent at great prices, and even show pictures of the exact house or unit you will be staying in. Another advantage to booking a condo or beach house through one of these companies is the advantage to compare condos and beach houses side by side before deciding which one you wish to book.

Young’s SuncoastRealty  amp; Vacation Rentals

Young’s Suncoast Realty  amp; Vacation Rentals offer beach houses and condos for rent in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Perdido Key, and Fort Morgan. They have someone who takes reservations available to handle calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which makes booking a rental property easy and convenient. You can search for properties in a number of ways such as property location, whether or not it is pet friendly, whether or not the property has a pool, and even whether or not it accepts boats. They even have a Hot Deals page that offers specials on select properties such as ten to twenty percent off select units this spring and summer, or pay for three nights and get the fourth night free on select units. You can visit Young’s SuncoastRealty  amp; Vacation Rentals website to view available rental properties or you can call and talk to a someone to make a reservation at 1-800-826-1213.

Meyer Real Estate

Meyer Real Estate is a great vacation rental realty company that I personally have used, and their service is absolutely fabulous. They offer both beach houses and condos for rent in Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan, Perdido Key, Orange Beach, and on Dauphin Island. Searching for properties on their website is a snap you can search a number of ways by looking for rental properties that offer houses with pool access, gulf front properties, boat friendly properties, properties on a golf course, and pet friendly properties. They offer packages centered around golf, fishing, nature viewing, a romantic getaway and shopping, and also have a Hot Deals page that offers specials on select units such as ten to fifteen percent off and more. Checking in and out of properties with Meyer Real Estate is a breeze as well because their Gulf Shores office is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week so no matter what time you arrive you can check-in provided your property is ready. You can view the properties Meyer Real Estate has available by visiting their website.

Kaiser Realty, Inc.

Kaiser Realty, Inc. offers both condos and beach houses for rent in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Fort Morgan, BeachsideRomar and on Ono Island. The website is easy to navigate when searching for properties, and you can search by looking for properties with certain features such as pool, hot tub, tennis court, boat slip, playground, and more. You can book online, or call a reservation agent to book a property. To view the properties that Kaiser Realty, Inc. has available you can visit their website.

You can also check out Kopar at Newton CEL Development for more options for booking a beach house or a condo in Alabama region. You can look at their reviews and ratings as well.

Tips for Booking A Holiday Cruise

Holidays are both a necessity and a luxury. While most of us dream of our versions of perfect holidays, they are basically the utopia we look forward to in our daily monotonous lives.

Cruise holidays, among others, are probably the most romantic as well as an elite way of spending one’s vacation days.

But before one signs up for a holiday lights cruises travel, here are a few pointers that should be kept in mind-

  • Consult A Specialist

The first thing to be aware of is to consult a specialist. They are bound to know everything you need to know, and will simultaneously provide you with expert opinion regarding the choice, season, duration and price of cruises to choose from.

  • Packages, Combo Offers, Wi-Fi, and Gratitude

Most of the cruises provide excellent packages, combo offers, and services to choose from during booking. Booking them beforehand saves a lot of money as well as worry during the trip.

  • Dress Code

Many cruises these days have special nights, dances, or programs included with them. To make sure one doesn’t miss the fun or get isolated, it is crucial to go through details thoroughly and pack clothes and accessories wisely.

  • Insurance Cover

Flight delay, cancellation, or anything else shouldn’t ruin one’s trip. Insurance covers will make sure the person joins the cruise from the next location without any trouble and will cover the cost.

Therefore, get the bags ready, and plan a holiday lights cruises trip today. Spend days amidst the sea, and don’t forget to stay hydrated.

Knowing The Function Of A Broker In A Real Estate Transaction

You often hear real estate agents when you want to buy or sell a home. But there are instances when you hear real estate brokers too, and the two terms are often interchanged. Thing is, these professionals are different from each other. Read on to understand what a real estate broker is, or click on https://pattayaprestigeproperties.com/ for more info.

Understanding Real Estate Brokers and their Function in a Transaction

For starters, real estate brokers are real estate agents as well, but with different functions and responsibilities. You can see them as professionals which are on a higher step than regular real estate agents.

The main difference between the two is that brokers manage agents and companies. Therefore, real estate agents are like regular employees, while real estate brokers are their boss. Brokers have the rights to own or manage an entire real estate company as well. And regular agents have to pass the broker test to elevate their status.

This shows brokers are seasoned professionals with better experiences, skills and knowledge in the industry.

So, what Real Estate Brokers do in a Transaction?

As mentioned earlier, brokers are similar to agents, only that they have further responsibilities. In a real estate transaction, they can work as a listing agent, or one who stands by a seller. They can function as a buyer agent as well. And they can be elected as the transaction agent, or one who mediates the two sides of the transaction.

That means they’re the one in-charged of creating escrow accounts. These are accounts where buyer temporarily places his cash, and the broker will only release it after the seller complies with the agreement.

This is just the basic outline about the duties of a real estate broker. Feel free to talk with your real estate professional for more details. Also, you can visit https://pattayaprestigeproperties.com/ today.

Where To Go For Help If You’re HIV Positive In Los Angeles Or Know Somebody Who Is

A few years ago, I lived in Los Angeles and worked for an AIDS organization in Santa Monica. Los Angeles has a large HIV/AIDS infected population, with more than 10,000 men, women and children living with AIDS in the LA area. LA also has a large homeless population, many of whom are HIV positive because of drug use and unprotected sex. If you live in Los Angeles and are HIV positive, have been diagnosed with AIDS or even just want to get a free AIDS test because you’re not sure your HIV status, where do you go?

You can read more about this dating site that enables HIV positive people to mingle with each other. They can share their stories and get together and start a new life. It is a really good initiative that lets people to share their sufferings and life experiences.

Here are some of the best AIDS organizations in Los Angeles, with the services they provide. During the five years I was in LA, I worked with most of them, either through the agency I worked for or as a volunteer. They are all great organizations, with dedicated staff who are there to help anyone affected by HIV/AIDS.

Common Ground – The Westside HIV Community Center. This used to be known as Santa Monica AIDS Project, and was the organization I worked at for more than 2 years. Based in Santa Monica, Common Ground does a lot of work with the homeless population of Los Angeles. They have a food bank, client services, counseling services, a client lounge where people with HIV can go and meet others. They also provide free and anonymous HIV testing, dental and medical services, and emergency motel and food vouchers. They specifically target Los Angeles’ huge youth homeless population by providing services to homeless youth 12 to 25 years of age. They do great work in area schools, talking to kids about HIV prevention, and even give away free condoms and clean needles every week on street corners in LA county. 2012 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica – 310 314-5480

Project Angel Food. This is one of my favorite AIDS organizations in Los Angeles. They provide free, nutritious meals to people who are HIV positive, have AIDS or other serious illnesses. Having healthy meals can literally be the difference between life and death and, for those people who are seriously ill, they often don’t have energy to cook so either don’t eat anything at all or eat junk food. Project Angel Food delivers free healthy meals and even brings a gift for birthdays or special occasions. If you are sick and would love someone to bring you food every day, contact them at 922 Vine Street, Los Angeles – 323 845-1800

Women at Risk is a non-profit organization for women who are HIV positive. They give emotional and educational services in the form of one on one peer counseling, support groups, childcare services, hospital visitation, and prevention education. As the number of women who are HIV positive is increasing in Los Angeles and worldwide, Women at Risk provide a valuable service. For more information – 5183 Overland Avenue, Suite B, Culver City- 310 204-1046

AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) is the largest AIDS organization in LA. They publish AIDS prevention literature, have a Speakers Bureau, offer free HIV testing, they run free food pantries, offer counseling services, case management services, free transportation to medical appointments, and even free and sliding-scale dental services. They also collaborate with AIDS organizations in India, China, Central America and South Africa, helping with services such as nutrition, counseling, HIV testing and more. APLA’s main office is at The David Geffen Center, 611 South Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles – 213 201-1600

Being Alive, West Hollywood works on a lot of issues concerning public advocacy for AIDS. They lobby local and national governments about AIDS issues and work towards getting laws passed that are beneficial to those with HIV/AIDS. They also have a Speakers Bureau, counseling services, massage, yoga, hypnotherapy, chiropractic, and reiki – all used to help people living with HIV/AIDS improve their health in a holistic manner. Another important service they offer are social events. Many people with HIV/AIDS find it difficult to go out and meet people, as they’re afraid of their HIV status being discovered, so they tend to be reclusive and isolated. Being Alive runs a weekly Meet and Greet , field trips, lunches, dinners, trips to the bowling alley, to the beach and numerous other places – all designed to get HIV positive people out of the house and into society. If you need any of their services, or have friends who do, contact them at 621 North San Vicente Boulevard

West Hollywood – 310 289-2551.

There are many AIDS organizations in Los Angeles, these are just a few of the best ones. Don’t forget, if you are HIV positive or know somebody who is, make sure you or your friend get out of the house and sign up with some of these organizations. Having a social life, getting good nutritional food, counseling services, medical and dental help can seriously be the difference between living with HIV healthy or dying with HIV. All these agencies also have some awesome volunteer opportunities, if you feel like you want to work with people with HIV/AIDS and make a difference. AIDS is not a death sentence and all these organizations will help you or somebody you love live well with it.


5 Key Benefits of Real Estate Investing

Very much like investing in gold or in the share market, real estate is a tangible asset that will help you in the accumulation of long-term wealth. With countless benefits like tax breaks, financial stability, appreciation, and storage of wealth, a real estate investment will be a choice that you will never regret making. With millions of investment choices, real estate has a lot to offer just like Kopar at Newton.  Sometimes real estate can offer you more than any other tradable asset. The market suggests that prices for apartments in downtown Manhattan have risen more than the price of gold or stock in the last few years.

The first key benefit we are going to talk about is the passive income that is generated by real estate. The passive income is generated by the resale of the property or through rental service. The rental income generates from real estate is very stable and after paying off all the arrears, the surplus amount could be used in doing other things or investing more in the real estate. Considering the part of the world, you stay in, you can get very high tax reductions when you invest in real estate. Countries like the United States have various forms of tax reduction depending on the property. A real estate property can also help you to pay off your loans faster.

When you mortgage a property, the revenue from the investment can be used to pay off your due loans. When the loan is completely paid off, you have an easily manageable, permanent asset. In times of Inflation, your property will act as a hedge against it. Inflation can be defined as a rise in prices due to a decrease in the value of currencies. The most lucrative property of a real estate investment would be the appreciation of value. Depending on the market, a plot of land will increase its current value and will give you a profit at a resale.