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Best Web Hosting Solutions You Must Consider Today

Best Web Hosting Solutions You Must Consider Today

Do you need web hosting solutions for your website? Then, you must know the best hosting services available today. However, check out www.fatalityservers.com if you need a reliable but cheap gaming server. Other than that, see these options in the list:

  • Free Hostia (Free)

The reason I decided to include this, is because it is a great package if you are adamant on not spending any money. They are ad free, which is fairly uncommon for a free host. The server response times are very fast. They have 250mb of storage and 5GB of bandwidth. They also support one, 10mb MySQL database, which too, is uncommon for a free host, but it also is limiting on what you can do with your website. It also includes Elefante scripts, for easy installation of many popular applications. They also guarantee 99.9% uptime.

  • Host Gator ($6.95 per month)

They offer a decent package for a reasonable price. You also are not bound to any contract and offer a 30 day money back guarantee. It includes 50 GB of storage and 200 GB of bandwidth, which is plenty for your average website. It includes unlimited MySQL databases, which is nice if you plan on running multiple applications. It also supports 20 FTP accounts and most of your average programming languages. On top of a decent package, they offer several easy to install applications to get your website up and running. They offer Fantastico, Instant PHPNuke, Instant Forums, and much more. They also include several different e-commerce applications. Their $6.95 package guarantees 99.5% uptime, which is generally worse than other paid web hosts. Their other packages all guarantee 99.9% uptime.

  • 1 amp;1 ($3.99 per month)

1 amp;1 offers one of the cheapest web hosting solutions available. It includes 1 free domain, 10GB of storage and 300GB of bandwidth. They only offer 1 FTP account, which can be somewhat limiting. They offer 600 email accounts, with 800 aliases. The linux package allows for ten, 100mb MySQL databases. Along with several included web applications, they give you free vouchers for advertising. My biggest complaint about their webhosting is that their MySQL databases are generated with random names, so you cannot identify which is which, unless there is a description.

  • IX($3.95 per month)

IX offers a cheap package that is great for new webmasters. They support 2 hosted domains. It includes 300 GB of storage and 3,000 GB of bandwidth. It also includes 1 free domain name. It offers 2500 email accounts and supports catch-all email addresses. It supports POP3, IMAP, and webmail. It also includes Auto responders and mailing lists. It supports the standard scripting languages but does not include any MySQL databases. This can be pretty limiting, depending on what you plan on doing.

  • bluehost ($6.95 per month)

bluehost is very similar to my top choice, Host Monster. It supports 300gb of storage and 3,000gb of bandwidth. It includes a free domain and unlimited domain name hosting. It supports 2500 email accounts and unlimited auto responders. It also includes an additional 1,000FTP accounts. It supports 50 MySQL and 50 PostgreSQL databases. It also includes: SSH, webmail, anonymous FTP, Hotlink protection, Fantastico, many e-commerce features and Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection. Search engine submission, position report, and a search keyword analyzer are included free.

  • Host Monster($5.95 per month)

I personally use Host Monster for everything now. They offer an incredible package and are very reliable. They offer 300gb of storage and 3,000gb of bandwidth. On top of that, they include a free domain name. They offer unlimited: domain name hosting, add-on domains, parked domains, subdomains, email accounts, auto responders, and FTP accounts. They also include 100 MySQL and 100 PostgreSQL databases. Some other nice features: they allow SSH (Shell Access), Anonymous FTP, 2 Web Mail Options, Custom CRON jobs, and Fantastico. They also include free search engine submission.

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