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Can Diarrhea Combat Degenerative Disease or cannot?

Can Diarrhea Combat Degenerative Disease or cannot?

Not long ago there was an article on the Internet titled, “Diarrhea combats cancer.” The same can be true for diabetes, arthritis and almost any human affliction related to a toxic bowel and an inefficient digestive system. It works by cleansing the intestinal tract and reducing auto-intoxication.

As a visual example of how accumulations affect nutrient absorption take a clean dry sponge and place it flat in the palm of your hand. Add enough water to the surface of the sponge to thoroughly wet it. The water soaks through and moistens your hand. Second, since we don’t have years to slowly saturate the surface of a sponge as would be the result of eating a diet that contains lard, sugars, highly refined substances and items we conceive as food that really aren’t like sodas, artificial colors/flavorings, junk food and partially hydrogenated oils, you’ll need to take some lard or other greasy substance and cover the surface of another dry sponge. Now, put the same amount of water on the surface of the second sponge as you did on the first and see what happens. Unless the water runs over the edge, your hand stays dry.

That’s an extremely simplified example of how the digestive tract works. If the villi that line the inside of the intestines are coated with leftovers from last week’s meal and from years gone by, nutrients can’t be passed through the intestinal wall.

Nutrients are necessary for energy, disease fighting, anti-aging, tissue repair, mental cognition, bone density, lowering blood pressure, a healthy heart, the list is endless. The movement of the body parts can be controlled through the megaspore probiotic. There will be no irritation in the stomach after consuming the supplements. 

It wouldn’t be healthful to promote diarrhea but it can be helpful for cleaning the digestive system, especially if we suffer from diabetes or other diseases. According to the American Medical News 85;5:31, 60 to 75% of all hospitalizations are digestive system related and as many as 58% of all patients hospitalized in the US are malnourished.

Antibiotics kill good intestinal flora along with the bad, unless we become antibiotic resistant from overuse, then antibiotics kill most of the good and leave most of the bad. We can reestablish good intestinal flora by taking a high quality probiotic. PB8 and Flora Source are the two we’ve found to be the most complete. One friend who I suggested probiotics to said it remedied his lifelong irritable bowel syndrome problem. I’m not connected with any pill manufacturer.

Unless we eat a diet that is approximately 75% raw food, we deplete our bank account of enzymes. Enzymes do a myriad of bodily functions. Digestive enzymes help to breakdown the food we ingest. If taken between meals digestive enzymes become scavengers and help clean up the debris. Various research projects have indicated that digestive enzymes taken between meals can reduce the risk of cancer. If you’re saying, “I’m not interested in taking another pill” it’s possible that taking a digestive enzyme will allow you to take fewer pills by increasing your efficiency to better assimilate nutrients. Pancreatic (digestive) enzymes assist the pancreas in the duties it performs. One of those duties is insulin production. If we assist the pancreas it seems logical that it would be more efficient concerning diabetes. Other pancreatic functions include warding off invaders and helping the immune system fight mutant cells (cancer).

Anytime we hear the word “essential” used with nutrients, fatty acids, etc. it means the item is something that our body can’t produce. We need essential fatty acids (EFA’s). Flaxseed and psyllium seed are good sources of EFA’s. Flaxseed and psyllium seed provide bulk and the ground up hulls act like little scrubbers to help clean the intestinal tract. Most information we see concerning flaxseed is flaxseed oil. All oils go rancid quickly and don’t promote bulk. Freshly ground flaxseed is far cheaper and doesn’t go rancid if used the same day. David Jenkins a researcher at the University of Toronto found ground psyllium seed can reduce the postmeal rise of blood sugar in diabetics by one-half. Flaxseed has a nutty taste and is my preference. I mix it into my breakfast. If you use either flax or psyllium you’ll need to increase your water intake, which is what most of us need to do anyway.

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