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Holding Off On Bankruptcy For Now

I was able to talk with a Dave Ramsey counselor today. We discussed my income and the level of my debts and how fast they’re growing. I’ve been working the plan just as prescribed and I’m on the right track. I just need to keep working on getting my income up as much as I can, which I’m doing.

My counselor suggested paying $10 or so each month to the creditors I can’t make a real dent with right now and focusing what money I do have on the next debt in line in the snowball and get it paid off. That will put more money toward paying the debt, and less maintaining a relationship with the other debt collectors. Basically, I stop paying on a pro rata basis and start paying a flat rate. That will leave twice as much money to pay on the lowest debt than I had on the pro rata plan. That will make a big difference in making the money I have work harder for me.

I am making progress. I’ve paid off 6 debts. I’m just discouraged because I’m not making any headway on the back end of my snowball. I’ve got to keep plugging along and work toward getting a bigger shovel (more income, a lot more).

I’m going to try this over the summer and work on increasing my online income while I’m delivery pizzas and tutoring. We’ll see where I’m at in August.

If it gets too tough to handle or I’m not making progress, I can always file for bankruptcy at any time. I found my pre-bankruptcy counseling certificate and I have all my paperwork in order. All I have to do is take it to my attorney. I’m going to keep it ready to go and that is my fall-back position for now.

Need to Get Medical Insurance

This is one of the “inside your own 4 walls” issues I haven’t taken care of. Before I put more on the debt I need to get with the local health insurance ELP about what coverage I could at least get for myself. I need something to cover me if I get really sick and need to go to the hospital. As far as I know, if I needed a hospital stay I could go to the public hospital (Earl K. Long Hospital) and my costs would be waived for lack of ability to pay.

My son is on Medicaid, but I only use it when it’s something bigger than I can handle. I pay cash for his routine doctor visits or when he needs to see his pediatrician when he’s sick. Medicaid pays for his prescriptions because they are really expensive but vital to his survival. They would reimburse me for my expenses, but I don’t do that because I can manage my costs okay on my own so far.

I don’t want to stay in this position any longer than we have to, so I’m seeking reasonable coverage for both of us that won’t break us financially. It may require that I keep searching for a solution for awhile. I have been searching for 2 years now, but things are changing and more products are becoming available in a more competitive marketplace.

I am not sure what the future holds in store for me in such matters but I can guarantee that I won’t allow the International Debt Collection Agency to dictate terms on how to live my life because I have made it clear that I would work out a solution to ease things out even if I have to file for bankruptcy in the near future but one thing is for sure that I won’t bow down before the authorities to do their bidding to clear out on legal issues.

The only reason we don’t qualify for food stamps is I have an IRA. The state considers that a usable asset and won’t award food stamps to anyone who has any usable assets, no matter what the tax consequences or how that asset is viewed by any other law, like the bankruptcy law.

Cash Loans The Best Way To Get Rid Of Trouble When You Run Out Of Money

Do you need money now? Don’t you have a single penny in your bank account? Many of us have been in a similar situation. Sometimes emergencies can happen and we don’t have the money to deal with them. Not having enough money at a certain time could change your life forever.

Nowadays, loans are a quick solution to the lack of money. Many people have managed to pay off important debts that would be impossible to pay with their salaries. Even paying something now with the help of a loan could be a better idea than waiting and paying for it with your own money in the future.

Have you ever been unable to take advantage of an offer for not having enough money? Maybe someone tries to sell you that car you always wanted to buy at a very low price, but you need to get the money as quickly as possible. Offers like that aren’t repeated twice in life, and at times like that, it’s convenient to ask for a loan.

Florida Title Loans is offering the cash loans for the purchasing of car. The paying of cash will offer low interest rate to the individuals. They can select the right model of the car with the fewer formalities. The services are offering the best results to the individuals in buying an auto car.

In New Jersey, buying and selling homes and cars is the livelihood of many people. If loans didn’t exist, many of them couldn’t complete some important businesses. Loans are very common in some places in New Jersey. Every day, at least one person applies for a loan Freehold. Best of all, when you apply for a loan Freehold, you can pay it in fixed installments and if you try to pay before agreed time, no additional fees will be charged.

Applying for a loan at a bank can be difficult. People with a short credit history are usually rejected. In fact, many of these people have very few resources and many respected banks refuse to offer their help.

For people in situations like that, cash loans Brick are the best option. In the main shopping areas, you can find stores that offer cash loans Brick with very low interest rates. Usually, you have several months to pay your debt in comfortable installments that you can easily cover with a minimum salary.

In some circumstances, we need cash immediately, but the nearest ATM is hundreds of miles away or it’s out of service. Have you ever needed cash late at night? Surely, very few ATMs are working at that time. What can you do?

In New Jersey, several cash loans work 24/7. Usually, they’re in very busy and safe areas, so you shouldn’t worry about walking there during late hours of the night.

Cash loans can be very useful for people without life or car insurance. A family member suffered a heart attack? Did you crash your car? Situations like that could get worse when you don’t have insurance. Perhaps the balance of your bank account isn’t enough to pay such a large debt. In cases like these, don’t hesitate to request a loan to solve the situation.

As you can see, loans are important in emergency situations. There’s nothing worse than running out of money when we really need it. Therefore, don’t put at risk your well-being or that of your family because of the lack of money. Make a wise decision and request a cash loan immediately. Their fixed rates are so low that paying them will surely be a piece of cake.

The Basics Of A Credit Card

Most people know how to spend money using a credit card, but most do not know the very basics of a credit card and how it actually works. Contrary to popular belief, it is not an endless amount of money. In fact, using a credit card can actually cost well more than what you actually spend.

What Is Credit?

Simply put, a credit card, or credit is an agreement or contract between you and a financial group stating that they will give you a certain amount of money that you need to pay back in the future. The group, such as a bank, lends you the money and expects a full return plus additional fees called the interest rate if you don’t pay it back in full every single month. Credit cards are extremely handy in emergencies such as if your car breaks down and you don’t have the cash to pay for the repair. They are also used for:

Convenience –

A credit card allows people to buy now what they might not have the cash for. It is also perfect for online shopping where you can’t pay cash.

Budgeting –

Buying with a credit card can allow you to pay a smaller amount over a few months for a larger item that you may not be able to afford the entire price of.

Security –

If you only carry cash you run the risk of losing it or having it stolen. Credit cards can be canceled if lost or stolen whereas cash is just gone.

Traveling –

If you are traveling, especially long distances where your bank isn’t located, a credit card is much easier to use. You won’t have to worry about using cash, and most hotels, and car rental agencies require a credit card to even make a reservation.

Getting the Best Credit Card for You

There are various fees and charges among credit card offers that make certain ones better than the other. You need to shop around and look specifically for these important features:

Annual Percentage Rate –

This is the interest rate that tells you have much extra you will have to pay on top of what you actually charge to the card. The better your credit rating the better your APR will be

Grace Period –

This is the time that creditors offer you the ability to repay the credit card in full without being charged a finance charge. If a credit card company does not offer a grace period then that means that you will pay the finance charge from the day you charge something to your card.

Annual Fees –

There are some cards that charge you a fee each year to have the credit card. They usually range from $15.00 to $75.00, but others do not charge a fee at all.

Cash Advances –

Some credit cards will allow you to take cash off the card instead of charging it. Flat fees can be charged for using this convenience with some credit card companies whereas others charge you monthly for this.

Use your credit card responsibly because it affects your credit rating. Your credit rating is what decides how much credit is offered to you and at what rate. The better your rating is the more likely you will be extended credit.

Credit card generates unnecessary expenses for the user, therefore it is advisable to keep changing the cash verification value (cvv) at regular intervals cvv shop online for it and keep it safe from external harm or getting stolen as the bank account and savings will be in jeopardy.