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Best Use of the Briquettes: What You Should Know

If you are one of those who believe that wood brikett might be a suitable alternative, you should have a look at the product offered by the company Briquettes, which has the potential to be regarded as the finest briquette currently available on the market.

The Use of the Compressed Logs

These are compressed logs manufactured from beech wood flour, which is obtained from sawmills and compacted further. Its elaboration is achieved by compressing its constituents under high pressure and without the addition of additives, resulting in a high burning capacity and a lengthy burn time.

Choice of the Briquettes

In the case of brikett, the round-shaped extra provides some that are offered in a 10 kilogram box and are considered to be the greatest value for money choices available among the cheaper options. They are distinguished by their environmental sensitivity, as their manufacturing method is based on the use of hard and clean organic woods, which are crushed into blocks that provide more effective heating.

The Right Choices

It is simple to store and clean these wood briquettes, which have a high caloric content and are straightforward to work with. Traditionally, they are dried at less than 12 percent relative humidity and pressed in the same manner. They have the capacity to produce a high amount of heat output by burning faster rapidly, and this heat output is sustained for a longer period of time, which enables for easier lighting of wood in fireplaces while producing less smoke and ash.

This package contains 12 blocks of hardwood that are ready to be burned. Its use is more suitable for igniting and maintaining heat for a longer period of time in fireplaces, stoves, or fireplaces. Beginning in 2000, Briketi Poisid has started manufacturing briquettes. The mission of their company is to offer its customers the opportunity to save as much money as possible on their home heating costs, thus contributing to the preservation of the beautiful nature of Scandinavia and the Baltics, as well as their way of life.