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Holiday Gifts to Delight the Raw Foodist

If you have a raw foodist on your Christmas list this year, you may be scratching your head as to what would be an appropriate gift. You can’t really wrap up a bag of carrots or potatoes, can you? Never fear, there are plenty of options for inexpensive, thoughtful gifts for people who choose the raw food lifestyle. However, you should be also be careful about the food intolerance factor as you gift these items. Food intolerance is the body’s inability to digest an item properly. This is why consider this factor is really important. Here are some ideas:

Although your raw foodist won’t be cooking at high heat levels, she will still need a few choice items to assist her in the kitchen. The company OXO makes stylish and ergonomic tools for food preparation, from vegetable peelers to salad spinners to measuring cups. Gadgets, of course, make great stocking stuffers. Of special interest might be their mandoline, which makes fast work of slicing cucumbers and other vegetables and fruits. OXO’s v-blade mandoline is affordably priced at $39.99 and can be very handy when it comes to preparing food for holiday gatherings.

Giving an instant-read thermometer would help your raw foodist monitor the temperature of food so that it does not go over the designated degree of cooking. OXO takes the technology one step further and offers a digital readout thermometer at $19.99. This great gadget comes with a battery, has easy to read large numbers, and can be set to Fahrenheit or Celsius. Their web site is http://www.oxo.com/oxo — You can order directly from OXO, or use the zip code tool on their web site to find a retail outlet near you.

Steamers are another great Christmas gift idea for the raw foodist on your list because steam cooks foods gently. They are very inexpensive, easy to use, and come in either the traditional bamboo version or stainless steel. The Lions Deal web site ( http://www.lionsdeal.com/) offers bamboo steamers for less than $10 and stainless for under $20. Or, if you have an Asian grocer in your area, you likely can find a steamer there as well.

Books, DVD’s, and magazine subscriptions make wonderful Christmas gifts. One poke around Amazon.com will yield myriad book choices, plus the DVD Raw Organic Cuisine in Ten Minutes. For magazines, check out http://www.fresh-network.com/ where you’ll find subscriptions for the paper version and electronic version of getting Fresh! magazine.

A gift of flavor is always appropriate for anyone who is interested in food, raw or otherwise. If your local nursery is open in the winter months, you may be able to give a gift of live herb plants. Tie the pots with festive red bows, and voila! Terrific Christmas gifts your recipient can use to decorate the table. If you cannot locate fresh herbs, consider giving an herb growing kit. The site http://www.herbkits.com/ has a terrific variety to choose from, starting at $29.95. The site even sells indoor mushroom growing kits, from $18 to $27, and the variety is unbelievable. These are not your run-of-the-mill button mushrooms; choose from shitake, enokitake, popping, and more. The kits are wonderful for people who have children, as they will certainly be fascinating to watch grow, and then eat.

Giving Christmas gifts that coincide with the raw food diet of your recipient might be beneficial to you as well you might get to partake in some tasty and healthful cuisine as a result!