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Top Five Most Overlooked Video Games of 2019

Every year, the general gaming populace overlooked several excellent video game titles. Despite critical acclaim, these games just don’t sell very well whether if it is because it either only caters to a niche audience or due to the lack of an advertising presence. Here are five 2008 games that are overlooked.

LittleBigPlanet (Playstation 3)

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment, Developer: Media Molecule, Release Date: October 21, ESRB Rating: E

While the sales for LittleBigPlanet are solid (on pace to sell at least a million units), it is still a disappointment considering the high expectations. This is a shame, considering the game’s revolutionary emphasis on creating and sharing levels. The more people play LittleBigPlanet, the better overall game will be considering that the excellent user created levels are the heart and soul of the game. Thus, LittleBigPlanet is one 2008 game that mustn’t be overlooked.

No More Heroes (Nintendo Wii)

Publisher: Ubisoft, Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture, Release Date: January 22, ESRB Rating: M

No More Heroes took care of two problems for the Nintendo Wii gaming library: it was a big third-party game and it was made for the hardcore mature gamers. The quirky action title features an on-the-rise assassin and his pursuit to be the best on the field. While the wacky action sequences may be a little too quirky for the mass audience, it is incredibly fun for those who got immersed in this overlooked game. Fortunately, No More Heroes did well enough to warrant a sequel.

Patapon (PSP)

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment, Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment, February 26, ESRB Rating: E

Patapon is the type of game the PSP exactly needed. This 2008 handheld title is one of the most original games to come out in recent years. Patapon is a weird mix of real-time strategy and music rhythm game. With slick visuals and catchy tunes to boot, this overlooked game plays unlike any other. At just $19.99, Patapon should be in the library of any PSP gamers. Wearing your final fantasy shirt while playing this game will give you more fun and energy.

Valkyria Chronicles (Playstation 3)

Publisher: Sega, Developer: Sega, Release Date: November 11, ESRB Rating: T

One of the best Playstation 3 games is also the most overlooked. Valkyria Chronicles combines turn-based strategic maneuvers with real-time position and shooting. Simply put, the game does just about everything right: beautiful graphics, incredible music and enthralling gameplay. Valkyria Chronicles is a masterpiece and one of the best games in 2008.

Yakuza 2 (Playstation 2)

Publisher: Sega, Developer: Amusement Vision, Release Date: September 9, ESRB Rating: M

Yakuza 2 is like the Japanese version of Grand Theft Auto. Featuring a soap opera of gang warfare, this open world game will keep you engrossed from beginning to end. Not to mention the simple yet high enjoyable combat system keeps the game fresh and intense. While the Yakuza series are ultra popular in Japan, it is largely overlooked in the United States. Thus, it is unlikely that we will see either Playstation 3 Yakuza sequels to make it here.

Grand Auto Theft V Tricks That Fans Never Knew Existed

GTA 5 is the most popular and most played digital video game in the action-adventure category. It has garnered many positive reviews from players all around the world. However, the game has many tricks that players are generally not aware of. Let’s discuss some tricks that you never knew about GTA 5

Fight a werewolf

Players can fight teen wolf as a bigfoot. If the player finds seven peyotes and takes them at a very specific time and weather conditions, the trail will eventually lead to an airplane graveyard where the player takes on a werewolf. If the player wins the fight, he could use the werewolf in the game’s director mode

Kick cars to dent them

The game is so detailed and well designed that even the smallest of the physical changes are visible on the animated things. This includes the huge effort put into giving the cars of the game a real-time physics. Kicking or punching a car not only changes it but also causes the car to show a dent at the exact place it was hit.

Players can take selfies between the game

In an exceptional satirical commentary, the players can take out their phone just before a cutscene to take selfies and chat about the next mission, seemingly ignoring everything that is going around them.

Ghost hunting experience

In a try to add some supernatural touch to the game, the players can also witness a ghost during the game. There is a website in-game that laments passing away of a suspicious woman called Leonora Johnson in mysterious circumstances. Visiting the site players can see a ghostly apparition every night at 11 p.m.

With so many surprises and tricks, GTA 5 is the most amusing adventure game of all time. If you haven’t played the game, you can also get it on gta 5 mods ps4.

Four Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Your Favorite Airgun

Airguns are amazing. Owning one could be a matter of pride for any gun enthusiast. They are safe, elegant and eco-friendly shooting tools. Airguns are quieter and safer option as compared to other firing weapons. Let’s have a look at four basic things to keep in mind when buying your favorite airgun.

Choose the correct type

Airguns are available in four different types viz, pneumatic airguns, spring-piston airguns, CO2 airguns, and gas ram airguns. Choose the correct airguns that suits your shooting requirements and abilities. Know the correct bullet sizes that could be used with the airgun. Find the right trigger pull by putting the butt of the rifle into the crook of your arm and seeing if your trigger finger comes easily to the trigger.

Check the legalities

Cross-check the legal requirements regarding owning an airgun. Know the airgun laws of your countries. Many countries like Australia have strict air gun regulation laws. Meanwhile, some countries like Belgium are lenient regarding airguns.  Make sure you get a legal license to keep an airgun so as to avoid any legal complications.

Choose the appropriate caliber

Choosing the right caliber is very important. It ensures that you get desired results in every shot. .22 caliber is good for hunting and makes a clean killing. .17 is good for target shooting because of its flat trajectory. .25 is good for close-range hunting. Getting the correct caliber for your airgun could help you improve your shooting skills.

Managing budget constraints

To put it bluntly, the higher the price, the better the quality. Buying a top-notch airgun could be a costly affair. You may have a brand bais but not the needed budget requirement. However, there are plenty of affordable options available in the market. Whatever option you may choose, be confident about it. If you are confident about your airgun, you will shoot better.

Keep these four basic points in mind when buying your desired airgun. It will help you with a better purchase.

Things To Avoid While Playing Fortnitefor The First Tome

No matter whether you are expert or not sometimes you might fail in the game early. You take a wrong step and things go wrong. The reason might be anything but if you want to survive in the game for long, you need to follow certain rules and regulations while playing. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, read news about the game.

Here are some basic rules for you to follow if you want to stay long in the game.

  • Heading to a busy place: The first mistake that people usually do is they head to a busy place or town in the beginning itself where you get several structures. Usually, people do this in order to gain gear but keep in mind that you are doing this there are several other players as well who are there for it. So what to do. You can go to the small structures on the side. You will get gears there as well. Once you gain appropriate numbed of weapons and gears then engage with other people.
  • Being in open for long:This is also a big mistake that players do while playing. They forget to use landscapes for them to hide, instead, they roam in open areas. Try to earn a lot of weapons in the start and then hid in the buildings, trees and other such places to be safe and to attack the enemies.
  • Unnecessary fights: In order to gain more players go after every enemy that they come across. This is beneficial at some point when the enemy is not aware of the fact that you are coming. You can kill them and then take their loot. But if you get into unnecessary fights and though you win the fight, you might still lose health and ammo. So it is better to hold yourself than getting into fights.

You must be avoiding such things to survive long in the game and to earn more.