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Do You Wish To Stop Consuming Marijuana? Then Check The Methods!!

Wish to stop smoking marijuana forever? Are you tired of having no vigor or gumption because you smoke weed? You may have wanted to quit and tried in the past, however, you usually appear to end up getting stoned once again. Duration of time sober does not appear to matter or just what your excellent intentions were. Relapse is actually a typical event with people aiming to stop smoking marijuana, however there are means you could prevent this from occurring if you make use of the best program. You actually can quit abusing this controlled substance. Relapses take place for many factors, plus certain situations, and you have the alternative to decrease the threats by comprehending the typical reasons that could trigger a starting to smoke weed again.

In the event that you desire to give up smoking marijuana, possibly the most important factor is that you really want to live a life without the usage of this drug. If you are not quite ready, and also you try to quit smoking marijuana for the incorrect factors, a relapse is almost assured.

Another common trigger relapse would be the good friends you pick. Before you make a decision to quit smoking marijuana, your circle of pals had actually been all most probably pot lovers, now when you wish to obtain clear, the same circle of influence can trigger you to most assuredly relapse. To remove this opportunity, you should find peers who do not smoke weed, so you do not fall into relapse. After that start setting aside time to ultimately stop smoking marijuana. Stress and anxiety is an additional usual variable that activates one to relapse, so you have to take actions to lower your tension as much as possible. The actions of the people need to be the correct one to get the arizona kratom medicine. The elimination of stress and anxiety is excellent with the consumption of weed. While consuming, the withdrawal symptoms and dangers should be in the notice of the consumers.

Generally speaking, individuals do not recognize the damaging power of drug dependency and also especially MDD Marijuana Dependency Disorder. As a matter of fact, these and other abused substances are responsible for the harming of numerous people in the United States annually. Also if it does not directly destroy a person at the time of use, drug addiction invades and slowly corrupts the psychological as well as physical well being of a person which ultimately makes a person isolate and be marginalized from friends and family. When left untreated and untreated, drug abuse could make an individual do points that are incomprehensible for a regular as well as civilized person. Drug addiction could currently cured by different methods and also especially successfully through a closed in-patient drug rehabilitation program.

Lots of drug rehabilitation centers have actually recently sprung up with the goal of giving a way of rehab and also recuperation due to the fact that of the high incidence of drug-related offenses. There are numerous inpatient drug rehabilitation centers to choose from, understanding just what to look for makes a substantial distinction in between success as well as failing. When looking for a service to your troubles with compound dependence, it is essential to consider the variables that make an excellent addiction therapy center.

You have to ensure that the clinical center complies with all the standards of the international medical neighborhood setting. If a provided center can not supply the required documents to confirm their legitimacy, after that you had better look for one more.

You must evaluate the price contrasted to the quality of the services that a certain center can offer. In some cases, it pays to spend a little extra if you get to delight in far better centers and also greater service levels.

How to Make Calming Lavender Milk Bath Soak

My grandmother swore by this relaxing recipe for milk bath mixture. After a hard day of working outdoors, she would put nearly a full cup of this soothing concoction into her big, claw foot tub, and soak the cares of the day away. It was used by my grandmother long before the aromatherapy craze, but it still worked off of the same principle – that lavender is a natural calming agent for the mind and body.

My grandmother also loved this bath soak recipe for its skin soothing properties. She had very sensitive skin that dried out quickly, and this bath soak was one of the few that kept her skin happy.

Now that I am grow, with the same touchy skin, I find myself frequently turning to the relaxation and soothing properties that this bath provides.


  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1 cup powdered milk
  • 1 cup dried lavender
  • 2 cups of uncooked oatmeal

 Putting it all together:

  1. Put all of the ingredients into a blender, ad grind the ingredients together until they turn into a fine powder. The finished product should be really smooth, and should almost feel like cake flour when you touch it.
  2. Pour the finely ground concoction into an airtight jar, bottle, or resealable bag.
  3. When you are ready to use your calming lavender milk bath, simply scoop up between 1/2 cup and 3/4 cup of the bath soak mixture, and pour it into that warm bathwater. Depending on how much you use for each bath, you should have enough soak for 6-10 baths.
  4. Light a few candles, put on some music, and lay back in your bathtub. It’s all about creating an atmosphere of relaxation to truly enjoy this bath soak in all its glory. Now close your eyes, and take in the soothing scent, and smooth feel, of this calming lavender soak!

This recipe will yield about 40 ounces of bath soak, and can be stored for several months. I store my bath soak in a cool dry place, as it seems to stay fresher (and hold more scent) when stored this way.

You can also double (or triple) this recipe fairly easily, though I have found that it comes out better if I make each single batch separately, and mix all of the smooth batches together in a large bowl just before packaging.

 If you are packaging this bath soak as a gift, try to make it within a few weeks of giving it to the gift recipient so that it is at its freshest. True, it will last months, but the “wow factor” of this bath soak is the incredible scent, and you’ll want to retain as much of that as possible!

Lavender milk is an excellent remedy not only for the skin and hair, but also to reduce insomnia to a great extent and if you add Beyond Vita supplements into it, the effect is instantaneous and without any side effects to worry about.

Dentists And Why We Should All Hate Them

Do you know what “root canal” is? It is a dental procedure that was first used by The Grand Inquisitor of The Spanish Inquisition, and it was performed on victims that he particularly didn’t like.
It hurts. It hurts a lot.

When dentists perform root canals, they literally drill a hole deep into your tooth, grab the raw nerve with a pair of hard, cold, steel tweezers, and then yank that nerve out of your head by its roots.

Not pleasant.

Then, after they pull you down off the ceiling, they go into the center of the tooth with tiny metal files and scrape away any bacteria, assorted crud and microscopic demons that may be living there. They go down the root canals of the tooth all the way to the jaw bone underneath the tooth with these files. You can feel the files chipping, grinding and rasping away inside of your tooth. You can hear it too.

Finally, when they are done filing, they drop something equivalent to boiling chlorine into the holes in your tooth to sterilize them before they cover the holes with enamel. (You can literally see puffs of smoke rising out of your mouth as they do this!)

I have this procedure done to three teeth.

Then, twelve years after all of this anguish and suffering, one of these teeth recently went bad anyway. Somehow or other, little, bastard germs got inside one of these sealed, sanitized and cauterized teeth, and caused an infection that hurt so badly that I thought my head was going to explode.

So, I thought that I could just go back to my dentist, have him remove the crown and redo the root canal. This time it wouldn’t hurt because the nerve in the tooth had been removed.

Simple right?

Of course not.

It seems that when a dentist puts a crown over a root canal, he or she cements the thing in place with glue designed to withstand the tons of pressure that are put upon it from the jaw. (Do you remember the commercials for Crazy Glue, where one drop is enough to lift a man off the ground? Well, I guess the dental equivalent to Crazy Glue can lift the QE2 Luxury Ocean Liner.)

So, my dentist sent me to a specialist. I’m not exactly sure what this person’s title was, but it was more than just simply, DENTIST. The title began with an “O”, ended with an “ist” and had thirty-six syllables in between. (I guess every syllable in the title adds $10,000 dollars to the bearer’s annual base income.) Anyhow, this specialist was supposed to look at the tooth, and then determine whether or not he was capable of removing the crown so that my dentist could redo the root canal.

Well, this guy had other, much more expensive ideas. This is where a little research can help. If you are a resident of San Mateo you can search online for affordable doctors in your area. You just have to Google cosmetic dentist san mateo, and you will be presented a list of doctors that are credible and well-experienced. This will help you avoid sudden medical expenses.

I had a 2:00 appointment with the fellow. So I got to his office at 1:45 to fill out the paperwork. After I had finished with that, I sat in the waiting room…and sat . . . and sat. and sat. I read through every issue of People Magazine that was there. I was starting on an issue of Cosmopolitan when, at 2:45, I was finally ushered into the “examination room” by a very comely dental assistant.

At 3:10, this little Italian fellow, complete with the open shirt, hairy chest and the obligatory heavy gold chains comes in, opens my mouth, takes a few x-rays and declares; “We’ll remove the tooth (Who’s this “we”?), extract the wisdom tooth behind it that is below the gum, cut the wisdom tooth down to size and replant it in the spot where the offending tooth used to be.”

You’re going to do WHAT? In MY mouth?

He sounded like a lot of pain to me, but he was the expert.

“What? Whatever happened to just removing the crown so that my dentist can redo the root canal?” I asked.

The answer was a brusque shake of the head. “Can’t do it?” he said curtly and offered no explanation for his decision.

He then turned, and as he was walking out of the examination room, he said over his shoulder, “See my secretary on the way out.”

The guy had all the bedside manner of a Mako shark.

When I saw his secretary on the way out, she set up an appointment for me to come and have the surgery performed, and then she said, “And, on your next appointment you’ll need to bring the payment of $1700.”

I looked at her, blinked stupidly, and said, “How’s that again?”

She stared at me wide-eyed, pursed her lips and said flatly, “Seriously. $1700.”

“How long is this operation going to take?” I asked.

“Just about an hour,” was the terse reply.

“$1700 for an hour’s work? I guess the doc needs a new, solid gold necklace, huh?”


I walked out of the office and never returned.

I then went back to my dentist and said that I wanted another option.

When I explained to him, in graphic detail and wonderfully colorful expletives, what had happened in Guido’s office, he told me that he could pull the tooth, and put a post in its place over which he could then put a new crown.

Price? $500.


Anti-aging Products: Do They Really Work?

Trying to turn back time, or at least the effects of time on the body, has been a fixation of ours for hundreds of years. We have walked on the moon, invented micro waves to cook our dinner, invented an artificial heart, cloned sheep and even survived the break up of the Beatles in the past forty years, yet the Fountain of Youth remains undiscovered.

We have tried in every way possible to create our own fountain of youth from creams, lotions, elixirs, pills and potions, but have any of these things worked? Is it really possible to stop or slow the aging process with any of the products on the market today?

So far, the closest we’ve come to masking the mark of time is cosmetic surgery. The Nip/Tuck field is a million dollar industry, but how long will artificial beauty actually fool the beholder?

After a certain age, there is no amount of nipping and tucking or botoxing that will disguise the 70 years one has been on the earth. It just looks scary to see a person with a 30 year old face and a 70 year old birth certificate.

Does anything short of surgery make a difference in the physical appearance of maturity?

The Boomer generation seems to be so youth crazed that our parents may well be the last generation to have aged gracefully. Now, all we want to do is stave off those crow’s feet and laugh lines and we won’t accept the sagging skin and wrinkles with diginity.

We will go down kicking and screaming and squirting Oil of Olay on our bodies until we breathe our last and then the mortician had better perform miracles for our last hurrah or we swear we’ll haunt him to the end of his days.

When you are slowly approaching the day that anti-aging products will rule your every waking hour, you’ll have to threw yourself into the research of such products to see for if there was any chance of slowing down the damage the years have done. Just like the top 10 melatonin Mzs of 2020, you have to carefully review and check the products that you are interested to try in your body.

So far I have come to the conclusion that it’s easier to take proactive measure to prevent premature aging than to stop or reverse the natural aging process.

One piece of advice that kept coming up over and over again was: protect your skin from the sun. The sun’s UV rays will cause all kinds of damage from premature eye lines to fatal cancers. A sun block with an SPF of 15 or higher is recommended.

Also in the area of natural preventatives, I ran into two more valuable pieces of advice:

Keep yourself hydrated. Some articles I read recommended the usual 8 glasses of water a day, some more or less and one cautioned to drink an extra 8 ounces of water for every 25 pounds over your ideal weight you carry. I say this: just drink as much water based liquid as you can stand to keep those cells plumped and avoid that sallow, sunken look.

Keep sugar out of your diet as much as possible. Sugar robs your body of necessary vitamins and minerals which you need to keep regenerating your cells.

Besides the fact that they are empty calories and may lead to obesity and tooth decay, excessive daily consumption produces a high acidic level in the body that requires so much calcium to rectify that it robs the bones and teeth leaving an inadequate supply to ensure the health of those structures.

I found two products that I like to recommend, however, I won’t promise that 20 years will drop off of your face the minute they are applied.

Using a daily moisturizer like Olay Active Hydrating Cream will help to keep your skin softer and smoother but when you stop using it, your skin will loose it’s plumped cells and lines will become more visible.

St. Ives makes a Mint Julep facial masque that reduces pores, smoothes and tightens the skin and evens out the color of your face, but of course tomorrow the whole process has to be re-performed to achieve the same effects.

The conclusion I have drawn from my research and trials is that the body needs to be taken care of from birth in order to retain it’s youthfulness into the golden years.

This includes eating natural, healthy foods, keeping hydrated, getting adequate exercise and rest and protecting the skin from the sun.

A moisturizing cream and a cleansing masque can’t hurt the fight for beauty but without costly and painful surgery, the body will age naturally and we can wear our age with grace and dignity and be the best person we can be for all the years we have on the planet. It’s cheaper, too.

Tips to Choose A Reliable Los Alamitos Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry has become more affordable than before. An increase in popularity has caused a great demand for skilled cosmetic dentists.

Cosmetic dentistry practitioners are still not given a special designation by the ADA [American Dental Association], choosing the right dentist is challenging.

Below are some tips that can help you find a reliable Los Alamitos cosmetic dentist to cater to your unique needs.


  • During their doctoral studies every one receives cosmetic dentistry training, but it is the preference of the dentist to pursue extra courses associated with cosmetic dental procedures and porcelain veneers.
  • Never hesitate to ask about their advanced training & experience.


  • Membership in relevant associations means the dentist is committed to cosmetics.
  • Volterra Dental Professionals are affiliated with the American Dental Association, American Academy of Facial Esthetics, California Dental Association, and the Harbor Dental Society.

Payment options

  • Cosmetic dentistry is not covered under insurance.
  • Check the payment options to get an estimate to be prepared.
  • Generally, major credit cards are accepted.


  • Multiple visits to the dental clinic are needed for cosmetic dental enhancements
  • Make sure the dentist’s office is at a convenient location from home or work.


  • What are the office hours?
  • Are these schedules suitable?

Time needed

  • How much time does it take for the dentist to complete your specific cosmetic treatment?
  • It helps to determine a way of handling all the schedules.

Technology & anesthesia

  • Cosmetic dentistry is consistently evolving, so they certainly work with state-of-art technology like chair-side monitors, digital X-rays, dental laser, and intraoral cameras.
  • Even ask about the kind of sedation or anesthesia offered.

Before and after pictures

  • Check the potential dental clinic’s online gallery, where they post the before & after pics.
  • You can get an idea of their skills.

Ask questions to make  you feel comfortable when you communicate with the dentist in the clinic.

Can Diarrhea Combat Degenerative Disease or cannot?

Not long ago there was an article on the Internet titled, “Diarrhea combats cancer.” The same can be true for diabetes, arthritis and almost any human affliction related to a toxic bowel and an inefficient digestive system. It works by cleansing the intestinal tract and reducing auto-intoxication.

As a visual example of how accumulations affect nutrient absorption take a clean dry sponge and place it flat in the palm of your hand. Add enough water to the surface of the sponge to thoroughly wet it. The water soaks through and moistens your hand. Second, since we don’t have years to slowly saturate the surface of a sponge as would be the result of eating a diet that contains lard, sugars, highly refined substances and items we conceive as food that really aren’t like sodas, artificial colors/flavorings, junk food and partially hydrogenated oils, you’ll need to take some lard or other greasy substance and cover the surface of another dry sponge. Now, put the same amount of water on the surface of the second sponge as you did on the first and see what happens. Unless the water runs over the edge, your hand stays dry.

That’s an extremely simplified example of how the digestive tract works. If the villi that line the inside of the intestines are coated with leftovers from last week’s meal and from years gone by, nutrients can’t be passed through the intestinal wall.

Nutrients are necessary for energy, disease fighting, anti-aging, tissue repair, mental cognition, bone density, lowering blood pressure, a healthy heart, the list is endless. The movement of the body parts can be controlled through the megaspore probiotic. There will be no irritation in the stomach after consuming the supplements. 

It wouldn’t be healthful to promote diarrhea but it can be helpful for cleaning the digestive system, especially if we suffer from diabetes or other diseases. According to the American Medical News 85;5:31, 60 to 75% of all hospitalizations are digestive system related and as many as 58% of all patients hospitalized in the US are malnourished.

Antibiotics kill good intestinal flora along with the bad, unless we become antibiotic resistant from overuse, then antibiotics kill most of the good and leave most of the bad. We can reestablish good intestinal flora by taking a high quality probiotic. PB8 and Flora Source are the two we’ve found to be the most complete. One friend who I suggested probiotics to said it remedied his lifelong irritable bowel syndrome problem. I’m not connected with any pill manufacturer.

Unless we eat a diet that is approximately 75% raw food, we deplete our bank account of enzymes. Enzymes do a myriad of bodily functions. Digestive enzymes help to breakdown the food we ingest. If taken between meals digestive enzymes become scavengers and help clean up the debris. Various research projects have indicated that digestive enzymes taken between meals can reduce the risk of cancer. If you’re saying, “I’m not interested in taking another pill” it’s possible that taking a digestive enzyme will allow you to take fewer pills by increasing your efficiency to better assimilate nutrients. Pancreatic (digestive) enzymes assist the pancreas in the duties it performs. One of those duties is insulin production. If we assist the pancreas it seems logical that it would be more efficient concerning diabetes. Other pancreatic functions include warding off invaders and helping the immune system fight mutant cells (cancer).

Anytime we hear the word “essential” used with nutrients, fatty acids, etc. it means the item is something that our body can’t produce. We need essential fatty acids (EFA’s). Flaxseed and psyllium seed are good sources of EFA’s. Flaxseed and psyllium seed provide bulk and the ground up hulls act like little scrubbers to help clean the intestinal tract. Most information we see concerning flaxseed is flaxseed oil. All oils go rancid quickly and don’t promote bulk. Freshly ground flaxseed is far cheaper and doesn’t go rancid if used the same day. David Jenkins a researcher at the University of Toronto found ground psyllium seed can reduce the postmeal rise of blood sugar in diabetics by one-half. Flaxseed has a nutty taste and is my preference. I mix it into my breakfast. If you use either flax or psyllium you’ll need to increase your water intake, which is what most of us need to do anyway.

Where To Go For Help If You’re HIV Positive In Los Angeles Or Know Somebody Who Is

A few years ago, I lived in Los Angeles and worked for an AIDS organization in Santa Monica. Los Angeles has a large HIV/AIDS infected population, with more than 10,000 men, women and children living with AIDS in the LA area. LA also has a large homeless population, many of whom are HIV positive because of drug use and unprotected sex. If you live in Los Angeles and are HIV positive, have been diagnosed with AIDS or even just want to get a free AIDS test because you’re not sure your HIV status, where do you go?

You can read more about this dating site that enables HIV positive people to mingle with each other. They can share their stories and get together and start a new life. It is a really good initiative that lets people to share their sufferings and life experiences.

Here are some of the best AIDS organizations in Los Angeles, with the services they provide. During the five years I was in LA, I worked with most of them, either through the agency I worked for or as a volunteer. They are all great organizations, with dedicated staff who are there to help anyone affected by HIV/AIDS.

Common Ground – The Westside HIV Community Center. This used to be known as Santa Monica AIDS Project, and was the organization I worked at for more than 2 years. Based in Santa Monica, Common Ground does a lot of work with the homeless population of Los Angeles. They have a food bank, client services, counseling services, a client lounge where people with HIV can go and meet others. They also provide free and anonymous HIV testing, dental and medical services, and emergency motel and food vouchers. They specifically target Los Angeles’ huge youth homeless population by providing services to homeless youth 12 to 25 years of age. They do great work in area schools, talking to kids about HIV prevention, and even give away free condoms and clean needles every week on street corners in LA county. 2012 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica – 310 314-5480

Project Angel Food. This is one of my favorite AIDS organizations in Los Angeles. They provide free, nutritious meals to people who are HIV positive, have AIDS or other serious illnesses. Having healthy meals can literally be the difference between life and death and, for those people who are seriously ill, they often don’t have energy to cook so either don’t eat anything at all or eat junk food. Project Angel Food delivers free healthy meals and even brings a gift for birthdays or special occasions. If you are sick and would love someone to bring you food every day, contact them at 922 Vine Street, Los Angeles – 323 845-1800

Women at Risk is a non-profit organization for women who are HIV positive. They give emotional and educational services in the form of one on one peer counseling, support groups, childcare services, hospital visitation, and prevention education. As the number of women who are HIV positive is increasing in Los Angeles and worldwide, Women at Risk provide a valuable service. For more information – 5183 Overland Avenue, Suite B, Culver City- 310 204-1046

AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) is the largest AIDS organization in LA. They publish AIDS prevention literature, have a Speakers Bureau, offer free HIV testing, they run free food pantries, offer counseling services, case management services, free transportation to medical appointments, and even free and sliding-scale dental services. They also collaborate with AIDS organizations in India, China, Central America and South Africa, helping with services such as nutrition, counseling, HIV testing and more. APLA’s main office is at The David Geffen Center, 611 South Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles – 213 201-1600

Being Alive, West Hollywood works on a lot of issues concerning public advocacy for AIDS. They lobby local and national governments about AIDS issues and work towards getting laws passed that are beneficial to those with HIV/AIDS. They also have a Speakers Bureau, counseling services, massage, yoga, hypnotherapy, chiropractic, and reiki – all used to help people living with HIV/AIDS improve their health in a holistic manner. Another important service they offer are social events. Many people with HIV/AIDS find it difficult to go out and meet people, as they’re afraid of their HIV status being discovered, so they tend to be reclusive and isolated. Being Alive runs a weekly Meet and Greet , field trips, lunches, dinners, trips to the bowling alley, to the beach and numerous other places – all designed to get HIV positive people out of the house and into society. If you need any of their services, or have friends who do, contact them at 621 North San Vicente Boulevard

West Hollywood – 310 289-2551.

There are many AIDS organizations in Los Angeles, these are just a few of the best ones. Don’t forget, if you are HIV positive or know somebody who is, make sure you or your friend get out of the house and sign up with some of these organizations. Having a social life, getting good nutritional food, counseling services, medical and dental help can seriously be the difference between living with HIV healthy or dying with HIV. All these agencies also have some awesome volunteer opportunities, if you feel like you want to work with people with HIV/AIDS and make a difference. AIDS is not a death sentence and all these organizations will help you or somebody you love live well with it.


How To Use The Electric Shaver And The Top 10 Electrical Shavers For Your Sensitive Skin

Maintaining hygiene is a very important thing for us but in today’s fast-paced life this is not easy to give a lot of time to your grooming but that modern problem is solved by a modern solution, the Electrical shavers which make daily shaving much faster and safe for us.

How to Use an Electric shaver to your sensitive skin

While shaving a sensitive area we really need to be very careful as this could be very painful just because of one mistake. Just take care of these before shaving with an electric shaver.

  • Use a suitable electric shaver, an electric which is gentle on your skin doesn’t get heat would be a good option.
  • Always replace dull blades and worn foils. After some use blades become dull and because of that foil will wear out and you have to use more pressure and strokes which will result in razor burn.
  • Lubricate the foils and the blades as this will reduce the heat and will also increase the life of the blade.
  • Make sure that batteries are fully charged because some razors can’t maintain peak power when the batteries are not properly charged this can cause hair pulling and force you to do more passes for a clean-shaved face leading to discomfort and irritation.

The Ten Best Trimmers For You

Choosing the best shaver is a very hard choice to make and also very important for your sensitive skin. barttrimmer is a good choice too but for your preferences Here are the 10 best electric shavers you should prefer for your sensitive skin.

  • Braun Series 9 9290cc
  • Philips Norelco 7500
  • Braun Series 7 790cc
  • Panasonic ES-LV65-S Arc5
  • Wahl 5-Star Series
  • Braun Series 7 7865cc
  • Philips Norelco 9700
  • Braun ProSkin 3040s
  • Braun Series 5 5190cc
  • Philips Norelco 4500.