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Diabetes: Too Scared to Die, Too Hungry to Stop Eating

As an overweight man there has always been one word in the back of my mind. It haunts my past, it looms in my future, and it affects millions of people every year. That word is Diabetes. In High School, I knew a few friends who were diabetic, but it never occurred to me that I could too someday face the world of Diabetes. To me, it was just a disease you were born with or inherited from your parents. Little did I know that my daily actions were actually pushing me onto the fast track for a diabetic diagnosis. So when you hear the word diabetes, what do you think of? Let take a look at what it really means to be diabetic.

Diabetes is a disease that causes your body not to produce enough insulin, as well as not effectively use the insulin your body does produce. So what exactly is insulin and why is it so important? Put simply, insulin is a necessary hormone that helps process and converts the things we eat into energy. Without that energy, we no longer are able to function, and our bodies slowly shut down. Diabetes can also cause a host of other disorders and can even cause death if not treated.

So how does someone get Diabetes? Unlike the common cold or the flu virus, diabetes is not some sort of contagious disease that you can catch from another person or an animal. There is some debate on the exact cause of diabetes, but most believe its cause is a mixture of genetics and environmental factors. What exactly are the environmental factors associated with diabetes? Well, the largest environmental factor is diet and your level of fitness making it really important that you switch your eating habits, for instance, you can try Low carb taco bell when it comes to snacks. This is why this disease has been a looming factor in my life for years now. Studies have shown that obesity is one of the number one causes of diabetes, so it’s no wonder then that cases of diabetes in America have skyrocketed at an equal rate to obesity statistics.

Diabetes has far exceeded epidemic status. Currently, in the United States, there are an estimated 20.8 million children and adults living with Diabetes (American Diabetic Association). That’s roughly about 7% of the population. Diabetes is prejudice to no race, religion, age, or social status. It can literally affect anyone, so it’s important for all of us to take the necessary steps to help prevent its occurrence in our lives.

So how can you lower your chances of diabetes? What if you already have been diagnosed as diabetic or pre-diabetic, is there a cure? I actually was diagnosed a year and a half ago as pre-diabetic. Trust me it was a wake-up call. I was so scared to die but too hungry to stop eating. Eventually, my fear overcame my hunger and I slowly worked my way into an exercising routine. Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? Yes. A year and a half later I am 70 pounds lighter. Not only am I no longer pre-diabetic, but I also have dropped my cholesterol levels, my blood pressure, and I can shop for clothes in normal clothing stores. Diabetes is a scary word to face, but with the right diet and an active lifestyle, diabetes will stay at bay and the host of other benefits will truly help you live a much happier and healthier life.

Fitness in My Life

Being Overweight and How It Made Me Feel

As a teenager, my life was pretty good except for one thing that killed me… that was my weight. I was not huge, I was about ten pounds overweight or less, but it made me so self-conscious. I was sick of being called “chunky” and my brother’s favorite name for me “blubber-gut.” These names made me change my lifestyle for the better and they only made me a tad bit stronger mentally. In the following paragraphs, I will give an in-depth look at what I do to stay in shape and keep some weight off.

Weekend Workout Routine

So on the weekends, I get up and typically head right to the kitchen for some good ole’ breakfast. Breakfast for me is the most important meal of the day and is usually my biggest meal. I eat a decent amount at breakfast because I have all Sunday to burn those calories and carbs off. I usually have for breakfast two pieces of Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Bread with some butter on top, a bowl of Quacker Oats Oatmeal, and a cup of coffee with cream and sugar. My breakfast rounds off at about 900 to 1,000 calories, but I burn a lot of that off so it is fine by me. After, eating I go for a walk around my neighborhood which is about a 1.5 to 2-mile walk and that takes me a good 40 minutes to an hour. After walking, I relax for a half hour or so and re-hydrate which is very important for your body. Later on, I go on an intense four-mile or so bike ride. I typically ride on the road until I get to my local hiking trails where I hike for some of the trails and ride the other parts. After doing my bike ride I either do some other cardio workouts like sprinting and running on my treadmill or I lift 40-pound weights ( I do about 120 repetitions.) Then to top off my weekend at night I do the same walking route I did earlier in the day. I then shower and head off to bed. Sleep is vastly important for your workouts because it lets your muscles and body recover.

Weekday Workout Routine

During the week, like most Americans, I find it hard to work out. So I generally come home and will relax for about an hour and then I will either go on a two to four-mile bike ride or lift weights for forty minutes in my basement. This typically varies on the day. So to say on Monday I will go bike riding then on Tuesday I will lift weights. During the week it is typically a good idea to eat fewer calories than on the weekends because most people get less exercise like me, but if your job is physically demanding then you can eat the same amount. That is basically all I do during the week.

As I followed my diet and workout plan religiously I was able to achieve my dream of a good physique. Now I am a sponsored athlete I can focus on my health much more than that. You can take inspiration from my journey and set a goal for yourself as well. 

Helpful Tips And Tricks For Success

One important thing after working out is staying hydrated, so make sure you drink plenty of water. I also drink homemade protein shakes after working out so that my muscles get the protein they need to repair themselves and so I bulk up instead of losing muscle. Just make sure you stick with your exercise regime and do not give up. It is alright to have a cheat day every so often. So do not feel bad if you overeat or have a candy bar every so often.

Everything you need to know about Parkinson’s disease

There are so many disorders are available, and Parkinson is one of them that is considered as nervous system disorder that is creating a negative effect on life. Such disorder is causing the stiffness. If you are suffering from such disease, then your speech will surely become slurred and slow. It is the worst disease that is creating a negative impact on health. In order to get rid of Parkinson’s disease, then you will have to consider a genuine surgery that will eradicate such disease from life. There are some medicines that will help you in improving the symptoms.

Eldepryl tablets and syrup contain the active ingredient that will able to eradicate the Parkinson’s disease from the life. It is the worst disease that will surely slow the movement. If you want to get rid of Parkinson’s disease, then you should consider the forthcoming essential points carefully.

  • Tremors

According to the professionals, if you are suffering from the Parkinson’s, then you will surely experience the stiffness in limbs. Such disease is completely marked with tremors. You will find a lot of Parkinson patients are suffering from the depression related issue. 

  • Standard diagnose

The majority of the doctors are facing a lot of difficult problems while diagnosing such disorders. There isn’t a standard diagnostic test for such disease. Physicians totally depend on the neurological exam. 

  • Cure

It would be quite difficult to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease. There are some medications that are available that will surely treat the symptoms of Parkinson. All you need to opt for a combo drug that will eradicate the Parkinson disease from life.

Conclusive words

Finally, if you are suffering from Parkinson’s disorder, then it is your responsibility to invest money in the much-recommended medicine. 

Hemp Oil Vs. CBD Oil

This year marks a very important phase for the cannabis industry. We all know how CBD oil is becoming more and more popular these days.

And the reason for the latter is pretty obvious. It helps people with their illnesses. Apart from that, it is also much healthier compared to good old cannabis smoking. 

In this article, however, we are going to tackle an imperative aspect of the cannabis industry. We are going to cite the differences between hemp oil and CBD oil. 

What Is CBD Oil?

Despite the popularity of CBD oil, not everyone really knows what it is scientifically speaking. One misunderstanding most people have about CBD is that they think that it can only be gotten from Marijuana. CBD actually has two sources: one is Marijuana and the other one is hemp. 

What Is Hemp?

If that’s the truth about CBD then what is Hemp? Hemp and Marijuana are not that far off. Both of them are actually cannabis plants. It’s just that hemp is of a different variety.

Most of the time, you will hear people using hemp oil to refer to the CBD-rich product found in Marijuana. Scientifically speaking, however, it actually pertains to hemp seed oil. The difference is that the latter has zero CBD substances. 

One thing you need to know is that hemp seed oil is not the same as CBD oil. They are nowhere near the same. However, leaves and stems of the hemp flower is one of the sources of CBD oil. 

With that, if you want good quality CBD oil, it would be a wise approach to look into the quality of hemp plant leaves and stems which the CBD oil was derived from. One good source would be CBDistillery. There, you can get the best cbd oil for pain or whatever cure you want it for. As a matter of fact, if you head to their website, you might even get Cbdistillery coupon code but you better hurry up!

Everything You Need to Know about Tramadol

What it Tramadol?

Basically, tramadol is a medicine mainly used to relieve pain and can also be used in providing treatment for moderate to severe body pain. While some medical experts are not yet sure how this medicine works in our body, some research and studies state that Tramadol and the metabolite that it contains bind to mu receptors in our central nervous system. This means that this medicine increases our norepinephrine and serotonin, which are the two neurotransmitters in our nerve synapse.  Tramadol can be classified under the group of drugs known as narcotic analgesics.

Benefits and Side Effects

Just like any other medicines that we take, Tramadol has both positive and negative impact on our health and body. Generally, this medicine is used for the treatment of moderate to severe body pain caused by several and different diseases like osteoarthritis, cancer, and other diseases in our musculoskeletal. Tramadol is also commonly used or prescribed by doctors after surgery. Some of the downsides of side effects of taking this medicine include headache, dizziness, nausea, joint pains, vomiting, sweating, and an itchy skin. Lastly, this medicine may also cause drug dependence or addiction.


If your doctor prescribes you with this medicine, it is important that you are aware of some of the important facts about Tramadol. First, tramadol can be taken without or with food. This medicine may make you sleepy and influence your ability to operate or drive machinery. If you are taking this medicine, it is advisable to refrain from driving or doing hazardous tasks. You should also avoid alcohol because it may boost the side effects of tramadol. Lastly, you should be able to tell your doctor about your historical medical condition and your allergies so he or she can evaluate if Tramadol is right for you.

Can Diarrhea Combat Degenerative Disease or cannot?

Not long ago there was an article on the Internet titled, “Diarrhea combats cancer.” The same can be true for diabetes, arthritis and almost any human affliction related to a toxic bowel and an inefficient digestive system. It works by cleansing the intestinal tract and reducing auto-intoxication.

As a visual example of how accumulations affect nutrient absorption take a clean dry sponge and place it flat in the palm of your hand. Add enough water to the surface of the sponge to thoroughly wet it. The water soaks through and moistens your hand. Second, since we don’t have years to slowly saturate the surface of a sponge as would be the result of eating a diet that contains lard, sugars, highly refined substances and items we conceive as food that really aren’t like sodas, artificial colors/flavorings, junk food and partially hydrogenated oils, you’ll need to take some lard or other greasy substance and cover the surface of another dry sponge. Now, put the same amount of water on the surface of the second sponge as you did on the first and see what happens. Unless the water runs over the edge, your hand stays dry.

That’s an extremely simplified example of how the digestive tract works. If the villi that line the inside of the intestines are coated with leftovers from last week’s meal and from years gone by, nutrients can’t be passed through the intestinal wall.

Nutrients are necessary for energy, disease fighting, anti-aging, tissue repair, mental cognition, bone density, lowering blood pressure, a healthy heart, the list is endless. The movement of the body parts can be controlled through the megaspore probiotic. There will be no irritation in the stomach after consuming the supplements. 

It wouldn’t be healthful to promote diarrhea but it can be helpful for cleaning the digestive system, especially if we suffer from diabetes or other diseases. According to the American Medical News 85;5:31, 60 to 75% of all hospitalizations are digestive system related and as many as 58% of all patients hospitalized in the US are malnourished.

Antibiotics kill good intestinal flora along with the bad, unless we become antibiotic resistant from overuse, then antibiotics kill most of the good and leave most of the bad. We can reestablish good intestinal flora by taking a high quality probiotic. PB8 and Flora Source are the two we’ve found to be the most complete. One friend who I suggested probiotics to said it remedied his lifelong irritable bowel syndrome problem. I’m not connected with any pill manufacturer.

Unless we eat a diet that is approximately 75% raw food, we deplete our bank account of enzymes. Enzymes do a myriad of bodily functions. Digestive enzymes help to breakdown the food we ingest. If taken between meals digestive enzymes become scavengers and help clean up the debris. Various research projects have indicated that digestive enzymes taken between meals can reduce the risk of cancer. If you’re saying, “I’m not interested in taking another pill” it’s possible that taking a digestive enzyme will allow you to take fewer pills by increasing your efficiency to better assimilate nutrients. Pancreatic (digestive) enzymes assist the pancreas in the duties it performs. One of those duties is insulin production. If we assist the pancreas it seems logical that it would be more efficient concerning diabetes. Other pancreatic functions include warding off invaders and helping the immune system fight mutant cells (cancer).

Anytime we hear the word “essential” used with nutrients, fatty acids, etc. it means the item is something that our body can’t produce. We need essential fatty acids (EFA’s). Flaxseed and psyllium seed are good sources of EFA’s. Flaxseed and psyllium seed provide bulk and the ground up hulls act like little scrubbers to help clean the intestinal tract. Most information we see concerning flaxseed is flaxseed oil. All oils go rancid quickly and don’t promote bulk. Freshly ground flaxseed is far cheaper and doesn’t go rancid if used the same day. David Jenkins a researcher at the University of Toronto found ground psyllium seed can reduce the postmeal rise of blood sugar in diabetics by one-half. Flaxseed has a nutty taste and is my preference. I mix it into my breakfast. If you use either flax or psyllium you’ll need to increase your water intake, which is what most of us need to do anyway.