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Removing a Dust Mite Infestation

The waste products from dust mites, when inhaled, can trigger an allergic reaction. Dust mites don’t usually bite people but they leave behind feces wherever they travel, which can cause an allergic reaction (similar to red bite marks) when it comes in contact with your skin. Dust mites can survive all year long in warm and humid environments, even your office couch cushions and sleeping bags.

Thorough, frequent cleanings are necessary to remove traces of dust mites and their eggs. As they feed on skin, and most dust is a combination of human skin, dusting is very important. Dust with a damp cloth or one sprayed with furniture polish to help capture the dust. Using a dry cloth or feather duster is a waste of time as it just moves the dust into the air where it will settle on the ground or furniture.

Use a vacuum with HEPA filters and clean your air with a portable high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter to help reduce these airborne allergens. Placing the air cleaner in your bedroom or the bedroom of the person most affected by the dust mites will help relieve symptoms, which can include runny nose, watering eyes, puffy eyes and nasal congestion. If your symptoms are year around and not seasonal, you will benefit from an air filter system in your room. Dirt and dust will be removed from every place in the house. There will be no mistake in the work done through professional house managers. Proper monitoring of the work will be done through the person at the work of професионален домоуправител в софия.

As dust mites thrive in moist humid areas, keeping indoor humidity low can control them. Consider using a dehumidifier if the sleeping area is damp, such as along the coast or in a basement. Many dehumidifiers also filter the air of particles, so make sure you have a good filter and change it often.

Wash your linens and bed covering in hot water (130 degrees) and dry in a hot dryer. Then, before you put the sheets back on, purchase hypoallergenic covers to encase the pillows, mattresses and box spring, which will reduce repeat exposure. It is also recommended to vacuum your mattress and box spring before encasing them in covers.

Not all covers are made of noisy plastic; check Target and Wal-mart for hypoallergenic bedding and bedding covers. Read the care instructions on the covers. Remember, you will need to wash the covers periodically to remove your skin cells from the cover; otherwise you risk the dust mites moving into your covers all over again.

After a complete cleaning and vacuuming, you should notice relief within days. If your allergies are still keeping you congested and miserable, it is time to visit an allergist. They can preform a series of test which can identify your particular allergens. As 80% of all allergy sufferers are sensitive to dust mites, the steps stated above may be all you need to get the relief you are seeking.

How to Build a Chicken Coop for profitable enterprise

Raising chickens can be a profitable and fulfilling enterprise – as long as you have proper housing for your chickens. One of the important things to learn about how to build a chicken coop is what the chickens need to be content and happy. Of course, they need feed since that is one of the primary thoughts on their minds, but the interior of the coop must accommodate their other needs.

Although chickens are different from other wild fowl, they still need to roost off the ground. You will need to build a rack for them to sit on while they sleep.

Things You’ll Need:

  • 8-foot 2″ x 4″ boards
  • 1″ x 4″ boards
  • 1″ x 6″ boards
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Plywood
  • Hay or straw

Step 1

Attach a horizontal rail to the back wall of the coop about 5 feet above the ground using a 2 x 4. You will need to leave about 4 feet at one end for Steps 4 through 7. In an 8 x 12 foot chicken coop, your rack will be about 8 feet long.

Step 2

Cut pressure treated 2 x 4’s to attach to the rail and sit on the ground approximately 5 to 6 feet from the back wall. In essence, you are forming a triangle. You will need four 8′ 2 x 4’s for this. Place one at each end and equally space the other two between them. You will need to cut both ends to fit, one to the ground, and the other to the rail.

Step 3

Attach 1 x 4’s across the 2 x 4’s to give the chickens a place to perch. Six of these should be sufficient, spaced about a foot apart. This gives you enough spots for over 40 chickens.

Hens need a place to lay their eggs and they will seek a soft, comfortable spot anywhere they can find one. If you don’t build a place for their laying, you will find eggs all over the floor of the coop and in the yard. The next step in how to build a chicken coop is the laying shelf.

Step 4

At the end of the coop that you left open, build a 2 x 4 frame that is the depth of the coop and about 2 feet off the ground. It can be 16″ to 24″ wide based on your preference. Add 2 x 4’s between the front and rear rails for bracing.

Step 5

You will need two legs to support the front rail. The back and one end will be attached to the framework of the coop itself, so put one at the end and one in the middle.

Step 6

Attach a piece of plywood or OSB to the top of the frame and band around the top to form a holding area. You can do this by using a 1 x 4 at the back and the end that is attached to the coop wall; then, use a 1 x 6 at the front and other end, aligning the top with the 1 x 4’s and nailing the bottom edge into the framework of the shelf.

Step 7

Loosely fill the area within the band with hay or straw. If there are no other places in the coop or pen that are comfortable in comparison, the chickens should immediately begin to lay their eggs there.

If the time comes when the laying area doesn’t accommodate the layers, you can go above this shelf about two feet and build another. The thp home builders will make the throwing of the party entertaining and interesting. The coloring of the floor will match with the theme of the party. The chicken coop will meet the requirements of the person. 

How to build a chicken coop depends on varying factors, but this should more than serve the needs of your egg layers. Good luck to you!

Garage Door Services- Keep Safe And Secure

Whenever you are shifting house and require moving your household items from one place to another, you will call the best movers and shakers in town for the job at which they are quite good.

There are many things that you need to look after while doing so as not all the employees have been found to be reliable in the recent times and resort to thievery and pilfer random items from here and there the moment they get an opportunity to do so.

One cannot be too careful before hiring anyone for house shifting as despite exercising care and caution unscrupulous elements are always one step ahead in thinking and are careful in their tracks.

Same goes for garage door services as you would need them to install a door for the garage and even they don’t think twice before resorting to such cheap antics of stealing from their customer’s house.

How to Deal

It is quite difficult to trust anybody nowadays and therefore, you will find many people who are hesitant to call outsiders for fixing things right in the house but telling apart genuine people from fake ones is not that hard a task.

All it requires is alertness and a presence of mind when you are in doubts about the people you have hired.

Therefore, do ask the following questions to the people who have come from garage door services:

  • Enquire about their jobs and their previous experiences regarding the fixing of garage doors
  • Try checking their details and verify them at the office where they work after interrogation
  • Ask some garage door tips to any of them and how strong it is for the garage
  • Ask them about R-values which is a number that describes how energy efficient is the door
  • Ask them about the company policy and whether they follow the rules and regulations

Everything you need to know about capped composite decking!!!

The popularity of the capped composite material is on its hype because it will able to mimic complete look of the wood. It is one of the great materials that don’t require any maintenance. It is relatively better that is completely better than traditional composite wood where you don’t have to invest a penny on the maintenance related tasks. It is associated with durable polymer protective shell. Make sure that you are investing money in the genuine composite decking that will last for so many years. One should invest money in the capped composite decking that will surely able to prevent the mold and mildew as well.  

Majority of the folks are investing money in the capped composites that is hard and thick shell. It is considered as reliable product that is offering considerable amount of benefits to the users. In order to know more related to the capped composite decking then one should read the forthcoming essential points carefully. 

  • Durable option  

Composite decking is reliable product that comes with at least 25 year warranty./ It is fairly reliable product where a person can avail the guaranty from the stains, swelling, warping and other things. Majority of the folks are investing money in such fantastic durable material that will last for so many years. 

  • Reliable option 

Majority of the companies are out there that is offering the two types of composites. Make sure that you are buying the composite according to the budget and taste as well. If you are looking for the best decking in the budget then composite would be reliable option for you. 

Moreover,  if you are searching for the best decking then one should invest money in the capped composite that is better than others. 

My Take: Using Bleach to Kill Dangerous Mold

Kim Ray’s articles on “How To” are excellent. I love reading her common good sense suggestions. One example is Homemade Spray-On Daily Shower Cleaner. In particular Kim mentions the old stand-by bleach to rid showers of scum and soap residue for the shower area. She also has some great recipes for a spray-on daily cleaner using hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, liquid detergent and dishwasher detergent. Please look at her article for the exact ingredients.

The area I would like to add my two cents is the use of common products to prevent mold spores. During the winter months in cold climates as the one I live in my allergies go ballistic. In part the reason is dust within the heat air ducts which can be remedied at the rate of $35 per duct with the average mid-size house having about nine, so I am told by a professional cleaning company.

The other treatment for the house is to replace old air filters regularly. The replacement of an old dirty filter not only helps in reducing airborne dust and allergens it also saves you money in heating costs. There are various types of filters on the market, but I use the brand 3M. The new “Filtrete” is an electrostatically charged filter that captures airborne allergens, pet dander and mold spores more effectively than the standard fiberglass filters.

According to Healthlink a service of the Medical College of the University of Wisconsin, mold allergies are abundant both at home and in the work place. Fundamentally mold spores are very tiny, but their impact on sensitive individuals can be devastating. Not only the inconvenience of runny nose, red eyes, and irritability, but really debilitating illness. See http://healthlink.mcw.edu/article/926104064.html

According to Healthlink, the home “hot spots” are shower stalls, basements, refrigerator drip trays, foam pillows, air conditioners, humidifiers and places where food is stored.

At work, bakeries, breweries, barns, dairies, and greenhouses are prime work spots for mold. Some furniture res upholster is particularly vulnerable to contamination by mold.

The untreated contamination of mold in human beings can bring about permanent lung damage in some individuals. Thus the Healthlink author suggests prevention. Simple allergy shots and over the counter allergy medicine just simply does not work.

Which brings me back to our CP Kim Ray and her great articles on home cleaning. Bleach is the most effective means of killing mold in the bathroom and every place mentioned by Healthlink for being hot spots. The fantastic thing is the remedy Kim suggests is dirt cheap or maybe mold-cheap.

The cost of a gallon of bleach at any discount house is approximately $1. If you want scented, I recently purchased an orange scented bleach at Wal Mart gallon size for $1.19. This old fashioned product is the safest and the cheapest agent against mold available. Like anything, if you are working in a confined place, open a window or turn on a fan to dissipate the fumes of bleach. I have found that even the scented variety has a bleach aroma.

Mold exists in humid climate more frequently than in dry, arrid climates. States like Texas and Florida have had limitations on their ability to carry adequate home owners insurance for mold. The cost to de-mold a home can be in the thousands of dollars. Mold can occur in any state, and it appears the best approach is to try and abate the problem before it gets started, if possible.

Hip, Hip Hoorah for Kim Ray. Just a little time and a little change can make all the difference. In order to get these professional services in New Jersey area you should be visiting mold inspection new jersey without wasting any of your time. This way you get the best consultations and can save yourself some money.

Factors to Keep in Mind while Buying Cowhide Rugs today

When you want to buy cowhide rug canada, you shouldn’t focus on price alone. Instead, you must consider other factors to find one that fits your home. Make sure it won’t look odd in a room or area, and that it matches the colors and designs around. Cowhide rugs are great in making a room look fabulous, but use an unsuitable design and you’ll end up with big pricy regrets.

Here’s how to choose a Cowhide Rug you must buy for your Home

  1. Size – there are many sizes of cowhide rugs today. They usually range from small, medium to large, but some sold depending on square-foot are also available. Whatever you’d pick, be sure to measure the room where you ought to place the cowhide rug. You don’t wish it to be too small or too large for the floor.
  2. Shape – cowhide rugs aren’t your typical rugs or carpet. Yes, some come in regular shapes, such as in symmetrical forms. But commonly, these rugs have irregular shapes depending on its source cow. Be sure its shape fits the theme of your home, and is suitable for the floor of the room.
  3. Color – cowhide rugs come in different color options. You can buy tan, brown, white, black or metallic themes. So, be sure to pick one that fits the colors of the room. You don’t want the rug to appear like a sore thumb.
  4. Design – as you notice, cowhide rugs come in many designs and patterns too. Some has zebra or tiger markings, while others have conventional shape patterns. Others even have simple plain design without any markings. Same with color and shape, be sure it fits your purpose and the area where you’re planning to place it.

Consider these factors with your preferences and needs to find the best cowhide rugs that fits your home. Find a quality one from a reputable seller, then buy which price you can afford.

Guide in Efficiently Installing Carpet by Your Own

Are you a do it yourself person? If you are a then I have good news for you, it’s not as hard as you might think to install your own carpet. Installing your own Carpet is easier said than done but still doable by any means. A lot of people install carpet because they have no other options for flooring in a particular room. For example someone may be remodeling their basement and would like to put in hardwood floors, but because of an uneven concrete floor they decide to go with carpet instead. Personally I like carpet in certain areas better than others. For example, carpet feels much more comfortable than hardwood floors if the room is intended to be bed room.

Thing is, you must find the best carpet and rug cleaning machines for upkeeps. That would keep your carpet clean and nice, and make it last longer too. That’s when you must proceed with the installation.

The first thing you want to do is clean the floor, you don’t have to eat off of it but there shouldn’t be any major dirt left over. Now you need to install some nail board or tacking strip around the perimeter of the entire room. Tacking strips are fairly easy to install, just make sure you leave about an inch and a half between it and the wall. Next you decide what type of patting you would like to put underneath a carpet. I would recommend a practical middleweight padding, nothing to strong but thick enough to give your feet some support. There are two ways to secure the padding to the floor; if it’s a concrete floor I recommend glue, if however the floor is made of wood I would suggest using staples. Now you can finally install your carpet. If it’s possible, I recommend keeping it all one big piece that way you won’t have any seams to connect. Now apply some carpet glue onto the clean floor in between your installed tacking strip and the wall. Take longest carpet edge and slid it overtop your tacking strip while firmly pressing down against the glue. Pulling up back on the carpet against the tacking strip should grip the tacking trip onto the edge of your carpet. At this point the edge of your carpet should be glued and the tacking strip should have gripped the carpets edge. While keeping your installed side tight, did the same to the opposite side. Make sure to tacking strip grips both edges of the carpet properly from both sides of the room. Repeat this process on every wall until your carpet is completely installed. Make sure that all the sides and especially the corners of the room are firmly attached. If done properly you should have no air bubbles underneath your freshly installed carpet. Allow your carpet glue to dry overnight then install the room’s furniture on top. See that wasn’t so hard now was it, hopefully this article to help your home installation of your brand new carpet.

Essential Guide for Cleaning your Garage Area

Cleaning out the garage can be a daunting task. Using a systematic approach (and giving yourself a few pep talks along the way) can make even the most unpleasant household chore more tolerable, You may need a heavy-duty rowenta staubsauger to do the job as well. so here are some tips to help you clean your garage.

  1. Prepare yourself. It’s a big job, so set aside enough time to get it done. Plan on taking it easy the next day- you’re likely to have sore muscles! You’re likely to be too tired to cook and wash dishes after a day of garage cleaning, so plan on pizza delivery or a Burger King run for dinner.
  2. Enlist the help of your family. The big question wit a messy garage is “How did it get this way?” The most common answer in any family is “He did it!”, followed by the second most common answer: “It’s her fault.” Basically, ‘you all’ helped mess it up, so you’re all helping to clean it up. If everyone pitches in to help clean it up, they’ll be less likely to mess it up in the future.
  3. Break it down in to small steps. Rather than become discouraged and give up before it’s done, set small goals. Think about what needs to be done and how much you can realistically accomplish in a certain time period. You may find it’s best to spread cleaning the garage out over a couple weekends. Other people will want to barrel through it as quickly as possible. No matter what your style is, breaking the task into steps is the most efficient way to accomplish anything.
  4. Gather your supplies before you start. You’re going to need a broom and dustpan, plenty of garbage bags, and storage containers. Gather everything ahead of time so that when the big clean-out day comes, you’ll be ready to get to work!
  5. Psych up! Sometimes we become a little too attached to our material possessions. Take a deep breath- there’s a good chance that you’re going to need to throw some things away! Mentally prepare yourself to haul things out to the curb, or at the very least start a pile of things whose status is questionable. Avoid simply moving your stuff from this side to that side. And avoid thinking that you’re going to fix something that’s been broken for more than two years.
  6. A place for everything and everything in its place. An old adage that makes a lot of sense in garage cleaning. This is an organizational skill that takes a little pre-planning and a little trial and error. Start by putting what you use most in an easily accessible place. You’ll find that this common-sense mindset is very helpful when it comes to organizing.
  7. Group like with like. Instead of having ‘everything’ strewn all over, designate a space for the tools and a place for the toys. There’s no reason for the hammers to be on one side of the garage and the screwdrivers to be on the other. Even if it seems easier to set it up that way initially, it’ll cost you a lot of time in the future.
  8. Make effective use of all your space. Hang peg board on the walls as a place to store flat items. If you have an older house, lay plywood over the rafters to make your own storage loft. You can also build or buy an overhead storage unit. All these ideas will keep your stuff nicely organized without taking up precious floor space.
  9. Don’t block the doors. It might seem like common sense, but I write that because my husband actually did that!
  10. Keep it clean! Cleaning the garage can become a monumental task if you let the mess in your garage get out of control. To avoid being overwhelmed, take steps to prevent the mess from accumulating in the first place. Put everything back, find a place for new things, and clean up after yourself on a regular basis.

When it’s all over, kick back and congratulate yourself! You did it!

The Effects Of A Fireplace In A Hotel

Hotels are built to keep refuge for people, who are traveling and wanted to take some rest, from the busy whole day of roaming around.

To be able to attract more customers, they do a lot of renovations, re-arrangement of furniture or re-carpeting.  One way to improve the impression of guests towards your hotel is installing a fireplace in every important location in the hotel.  It can be in the lobby or in the rooms.

How Does A Fireplace Affect A Hotel Room or the hotel as a whole?

 Some hotels are installing fireplaces in some of their rooms.  These will bring the following advantages to it:

  • It adds value to your hotel rooms. Your hotel room, when installed with a fireplace, can command more money compared to rooms without a fireplace.
  • It brings the feeling of comfort to the guests. It changes the mindset of the guests, as they will feel more comfortable with a fireplace.
  • It brings the ambiance. It also dictates the ambiance of the room, making it more relaxing and satisfying.
  • It brings coziness to the hotel. Fireplaces will also bring coziness to your hotel.  It makes your hotel rooms more expensive and in return, you can get more customers.
  • It offers a place in the hotel for guests to socialize. Most often, guests gather in front of fireplaces to socialize.
  • It brings uniqueness. Being one of the few hotels with installed fireplaces, it offers more charm.

Where Do You Get hotel fireplaces?

Fireplace can be purchase from many dealers throughout the country.  Just make sure that you don’t choose the wrong company.

  1. Search the internet for websites that are selling fireplaces to hotels. There are many of them online, a single search will return hundreds of results.
  2. You can also check business directories for companies that manufacture fireplaces.
  3. Once you have found these companies, make a shortlist, based on their packages and price. But, don’t compromise the quality against price.
  4. Check their terms and conditions. You must understand the terms, so that you will not encounter problems later on.
  5. Have them evaluate your hotel and let them come up with a proposal. After the evaluation, let them come up with an offer.

Hotels are a big investment and keeping it operational is the main task of the management.  They are also obliged to keep their hotels updated in the latest styles and technology.

Review of Tempurpedic Cloud Mattress

We’ve all see the Tempurpedic Mattress commercials a million times. The videos of a woman bouncing on the marvelous twin captains bed with a glass of red wine on the otherside and clip after clip of satisfied customers laying down as the mattress perfectly conforms to every curve of their body. You may think, “Is this too good to be true” like I did.

Six months ago, my husband and I were in the market for a new mattress and set out to find the perfect one for our ages old pine wood twin captain bed. Besides the commercials on TV, neither of us knew much about Tempurpedic. Since this was both of our first time purchasing a mattress, we decided we would take our time and check out every brand to find the right one for ourselves and our budget. We were really looking for three main things: Affordability, Support, and something with minimal motion transfer because my husband tosses and turns a lot during the night. We found many affordable mattresses that had good support, but we couldn’t find anything that canceled motion transfer from one side to the other. In our quest, a salesman pointed out the Tempurpedic series. There was no comparison when it came to motion transfer! My husband thrashed around on the demo bed and it was barely noticeable on my side. We knew then and there we wanted a Tempurpedic.

We laid on all of the Tempurpedic series and instantly fell in love with the Cloud. It literally feels like your laying on a cloud and is so unbelievably comfortable while providing excellent support. It is noticeably softer than the other models, and in my personal opinion, I prefer it to even their highest priced model – the Grande. There is also a Cloud-Supreme model …but it was a little too soft for my liking. Since sleeping on the cloud, I have had not a single ache or pain anywhere in my body.

Currently it costs about $1,000 online, making it one of Tempurpedic’s most affordable mattresses. When purchasing, make sure you check all mattress center’s that carry the brand as each one has different specials that may lower the cost for you. For example, the place we bought ours from had a “free shipping” special but if you purchased the mattress on Tempurpedic’s website they gave you two free Tempurpedic pillows. With lots of competition in our area, we were able to negotiate both the free shipping, and the free pillows. So make sure you shop around a lot to guarantee your getting the most bang for your buck!

If your thinking about purchasing a Tempurpedic Cloud, I would highly recommend it. I can honestly say that I am excited to go to bed at night because my bed is so comfortable! Every night when I lay down I think “this is the best purchase I have ever made.” Turns out that those “Too good to be true” commercials, are actually true!