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Moon In Capricorn

Capricorn, on the whole, is not in a particularly good position for the Moon, for here she is in her detriment and the nature tends to be somewhat unsympathetic. Capricorn ruled by the planet, Saturn, is cold, solitary, remote, repressed and obsessed. People with this moon usually have a guiding thought, a mission, or an obsession, that often takes an entire life to accomplish whether for good or bad.

The moon is a pretty interesting concept in how it shapes the destiny of an individual even though Capricorn sign seems to have an axe to grind against it and understandably so as it is governed by Saturn, which has its own story to tell as to understand 333 angel number meaning ( In numerology & spiritually ) aside from the fact that people governed by the moon do have an obsessive nature in their life.

The entire temperament can be quite grim and solitary. The individual has intelligence, force, strength,of both mind and body, but what is lacking are social human skills. They ytend to be selfish and covetous, a prey to inward passions. They criticize others, but will envy the very qualities that they revile. These people are strong-minded and have self-seeking ambitions, backed by a keen brain always on the lookout for victory at someone else’s’ expense. It is the strength of this position that makes it so dangerous.

Down throughout history, many of the world’s famous tyrants as well as reformers had this lunar placement. The position is quite good for men in a worldly sense. He is impersonal in the judgment of the world around him, but he is very selfish regarding his own aims and ambitions.

He is cautious, thrifty, and will plan everything systematically.They seldom make intimate friends, and usually,they confide in no-one. His interests are in the commercial world and his greatest successes are usually in business. Government and politics offer very fertile fields for abilities found within this personality.

Despite their coldness, these men do marry. They do not seek romantic love but rather a partnership based on mutual cooperation. They are reliable and take responsibility and duty seriously. If they become interested in women outside of the home environment, this attitude will become a permanent infidelity. Since they are great defenders of their own actions and are always right, they make themselves appear to be the injured party.

Women with this lunation tend to fare better. They are less perverse, and less ‘dark’ in thought. They are austere, masculine in temperament, and intellectual. Life is not very friendly to this type of woman, and all of her ambitions and longings are apt to meet with delays, obstacles and frustration. Most of her difficulties come through a lack of domesticity, and a desire to live her life in an atmosphere of masculine competition. They are very devoted women, who can be trusted with deep secrets, great works and responsibilities of any kind. They have high standards, and they will live up to an exalted code of right or wrong. If these women were more light-minded, sensitive and whimsical, their matrimonial chances would be increased.

The health of this group is excellent. They are strong, sturdy people with excellent constitutions. They will work long and hard before any effects are seen on the iron-clad of their endurance. They are born worriers, which tends to have a more ‘disastrous’ effect upon their health than hard and long work. The general tendency of this position is to brood inwardly over real or fancied wrongs.

Astheir life goes on, there is an increasing tendency toward rheumatism , colitis and all kinds of indigestion. Skin infections and teeth troubles are part of the weaknesses of this position, females in particular can often suffer from internal ‘female problems’.

The Moon in Capricorn individual tends to get along best with a person who has their Sun or Venus in the sign of Capricorn.