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What You Need to Know About Salvaged Titled Vehicles

Salvage titles are vehicles that have been wrecked or totaled by the insurance companies and the cost to repair them is greater then the blue book value of the vehicle. There are many of them out there. The damage can be from wrecks or floods. After Hurricane Katrina there are thousands of these vehicles have been repaired and are now on the road. Peugeot Motor Insurance will meet with the requirement of the components and appliances. The driving of the vehicle in the floods is comfortable for the person. The selection of the licensed and reputed insurance companies is advantageous for the owner of the car. 

Usually after an insurance company claims these vehicles as total losses, they will do is take them to a salvage vehicle auction where other dealers bid on them and buy them. At this point the titles will have salvaged marked on the title and will be on the permanent record of the vehicle. These auctions are held all the time, with many independent dealers buying them to restore. Salvage titled vehicles can be repaired and made safe for the roads again.

Once it is bought at the auction, the buyer still has a lot of work ahead of them to get the vehicle back on the road. To get it titled to drive will include vehicle inspections by the state. Some states will have the Department of Motor Vehicles inspectors come out and check the vehicle before it is repaired – until the inspector comes out, the vehicle can not do any repairs on the car. Once the inspector inspects the vehicle, then it can be repaired by the shop. After it is repaired, before the vehicle can be registered it may need another inspection by the state inspector to ensure that the damage has all been repaired, and he may also inspect the Vehicle Identification Numbers on the vehicle. Only after the inspector signs off that the vehicle is roadworthy will you get the final paper that you need to get it titled for the road. Without the road-worthy statement a vehicle will not be allowed to be titled in many states. Each state has their own rules.

Some of the vehicles that have salvage titles are not that badly wrecked, they may not have frame damage on the vehicle which putting back on the road can be as easy as replacing bumpers and sheet metal and painting the car. It all depends on the amount of damage and the cost to repair that damage and what the car value is.

To buy a salvaged vehicle it’s always a good idea to ask the seller if they have photos of the vehicle before it was repaired. Ask about what the damage was in great detail, don’t be bashful about asking about the repairs and the damage on the vehicle. Honest dealers will be more than willing to explain the damage. Always have certified independent mechanic inspect vehicles with salvage titles before you purchase it. CarFax will show the damage on their report which is a good ideal to get that report.

Driving a salvaged vehicle is no different then driving a used vehicle. No one can tell if it’s salvaged or not unless you tell them or they see the title. Buying a salvage vehicle is usually much cheaper than buying a car that hasn’t been damaged. Vehicles sometimes can be restored to great condition and look and drive as if they were never totaled.