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Online accounts have to be kept safe from hackers

We have to deal with the hundreds of applications and online accounts over here every day which requires us to input our personal data like our names, phone numbers, locations, passwords to create a profile. One way or the other, however, we put it, our existence is scattered across the internet.

We likely have accounts at forums or dating sites that we haven’t been to in a decade, and each and every one of those accounts is a potential avenue into our private life for a hacker; Hence the need to secure them.

These are some of the best ways to keep those online accounts secure—and they’re all brief and easy to do, so no excuses.

If you visit a particular account once in a blue moon or never at all, now is the time to close it. Because guess what happens to your old unused online accounts on the web? They get hacked! And sometimes they lead the way to the more valuable accounts that you really do care about. It really makes a lot of sense to stick to a few active accounts that you can manage so that you get fewer usernames and passwords to worry about.

Speaking of usernames and passwords, do away with all those sticky notes with your passwords scrawled on them. There are apps that can help out here. Password managers like 1Password keep all your passwords and important information protected behind your Master Password. It has extensions or plug-ins for all the major browsers, and can securely store other things, like credit cards, bank accounts, and licenses. You can save all the entries from a web page form, so you can remember answers to security questions or other information.

⦁ Add two-factor verification: This means that even if someone gets ahold of your username and password, they won’t be able to log into any of your online accounts on a new device without an extra code delivered over SMS or through an app. This also means they’ll need physical access to your devices. You can set it up on most online accounts, including ones for Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Monitor your account activity: Many of your online accounts let you check up on the recent activity. Make this a regular task to make sure nothing seems off. You can typically log out of all sessions but the current one, and revoke account authorizations for any devices you don’t recognize.

⦁ Delete third-party account connections: Keep these connections to a minimum and remove any you’re not using, to prevent any potential medium for hackers to get to you. You can easily manage your connected apps online for your Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

⦁ Trust no one: Be careful not to trust anyone. Be wary of profiles that send you to spam messages or social media messages with malicious content. Also, be careful of following links without any context and be aware that phishing scams continue to get smarter and trickier to identify.

Think before you click and read up on the latest threats.

If you get kicked out of your Facebook account by someone, you can get your friends to let you back in, as long as you tell Facebook who you trust beforehand—go to Security in Settings to set this up. Facebook sends your friends one-off codes you can use to regain access, codes which they’re told to only pass on to you. It’s that simple.

⦁ Stay informed: One of the easiest but most effective ways of keeping your accounts secure is just to stay up to date with the tech news. If you know about the latest threats and breaches, and how to deal with them, you won’t be caught out.

⦁ Add PIN code protection: This is the most basic security tip that most of us are aware of and currently practicing. A PIN code or password login on your phone or laptop is all that stands between your phone and passing strangers, so if you haven’t set one in place, please do now. Whether your devices offer password protection, or fingerprint ID sensing, or facial recognition, or iris scanning, make sure there’s something there that stops other people from logging in. Case closed.

⦁ Watch what you share online: Make sure personal details that can be used to verify your identity, like your home address, your birthday, or even what soccer team you support (is that your “secret security question”?) aren’t all over your online accounts’ profiles.

Online Forums for Aquarium Buffs

For anyone that has an aquarium set-up or those who plan on discovering the underwater realm, there has been an influx of information in books, magazines, internet sites, pet shops and word of mouth. Ultimately, anyone who has any interest what so ever in the tropical or saltwater hobby knows that having the right knowledge, skills and confidence level combined with the right equipment and selection of healthy specimens right from the get-go, will be able to experience the vivid colors, beauty, enjoyment, and thrill of having their own aquarium filled with life. The sales pitch of these amazing aquariums will describe you all the best features and benefits that different aquariums offer. You get to learn about the fishes that you can keep in them and the different ways in which you can maintain and upgrade your little house aquarium. 

One thing that I have found to help me substantially in the overall success of maintaining three saltwater reef tanks during the past eight years or so, is being involved in one or more of the increasingly popular forum sites devoted to the underwater hobbies. “Reef Central”, “3reef” and “Reef visions” are just a small sample of these impressive sites that are created for Aquarius of all experience levels to explore, improve or get started in the underwater hobby as a whole.

The main benefit of becoming involved in a forum site devoted to the aquarist is the unique personal experiences, pros, and cons of a particular piece of equipment, such as lighting or filtration device. Yes, books can aid the aquarist with essential tools of the trade from the leading professionals such as Fenner, Sprung, Delbeek, Nilsen, Moe, Calfo, Michael, Veron, Paletta, and Borneman and others, however, I feel that to be able to build off of these books and take your psyche to the next level, the partaking of one or more of these so-called forum sites will prove to be a very important and integral role in your overall success today and in the future for sure.

The one on one experience that can not be duplicated with books is the most valuable benefit that you can take with you. To be able to get information from another fellow aquarist with the same intentions and aspirations and often times experiencing the same pitfalls or advances will surely aid in your ability to be better prepared and successful regarding all aspects of the hobby.

l know that there is a lot involved in our ability to set up and maintain a thriving, diverse and beautiful aquarium set-up that is as close to that that would be evident in the wild. Often times when we read books or try to find articles on the web, they are generalized, meaning they deal with a group as a whole and not just one type of scenario that may arise in one person’s tank. Again, by being able to spend the time on one of these forum sites dealing with the underwater hobby, you can educate others as to the type of tank, equipment, and livestock you have and then be able to discuss a particular situation under the microscope so to speak. By doing this, you will be better able to answer, control, correct or eliminate a problem or potential problems from arising.

Similar to being in a class that has a better student to teacher ratio, the knowledge, and performance experienced with this better one on one scenario, is a proven accolade that holds true to the aquarium hobby as well. Trust me when I say that by being involved in this sort of beneficial forum environment, you will notice the benefits and reap the rewards in a short period of time. Their are fellow aquarist that belongs to their forums and are loyal members of all experience levels and walk of life, so there should be no question or hesitation regarding getting involved in one of these forums due to the experience level of the newcomer…all are welcome and are treated as one and the same and should gain valuable knowledge and have fun at the same time.

Don’t be shy or turned off due to your experience or lack thereof, or any other formality-they are a moot point! So get out there, get involved in one or more great forum sites and start to reap the rewards associated with being part of a team of fellow aquarists with the same common goals, aspirations, and interests!

How to Brand Yourself or Company Without Using Social Media Sites

Marketing a brand today seems to revolve mostly around getting to know how to use Facebook, Twitter and the internet in general. At least, if you are to judge by the number of books on branding and marketing that are best sellers. While the web, in particularly social media, is undeniably important in raising the level of awareness and familiarity with your brand, don’t forget that many brands became household names decades before anyone had heard of MySpace. Yeah, MySpace.

Customer Feedback

The customer is the backbone of turning an unknown entity into a recognizable brand. Whenever possible, take advantage of old-fashioned face-to-face contact with customers. Ask them questions related to how they use what you are selling. What could be done to improve quality? What are you not doing or seeing that would increase loyalty to your product? How does the competition compare and why do they choose you over them?


If your fleshly contact with customers is limited or perhaps even non-existent, then consider a survey. Surveys can be mailed out, handed out or done online. Marketing research is an industry built upon the solid foundation of people taking the time to fill out a survey. Entice completion by attaching a coupon or offering a discount if the survey is returned. What goes into the survey will vary, of course, but keep in mind you are looking for things specifically related to the current awareness of your brand, its value, customer loyalty and input on how to improve such aspects.

Focus Groups

In almost every case, a focus group should be avoided if you are trying to brand a creative entity. Don’t rely on the opinions of others to gauge mass market entertainment value. Stake your own claim and be an innovator. For everything else, the focus group is definitely open for consideration. Hand the job over to a professional research company that will have more experience in knowing who to invite, what questions to ask and how to handle the meeting overall. Additionally, you may also use free instagram likes to grow your profile. Aside from the fact that you have focus groups, having set of followers on your social media account is also helpful.


If you don’t keep intensely aware of industry trends, then your brand will fall behind the times. Since trends today are changing at record pace so you can’t just watch CNN and read the Wall St. Journal. Work subscriptions into web sites, journals and newsletters into your budget and don’t be afraid to take a chance on attending out of town trade shows, conferences and seminars. The cutting edge is distinguished from the mainstream for a reason. By the time the latest trends that can do wonders for your branding needs hits mainstream news outlets, it is no longer cutting edge. Get to know what is happening in your business well before customers become aware of it and as far ahead of the competition as is possible.

Online Shopping: What You Need to Know

What do you want to do in your spare time? How would you like to spend it? What is it that makes time pass easily and quickly as though it had not been there at all?

There are numerous options available regarding how to spend time and it has been utilized by individuals who are experts in this matter. You don’t have to do something for the sake of just passing time cause that would reflect poorly on your time management skills.

The most tried out formula is to plan an outing with friends for a movie or restaurant or a trip to the countryside. If time doesn’t permit, then just go over to their place for a few days’ stay or invite them over to your house for the same.

Another option is shopping, but that has become tedious and boring due to online shopping occupying centrestage, rendering window shopping obsolete.

ConsumerEpic is a popular website where the customers can rate and review different products based on their liking and experience which is similar to word of mouth publicity that we see for movies.

Online shopping can be done within the confined comforts of home without doing anything except just a few simple clicks on the shopping application on your smartphone.

After online payment, the products are delivered to your address in a few days’ time but still there are things to be taken care of.

Here are certain tips to know while doing online shopping:

  • Research and analyze retailers to conform their legitimacy as there are numerous bogus ones.
  • The site and your mobile data should be secure
  • During online payment, make sure that the virus protection is updated with strong passwords.
  • Never use wi-fi in public domain as it can be vulnerable to cyber criminals



Fatwallet.Com: An Easy Way To Save Money On Your Christmas Shopping And Holiday Gifts

If you’re joining the bargain shopper club for gift shopping this holiday season, you don’t have to wait for weekly store flyers and specials to cash in on the discounts. Rebates, online coupons, and exclusive online-only specials are just a few of the reasons to shop online with FatWallet.com. FatWallet is just one of the many bargain shopping portals that lead you to the latest and greatest deals at top retailers. Daily alerts are posted on the site so you can find the ‘hot deal’ du jour with ease, and there’s also a thriving discussion board where you can meet up with other shopaholics to share the latest finds. From electronics to apparel, FatWallet is a great starting point when you want to save money on your Christmas shopping and holiday gifts. With Lowes movers coupon you can save so much on your Christmas shopping. You can get your friends and family gift cards as well.

Getting Started with FatWallet.com

One of the key benefits of shopping at FatWallet is the cash back opportunity. As you shop your heart with the latest deals, you can also earn a percentage of each purchase for your future shopping funds. Each merchant on FatWallet provides a percentage of each sale right back to your account; this ranges anywhere from 1-10%+ depending on the merchant, and those dollars really add up when you’re purchasing big-ticket items. You’ll earn money on each purchase, and get cash back when your account reaches the $10 mark.

Online Coupons with FatWallet.com

When you want to browse around for the best deal, its easy to head to the Online Coupons section for a complete listing of merchants that are showcasing as sale. Just look for the little red sale tag next to the merchant’s name and you’ll be redirected to the store for the latest roundup of goodies.

Big Fat Deals on FatWallet.com

The Big Fat Deals section is the best place to check in during your Christmas shopping debacle. IT’s a listing of the most popular deals and offers, which often include free shipping, cash back sales, and announcements of seasonal sales. If you’re looking for quick snapshot of deals for the day, this is the place to go; just bookmark the FatWallet Deals page and take a peek!

Community and Discussion on FatWallet

You’ll find a very active community of fellow shoppers on FatWallet.com, and the site boasts half a million shoppers who can easily make bargain-hunting a full-time job. Forum categories include One Time Use Coupons, Travel Deals, Rebate Tracking, and Online Auction tips. Check out the Free Stuff section for freebies and other incentives available at retailers around the country.

When you’re ready to save some money on Christmas shopping and holiday gifts, online coupons and cash back bonuses are a great way to make the most of your dollar. The FatWallet community can help you track down a rare deal-or just inspire your inner bargain hunter!

Know Bullet Points About Dedicated Servers

There are several server hosting services available that are providing different facilities to their users. Some of the servers hosting services are VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and shared hosting, etc. These hosting services have their qualities. The dedicated server is called a managed hosting service. In dedicated hosting, the clients lease the entire server, so they don’t come across any problem like server speed. In a shared server, you may come across the problem like server speed because this server hosting is shared by many users so it possesses traffic very often.

Know that which server you need to use

  • The dedicated server is not shared by different users. But in a VPS hosting service, there are a few numbers of sub-users included. And in a shared server, there are the large numbers of sub-users available. So the speed of the dedicated server better than a VPS server. And the speed of a VPS server is better than shared hosting.
  • The second main thing is that if you are running the website which doesn’t possess a large amount of the data, then shared hosting service may be one of the commendable options. And you can go through a VPS server as well. You can see dedicated server cheap prices here online.
  • But if you are running the websites which possess the large data then you are supposed to go through dedicated hosting service. The bulky websites like e-commerce, trading website, and free-lancer website, etc. contain a large amount of important data.

If you do have any of them bulky websites, then you are suggested to have a dedicated hosting service. You are also intended to provide the best services to your website’s users. So if you use the dedicated hosting then you will be able to provide smooth services to users. These server hosting services are available at affordable prices.

Fabulous Opportunities Over The Internet To Make Money Quickly!

Money is a crucial need for everyone around the world. Especially students look for some good source of income from where they can earn some easy money to support their expenses as they study side by side. You can use various methods to earn some easy money in your free time without investing in any kind of capital and funds. If you want to learn how to make fast money, you can try some of these options easily. You need to use your experience and some knowledge to enhance your bank balance for free.

Tips to earn some easy and quick money using the Internet

  • Filling online surveys

It is a unique and popular method to earn some easy, especially among students who want to use their spare time to make some money. They need to fill different surveys, and in return, they will be getting paid. There are various companies, and that conducts different researches and needs relevant feedback for their surveys and tests. They select multiple people from all over the world who need to fill some forms, surveys, and give feedback to the company about their products and services. They pat a handsome amount of money to students filling these surveys for them.

  • Search and earn

It is one of the best ways to make some easy and quick money. You need to just do what you do regularly; searching on the web. Some companies pay you for searching for different material on the Internet. The only difference is that there will be some results that will be sponsored, and you need to click on them to earn money. The most significant advantage is that there is no limit of earning you can earn as much as you want by linking your payment account to it.

Improve The Business And Market Shares Through Videos And Youtube

The business works well when slight or gradual progress is seen as it gives the enthusiasm to work on it and out it more efforts. Now, there are a number of ways and means to bring in the acceleration in the business and almost all of them work pretty well. One of the best being video trends in business enhancement. It is seen in surveys that 63% of business had there rise-up through videos. The business owners even feel that videos have a great impact on business by videos they just had to buy or sell YouTube watch hours.

Here are some of the reasons videos have a great impact on enhancing the business:

  • Videos are really effective in today’s world are people are drifting from reading in their busy schedule.
  • They can convey a lot about their product or the business and its seen 74% of the views even bought the thing they saw a video about. So, videos can bring in some serious money.
  • Videos are undoubtedly engaging and convincing with pictures and a good explanation.
  • The video advertising is a bit costly but never disappointing in any way.
  • Through YouTube and video, they can 100% build the trust of the customer which is one of the most important things to grow the business. By survey, 57% of customers were more satisfied with their purchase after the video of the product than without it.
  • Videos deliver more information and content in less timed and can explain much about what the business is serving to the customers.
  • Engages the buyers when they research the product even the lazy ones.
  • It attracts and appeals the mobile phone users and nowadays everyone has a smartphone.
  • Even Google praise videos and YouTube content and will let the customers spent more of their time on the website. Which will gradually promote the website as of the hours spent on the website.
  • The video advertisement well let the particular site show-up 53 times more than the website of the same content on the same search.

So video and YouTube can enhance and accelerate the business in no time.

How To Get Paid By Writing Reviews On Your Blog?

Blogs are one of the most significant ways of earning money online. Moreover, you will find many strategies related to it.

Sometimes, it is not easy to choose any one of them for getting the right payment for the work. It becomes essential for everyone to learn every concept of blogging.

There is no need to worry as we are here for your help. It is because we have covered all the aspects to know about how to get paid to write reviews on your blogs. It is most beneficial to consider every step to get most from it.

Let us discuss them below.

  • How can you make money?

If you are the one who has written blogs and want to increase income from it, then it is best to write reviews. It is an easy task, and anyone can learn it. There is a program which is specially designed for it to make sure that the reviews are written by the third party. Always try to read the terms and conditions before using the software.

  • How much money can you make from it?

It is most beneficial to get paid to write reviews, but some people think that how much they can make on an average from this one. It only depends on the type of network and the quality of blogs. If it is perfect, then there is a chance to more than 50 percent of the regular income.

To conclude, these all are the essential factors to remember to know about the concept of earning money by writing reviews. It is necessary to find the perfect marketplace to find more opportunities.