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Types Of A Power Of Attorney Explained

A power of attorney(POA) is an authorized document notarized  from the court, if you wish to hire somebody on your behalf to solve in private, business and legal matters. Without this document, you can’t appoint any person or organization to manage your affairs in case you are unable to do so. The different types of power of attorney serve the same purpose, except the degree of control that they offer to your attorney. Whatever, be your situation you should know about four types of the POA to execute the right one at the right moment.

Types of various Power of Attorney documents

The list is given below-

  1. General Power of Attorney- It is a generalized type of a power of attorney The person or organization you hire by notarizing general power of attorney performs tasks like entering a contract or buying or selling real state.
  2. Limited Power of Attorney- This type of POA should be notarized only when you are clear in your head about the level of control you wish to give to your attorney. Under this document, some special powers are given to your attorney. It is better to know about the application of this poa very well.
  3. Durable Power of Attorney- This type of power of attorney can be signed to have a durability provision if you become mentally unfit due to any illness. With the durability provision under this type, your document will remain effective no matter what your condition is.
  4. Healthcare power of Attorney-This type of POa is issued when you wish to have a lawyer by your side to make medical treatment decisions for you. A medical power of attorney is durable because it takes into consideration that you will not be well enough all the time to communicate your decisions.

The execution of the right type of power of attorney will save you from unnecessary legal troubles. Visit lawyers in Harrisburg pa to get the best advice on the type of power of attorney document to be notarized.