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Properly Install The Needle Clamp-On Vintage Singer 221

Most of the time you will see that the thread of sewing machine break it is because the upper tension thread set too tight. You will find lots of the reason by which thread of sewing machine slipping like the thread is old, the timing of machine is over, or any other reason and if are unable to recognize the problem and still it’s not working then take your machine to a good sewing machine technician.

Set needle clam properly

To begin doing this you are required to set the needle of the machine properly on a Singer machine, you are required to turn the wheel of the machine that is given for sewing. Spin it towards you and then raise the bar of the needle as high as possible.  Now lose the clamp of needle screw a bit and then remove the old needle that was in that machine.

  • Here you will find an easy way that will tell you how to remember that to take note of the upper part of the machine needle shape.
  • Now you will notice that flat side on the left and the curvature on the right?  It’s just like D shape that perfectly matches the curvature of the plate in your Singer 221 model.
  • Before beginning the process of sewing it is important to be sure that you will turn the handle very slowly towards you.
  • This is the last chance of doing double-check to make sure that the needle is all set and working properly. If you hear any type of clunk in your machine or the needle is hitting in machine towards the hook assembly then do it again.

Therefore, the singer is the best sewing machine for upholstery all you are required to do is to insert the needle with the flat side that is facing left and make sure that the needle is all the up into the shaft.