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Cool Ideas For Wooden Bunk Beds

Cool Ideas For Wooden Bunk Beds

Any family that has invested in a first home before the pitter patter of little feet knows the challenge of fitting more family into a smaller first home. That is why wooden bunk beds will always be a popular solution when a family outgrows the number of bedrooms in a home. Bunk beds are also popular for cabins at the lake and dorm rooms to make more room for two people to share smaller space.

Bunk beds are usually a couple of twin beds, with one set up over the other. The frame is simple and there may or may not be a ladder. Kids seem to prefer to climb up at the end of the bed anyway, but ladders are convenient for parents when they put their children to bed at night.

These days there are different configurations to suit most people’s taste in furniture. Although bunk beds were once fairly utilitarian, many newer beds have a twin over a double, stairs that double as dressers instead of ladders, beds that sit lower to the ground or have railing to prevent sleepers from falling.

Wooden bunk beds can be purchased and assembled at home or they can be made as a fun DIY project. You can even find a carpenter and let them create something unique for you. The wood may be unrefined and rugged or high gloss with fancy lathe work to make the furniture attractive. Sometimes as the family members begin to leave the nest, the children left behind move into their older siblings’ rooms so it is nice that a wooden bunk bed can be made into twins and retain attractive appearances too.

DIY Wooden Bunk Beds

You can find projects online or at home improvement stores that will show you step by step how to build a bunk bed on your own. Other than the basic tools such as a hammer, drill, screwdriver and saw you will need to buy strong, sturdy material that will stand the test of time and tolerate the heavier weight. The bed will not only hold precious cargo, it will also need to support a frame and slats or springs that will support the mattresses.

The plans you use will provide you with the measurements for the right size mattress to use. If the bed is likely to be used as a young child grows into a teen, it is probably a good idea to plan for their growth by building a longer bed. Think along those lines as you develop plans to for a DIY project for your kids.

Once all the pieces are cut and the bed has been assembled to assure it will come together well and be strong enough, you should disassemble it and move it to the room and then reassemble it. You won’t have to take it completely apart, just separate the top bunk from the bottom and that should be fine.

Different materials for bunk beds

The wood should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the bed and the users. Solid, heavy wood is a great starter for the frame. Unfinished wood will allow the family to stain or paint the wood to suit personal tastes. Well furnished wood is what you should look for. Buying Täispuidust narivoodi is beneficial for the people. However, other material bunk beds are also sold in the market. let us understand more about wooden bunk beds. 

Composite material that looks like wood but resists damage over time may be a good idea if the bed will be used at a summer or seasonal camp. Natural wood may be vulnerable to the elements and insect invaders and weaken over time. Composite material used to build decks should make a great material for a bed frame as this material is rated to handle more weight than regular wood. Wood-plastic composite (WBC) is an option to consider if wood is an important factor to your plans.

Another great option for bunk bed frames is to consider using reclaimed wood from older buildings. Older wood is usually quite hard and was meant to last for years and years. Many old office buildings, factories, and older homes are taken down to make room for new construction. Rather than simply tear down the older buildings some companies sell the old materials in reclamation auctions. If you can find a sturdy door frame, rafters, old doors and hardwood floors that are in good condition, you may have found great material for a wooden bunk bed.

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