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Creating Attractive Free Online Classified Ads

Creating Attractive Free Online Classified Ads

Creating the perfect classified ad that will help to drive new consumers to your product or service may simply be a matter of practice and proof reading. To begin, you need to have a plan of action. Start your classified ad proofing by following the next few suggestions.

Target Your Niche

Selling fencing? Is that best classified under Home Improvements or Pet Containment? If you are baking goods you may need to decide upon whether or not you want to be categorized with caterers, or alongside the home crafts and creationists. Whatever your niche, you need to narrow it down to one, and stick with it for your advertising needs.

Plan Your Attack Ad

Consider your advertisement an attack on consumers! What do you need to tell them to drive them helplessly to your product or service? Do you offer something unique that no one else in your niche does? Advertise that blatantly. Sure, this runs the risk of having competitors take your ideas, but since it was yours first, you likely will have drawn all of the crowd that can be drawn from it before someone else’s plan of action begins to resemble yours.

Prep Your Ad

Along with the plan of attack for the ad, must come some basic ad planning. Planning your ad will give you the chance to see it in its ‘first draft’ stage. As any good business person knows, the first draft is always the roughest version. From this framework you can eventually build a truly phenomenal advertisement.

List your Product Perks

Make a long list of the pros of using your particular product or service. Try to leave out the ones that are comparisons, I.E. our product is better than so-and-so product because it has more than, less than, or so on. Try to stick to what makes your product shine all by itself. Once you have a long list, go back over this list to cultivate the best highlights that you want included in your free online classified advertisement.

Catchy Titles

It may not be pleasant to admit but most consumers can be quickly reeled in by a catchy title. Your advertisement should be no different. Coming up with an attractive title can be the only thing that will bring overexposed viewers to your ad in particular. Take the time and ask around. Do not be afraid to ask the younger generations as well, sometimes they know exactly what to say to draw in the crowd.

Body Filling

Plan the body of your ad just as you listed your product perks. Write it once, give it the once over, and write it again. Give it a few shots before you commit it to its own URL on the web. If possible, get a third party to check over your ad. Sometimes, it can be impossible to proof your own writing as common mistakes can be glossed over with a scanning eye.

The Benefits

The benefits of posting a well thought out classified ad are the increased views, and subsequent increasing traffic to your site. However, there are also some serious scams that are enacted over the free classified ad services. For this reason scam-awareness starts with you and your free classified ad.

The Scams

As always with any interaction you have on the web, you will want to keep an eye out for scam ads. So you aren’t purchasing? This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be fully aware of what scam ads are circulating. Unless of course you enjoy running the risk of inadvertently having your free classified ad resemble flagrant scam ads.

What are some of the most common current scam ads running in early 2011?

Work from Home Scams

Of course not all work from home ads are scams, but some things that may indicate they are can be the ad asking you to download a dialer or browser bar to be able to participate in their work from home program. These tools are little more than spyware and malware that companies use to track your browsing paths so that they can target you for yet more scams dependant on your browsing histories.

Direct Deposit / Checking / Money Order Scams

Although it should go without saying, some scams can be very convincing. Be certain to never get involved with any advertisement that ask you to deposit checks or money orders into your bank account, provide them with your direct depositing information, or otherwise diddle in your bank account. Legitimate products or services do not require this type of information to function.

If you feel you have come across a scam ad please take the time to report it to the top sites to investigate these issues so that other consumers do not lose their money, or even their freedom, over an internet scam.

While the ads are seen as a side business for celebrities to earn some extra income, it is a known fact that it is basically to increase its value in the market so that gullible customers can buy it due to seeing their favorite stars endorsing it. But times have changed and people can no longer be taken in with such stunts, as the tampa seo found out to its cost when it incurred huge losses.

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