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Guide in Efficiently Installing Carpet by Your Own

Guide in Efficiently Installing Carpet by Your Own

Are you a do it yourself person? If you are a then I have good news for you, it’s not as hard as you might think to install your own carpet. Installing your own Carpet is easier said than done but still doable by any means. A lot of people install carpet because they have no other options for flooring in a particular room. For example someone may be remodeling their basement and would like to put in hardwood floors, but because of an uneven concrete floor they decide to go with carpet instead. Personally I like carpet in certain areas better than others. For example, carpet feels much more comfortable than hardwood floors if the room is intended to be bed room.

Thing is, you must find the best carpet and rug cleaning machines for upkeeps. That would keep your carpet clean and nice, and make it last longer too. That’s when you must proceed with the installation.

The first thing you want to do is clean the floor, you don’t have to eat off of it but there shouldn’t be any major dirt left over. Now you need to install some nail board or tacking strip around the perimeter of the entire room. Tacking strips are fairly easy to install, just make sure you leave about an inch and a half between it and the wall. Next you decide what type of patting you would like to put underneath a carpet. I would recommend a practical middleweight padding, nothing to strong but thick enough to give your feet some support. There are two ways to secure the padding to the floor; if it’s a concrete floor I recommend glue, if however the floor is made of wood I would suggest using staples. Now you can finally install your carpet. If it’s possible, I recommend keeping it all one big piece that way you won’t have any seams to connect. Now apply some carpet glue onto the clean floor in between your installed tacking strip and the wall. Take longest carpet edge and slid it overtop your tacking strip while firmly pressing down against the glue. Pulling up back on the carpet against the tacking strip should grip the tacking trip onto the edge of your carpet. At this point the edge of your carpet should be glued and the tacking strip should have gripped the carpets edge. While keeping your installed side tight, did the same to the opposite side. Make sure to tacking strip grips both edges of the carpet properly from both sides of the room. Repeat this process on every wall until your carpet is completely installed. Make sure that all the sides and especially the corners of the room are firmly attached. If done properly you should have no air bubbles underneath your freshly installed carpet. Allow your carpet glue to dry overnight then install the room’s furniture on top. See that wasn’t so hard now was it, hopefully this article to help your home installation of your brand new carpet.

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