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Helpful Tips To Enjoy Better Sleep Every Night

Helpful Tips To Enjoy Better Sleep Every Night

Since I have had my heart attack two months ago, sleep has not been my friend. I have been trying to do different things to get better sleep at night. Some of the things I have tried have worked pretty good. Some nights I get better sleep depending on what I try. So, I thought I would share some of these things with you. If for some reason you are having trouble sleeping at night, take a look at the help in this article and see if it will help you with getting better sleep at night. Some things may work better than others.

Control intake of Stuff that mkakes you Awake

Do you drink coffee? Did you buy Modafinil in the United Kingdom to control your excessive sleepiness during the day? You must control such substances to help you sleep better at night. For example, only take Modafinil earlier during the day, or avoid taking caffeinated drinks few hours before you go to bed.

Turn On a Fan

One of the things I found that relaxes me and drowns out the noise is a fan. I have a round floor fan that I turn on high and it is a bit loud, but the sound of it is so relaxing and it definitely helps me sleep better at night. The sound of the fan and the fan drowning out the noise is what helps me sleep better at night.

Relax in Bed with a Good Book

Another thing that helps me is getting into my bed, getting comfortable with my pillows and cover, and then reading a good book. I have a Kindle, so that is what I use to read. I read for about 30 minutes or so and then my eyes are so heavy that I can’t hold them open. Then I go off into a deep sleep. If you need a little extra help with this, try taking two Tylenol PM and then read. It will definitely kick in while you are relaxed and reading.

Turn On Soothing Sounds

Soothing sounds is a good way to relax you and make you sleepy. If the sound of rain makes you sleepy, use that. If the sound of wind blowing or waves crashing relaxes you and makes you sleepy, use that. You can download sounds of nature on your computer for free and transfer them to a CD, MP3 player, iPod, or any other device that plays music. Then you can lay it beside your bed and listen to it while you drift off to sleep.

Avoid Naps During the Day

One of the things that I found that was causing me not to sleep well at night was the naps I was taken during the day. So, try to avoid taking naps during the day so that you are well ready for bed when it comes time to go to sleep. However, if you are sick, you can’t help but get a nap. In this case, you may have to try some Tylenol PM and some of the above advice.

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