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How Do I Start My Acting Career? 5 Ways to Help You Be in Movies

How Do I Start My Acting Career?  5 Ways to Help You Be in Movies

The key is Hard work. You also have to be creative and love acting.

Many people have no idea how hard it is for a filmmaker like me to find actors that want to act for free. I am completely non-budget. Many acting jobs are out there. The art of acting can also be developed as you watch movies and TV shows that you can watch on Watch Netflix movies & TV shows online in order to learn and hone your acting skills. All this along with all the tips mentioned below are going to help you improve greatly. 

Most wannabe actors that will never get anywhere want to go straight to Peter Jackson, George Lukas, or Steven Spielberg and “become a star”. Very few want to do the hard work that it really takes. But if you do, your chances go sky high!

Here is how you do it: Start the right way. On the bottom. Work your way up. 99% of the actors you see on the screen and that you love did it that way. And it is super easy to be in movies.

1: Start as an extra. I have been in 6 features as an extra. No union dues for an extra. Once you are featured you pay SAG, the Screen Actors Guild. On the big sets, even as an extra, you get in touch with the real deal. You get to talk with all kinds of cast and crew. 90% of filming is waiting around. And that is when you can meet actors. They will just wander around the set. Most of them are super cool and you can chat with them for a while. You will get so many tips from talking to people on the set in between takes.

2 : Go to small productions. That is a non-budget or low budget. It is so easy to get cast there. And that is how you build your resume. You can be a lead actor very easily in an Indie production. Know that the director looks for a dependable person. If they give you a part in a film, they need you to be there. If you quit in the middle of production, the whole production dies.

3 : There are many free agents. They do not require a fee and will send you to auditions. My agent was free. I remember he asked me: “All I need to know is: Can you act?” They will get paid when you get paid. Don’t fall for the agents that want to make you a star for $3000. Forget that. You know how to act. Just browse the yellow pages or the Internet for listings.

4 : Don’t go to an acting school. You probably already know how to act. If you do go to an acting school, go to one in London. The best is there, and the actors in the UK are the best in the world (in my opinion). If you absolutely need to learn how to act, go take some classes at a local community college.

5 : Go and act in the local theater production. You can learn many tricks there. Anything on your resume counts. Even commercials – that’s how stars like Dustin Hoffman got started.

A hard worker needs the support of their friends and parents. If they support you it will go much better.

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