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How Much Botox Do You Need

How Much Botox Do You Need

Cosmetic procedures are a great way in today’s time to boost your looks and get rid from your aging signs. It is due to the wide range of cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections, collagen injection, surgical and non surgical facelift, etc. that you can now face your progressing age with a bright smile and youthful skin.

The botox cosmetic treatment primarily attacks the wrinkles and the age lines on the face from their very base. Injecting a fill into the frown lines on the face will not cure them, unless you use the BOTOX treatment. The botox injection injected into the skin will not just remove the frowning lines but further prevent similar lines from appearing on your skin. Thus, if you can prevent the appearance of wrinkles from its root cause, you will successfully be able to prevent wrinkles from appearing on your face. It is due to this reason that BOTOX cosmetic treatment has been closely followed since its first use in the late 70’s.

The entire BOTOX treatment takes near about just an hour’s time and varies greatly on the number of injections injected on various parts of the face. According to the clinical results obtained, the treatment has no or very minimal side effects that can also be cured through proper medications prescribed by the doctors. Hence, BOTOX is believed to be the most safe and also effectual treatment for fighting the aging signs from your face. The positive result of the treatment lasts for as many as 4 to 6 months, after which you need to get back to your doctor for getting the treatment again. However, it is also essential to understand the amount of BOTOX required for removing the aging lines from your face and neck.

Canada is particularly famous for world renowned Botox treatment as it has been found that many people drive down from US to get their surgery done, which speaks volumes of its success even though Botox injection is available at cheaper price but looks cannot be compromised so they go for the best treatment possible. While filler treatments for Vancouver men are the norm, Montreal has the same for women.

Well, the amount of botox required to treat your wrinkles largely differs based on a few basic points. Some of these crucial points include:

* Location where the botox injection will be injected.

* Male and female patient undergoing the treatment.

* The types of facial expressions and muscle movements required in the areas where the injections will be injected.

* The condition of the skin and the deep wrinkle lines on your face.

Botox is usually measures in small units. Hence, based on your skin requirements you may need just a few units of BOTOX to be injected deep within your skin. The appropriate amount of Botox injected into the skin will only help you enjoy the best results. Well, some of the basic areas where people prefer undergoing the Botox treatment include:

* Glabella:

This is the area just between your eyebrows. When angry, you can see these lines forming just near your eyebrows.

* Crow’s feet:

These lines are formed when you stress yourself for seeing certain things. More you stress yourself, more are these lines formed on your face.

* Forehead:

Once you raise your brows while making an expression, you will see several furrows being formed on your forehead.

In the most usual conditions, women undergoing the BOTOX therapy require 15-30 units of botox for the glabella region. Similarly, for the forehead and the crow’s feet you require 15-30 units and 5-15 units respectively. This range of units may however vary based on your requirements and the intensity of wrinkles on your face. Moreover, the number of units also varies depending upon your muscle strength and the effect you want on your skin through the botox injections treatment. As compared to men, women require fewer amounts of BOTOX injections as they have softer muscles and less area. Hence, men require more botox units for removing their aging lines from their face. However, to look natural and somewhat realistic, you can inject fewer units of botox into your skin.

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