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How Much Social Media is Enough and How to Use it Well

How Much Social Media is Enough and How to Use it Well

Recently people have been talking about folks spending too much time on social media to the exclusion of face-to-face contact, so how much social media should someone have, for what purposes, and how can the time be effectively spent?

The Center for the Digital Future, at the Annenberg School for Communication  amp; Journalism at the University of Southern California, according to reports, took a look at the issue of how children spend their time and found that parents are worried children spend too much time on the Internet and not enough time with families and friends.

This early involvement with social media, like Facebook and Twitter, has an impact on what children learn and do, so this part of the discussion is relevant to the time spent on social media in general.

What many parents do, according to a survey on this issue, is to restrict Internet use as a form of punishment in approximately 57 percent of homes with children under age 18. But while parents believe their children are too involved in the Internet, they still favor it over television as they see it as more interactive and available for learning. 28 percent think their children spend too much time on the Internet as opposed to 41 percent who think the time spent watching television is excessive.

“With all the digital diversions out there, it’s hard to pin this on any one thing” says Michael Gilbert, author of The Disposable Male and a senior fellow at the Center. He maintains Americans are devoting more and more time to social networks online and that practice is taking the place of time with face-to-face interaction. Gilbert says, “We need to make sure families are reinforced rather than weakened in the digital future.”

So much for the issue about social media interaction, the Internet use and restrictions for children. What about time used by adults? Although folks point fingers at social media like Facebook and Twitter intrusions on face-to-face interaction, where are the solutions? The discussion on this is important to move forward in self-monitoring and support for concerned parents as well. You are at the right place to buy Instagram views that is at the reputed sites. The selection should be done after checking the rankings and reviews of the site. The promotion should be done with excellent to increase the profile with enhances sale of the products. 

Chris Brogan is a marketing expert, and he recommends approximately a two-hour period on social media that should be done in segments of time by activity. He tells us to spend 1/4 of that time listening and learning in the marketplace of the Internet, that includes reading the material of others. Spend another 1/2 of the time commenting and communicating with people about what you learn. Spend 1/4 of the time creating and developing your own material to share, through research and developing.

While Brogan has his recommendations, other experts like Meryl K. Evans tell us that how much time spent on social media depends upon the type of business a person has and the type of information that is being delivered. He too, however, recommends approximately two hours on social media such as Facebook and Twitter as a general rule.

\Finally, the experts say it’s important that if social media is used for business, to make sure it really pays off and isn’t just an exercise everyone does that ends up getting just as old and tired as television advertising.

As one person said on Facebook recently, “I thought Facebook was a place to find friends and to write and find out what they’re doing. I didn’t know I would be hustled so much.”

So it’s balance that works best in the end, most folks say, while making sure parameters are set so and activity isn’t excessive for ourselves and set poor models for children.

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