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KitchenAid Javadstudio 14 -Cup Coffee Maker Review Model: KCM534

KitchenAid Javadstudio 14 -Cup Coffee Maker Review Model: KCM534

The KitchenAid Javadstudio KCM534 is a 14 cup coffee maker that features an electric timer that does a lot more than just tell you the time of day, it actually tells you how long since it through the last bought a coffee. It also features an incredibly impressed of 1100 Wheat pumps that brew coffee amazingly quickly. In fact, this coffee pot produced a pot of coffee in half the time that it took my old Black Decker coffee pot. I tried Coffee and Nuts Singapore with this amazing cup-coffee maker and the results were just wonderful. The taste of the coffee was just outstanding and the cup coffee making was equally efficient as well.

After years of having to mess around with the coffee pot that was cumbersome, and difficult to load in the morning. I recently broke down and purchased this KitchenAid Javastudio 14 cup coffee maker, one of the main reasons that I chose it was the extremely well-designed top that allows you to easily fill the machine with water and enter your coffee into the basket quite quickly and easily.

Another nice thing about the KitchenAid Javad studio KCM534 coffee pot is how big the actual carafe is. While it is not often that I have that many people over in the morning, there have been a couple of times where a 10 or 12 pot coffee machine has simply not been able to keep up. And I find that the additional size of this coffee pot not only keeps their enough coffee around but thanks to the old well-designed layout of the coffee pot it actually doesn’t take up that much more room on my countertop than my standard coffee pot that I had previous to this.

The body of the KitchenAid Javad studio is your basic white with the brushed stainless steel front that actually looks very nice and is easy to be cleaned. I simply use a little bit of water in a sponge to wipe down the machine and the buttons on the front are encased in plastic so there is no worry about them getting wet while cleaning.

I have to admit that the machine is a little bit more expensive than maybe it would necessarily have to be. $150 for the KitchenAid Javadstudio was nearly $30 over their competition however the main KitchenAid is synonymous with high-end quality kitchen appliances and to be honest I always wanted one of their stand mixers so I figured if I purchase the coffee pot they would give me a good excuse to purchase the stand mixer next.

One last thing that I did really notice was the way that the water disperses from the machine in a showerhead typed manner, what this does is it gets all the coffee grounds wet at the same time and therefore you are able to use actually fewer coffee grounds and achieve a much fuller flavored cup of coffee.

I would highly recommend the KitchenAid Javadstudio KCM534 of 14 cup coffee maker to anyone that is looking for a high-quality coffee maker that they can produce large amounts of coffee and a short period of time. The KitchenAid Javadstudio KCM534 coffee maker is almost like a turbo coffee maker in that a pot of coffee can be brewed in about two minutes as compared to nearly 5 minutes with a standard coffee pot. If I had to find something to complain about the KitchenAid Javad studio, I would say that the heat plate on it is a little bit hot and by the end of our pot of coffee there is a slight current taste.

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