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Magic Mushrooms & Morality

Magic Mushrooms & Morality

The word morality is open to definition, but to me, moral behavior revolves around doing whatever you want to do as long as you don’t hurt anyone or anything while you’re doing it. I could itemize what this means, but it seems to me to be self evident.

First off, it is not immoral to ingest sacred mushrooms or any other mind altering substance. It is a personal choice. Eating bacon is far more questionable from a moral standpoint, and it is certainly more harmful to your health. But I want to lay out another idea here concerning mushrooms and morality.

I think that most human beings are essentially good. Left to their own devices without external coercion or desperate need, few of us are predisposed to harming others. Our economic system is built on harming the environment, torturing animals, and exploiting one another, so many of the most important moral principles that we all feel intuitively have to go out the window if we are to survive economically and follow the cues that we see on television.

“Reality” in our present day culture is defined by the economic system. It can be easily altered on that level. For proof, imagine what would be different in your own life if you suddenly had no economic limits. Your reality would radically change. So we are controlled by an economic system that is rooted in immorality.

The point of this post to share some personal experience. I can humbly say that I have never been a person who is prone to harming others, but my mushroom experiences significantly tightened my moral focus. After a few heroic dose experiences, I recognized things that I had swept under the rug. I became much more concerned about the environment, and I developed a deep and abiding love for nature. Since then, spending time hiking and communing with nature has become my church. I also became a vegetarian, and I came to understand energy vampirism and control dramas and learned not to harm others in even very subtle ways.

I think that the reason why we are told that mushroom ingestion is “against the law” is because it reveals the base immorality of the culture that we live in. It removes the veil and brings you face to face with the truth, and our society is built on evading and obfuscating the truth of our immoral foundation. You are not going to enlist in the Marines when you under the influence of mushrooms, and you are not going to want to sell your neighbor a widget for way more than its worth. If you want to buy magic mushrooms Canada, you have to make sure that it is safe and all the content of the products are naturally made. When buying this kind of product, your safety and protection should always be the number one consideration.

In my experience, truth holds the ultimate power, so the honest fact that my mushroom experiences have made me a more moral person gives me the courage and motivation to write about the topic here. If good information is available, misuse and subsequent negative experiences can be mitigated.

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