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Motorcycle- Know the Tricks and Turns!

Owning a motorcycle and riding the same is as different as having a pizza and getting to eat it. Seeing others do the wonderful driving inspires us to do the same, but it is not as simple as it looks and one needs to understand all the risks involved and needs to give it a lot of practice before you are able to do the same maneuvers. This also opens your eyes and you are able to see motorcycling with a different view altogether. Riding a bike is way too different from learning to ride the bicycle. It includes not just balancing but much more, you need a lot of patience and the ability to learn quickly.

Riding a motorcycle needs you to consider many things not just your frame of mind but also the clothes you wear. Your bike in the open and so the clothes you wear are very important because you would not want to mix two opposite things. Winds are the most dangerous things you would encounter so you need to make sure that your clothes protect you against the strong winds. The windshields provided by some of the motorcycles are not adequate in protecting you all the time and hence precaution is always advisable.

Proper motorcycle helmets, protective gloves, and windcheaters and not to mention the footwear should all provide you with adequate protection.

Another important factor is the motorcycle itself. Make sure that it is in good shape and is ready to hit the road otherwise you are in for the ride of your life. The things to check out for in the motorcycle are the tires, the fuel levels, the safety and indicating lights and last but not the least the horns. Also, the performance of the clutch and gear and brakes should be checked.

There is a proper technique to get on and off the motorcycle. If you miss this basic step, then all the other steps would be wrong, because a building to stand needs a strong foundation and the way you sit on the bike is the foundation on which all the other things would be built. Also the posture while turning is equally important because if you are unbalanced then the bike might overturn and you could get seriously hurt. These are the basics but the same places where people make mistakes.

Now comes the accelerator. It is the lever, which provides the engine with the fuel supply and helps you to go faster if you pull it up and reduce your speed if you turn it down. The accelerator is found on the right-hand side of the handlebar and the brakes are also found near it. The brakes allow you to come to a standstill and to reduce your speed. Now a day, with the advent of power brakes, braking has become a lot simpler and you can come to a stop almost immediately and with very little effort. The rear brakes are fitted near the right-hand food area. These are the basics of driving a motorcycle but it is always advisable to learn it practically also.

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