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My Take: Using Bleach to Kill Dangerous Mold

My Take: Using Bleach to Kill Dangerous Mold

Kim Ray’s articles on “How To” are excellent. I love reading her common good sense suggestions. One example is Homemade Spray-On Daily Shower Cleaner. In particular Kim mentions the old stand-by bleach to rid showers of scum and soap residue for the shower area. She also has some great recipes for a spray-on daily cleaner using hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, liquid detergent and dishwasher detergent. Please look at her article for the exact ingredients.

The area I would like to add my two cents is the use of common products to prevent mold spores. During the winter months in cold climates as the one I live in my allergies go ballistic. In part the reason is dust within the heat air ducts which can be remedied at the rate of $35 per duct with the average mid-size house having about nine, so I am told by a professional cleaning company.

The other treatment for the house is to replace old air filters regularly. The replacement of an old dirty filter not only helps in reducing airborne dust and allergens it also saves you money in heating costs. There are various types of filters on the market, but I use the brand 3M. The new “Filtrete” is an electrostatically charged filter that captures airborne allergens, pet dander and mold spores more effectively than the standard fiberglass filters.

According to Healthlink a service of the Medical College of the University of Wisconsin, mold allergies are abundant both at home and in the work place. Fundamentally mold spores are very tiny, but their impact on sensitive individuals can be devastating. Not only the inconvenience of runny nose, red eyes, and irritability, but really debilitating illness. See http://healthlink.mcw.edu/article/926104064.html

According to Healthlink, the home “hot spots” are shower stalls, basements, refrigerator drip trays, foam pillows, air conditioners, humidifiers and places where food is stored.

At work, bakeries, breweries, barns, dairies, and greenhouses are prime work spots for mold. Some furniture res upholster is particularly vulnerable to contamination by mold.

The untreated contamination of mold in human beings can bring about permanent lung damage in some individuals. Thus the Healthlink author suggests prevention. Simple allergy shots and over the counter allergy medicine just simply does not work.

Which brings me back to our CP Kim Ray and her great articles on home cleaning. Bleach is the most effective means of killing mold in the bathroom and every place mentioned by Healthlink for being hot spots. The fantastic thing is the remedy Kim suggests is dirt cheap or maybe mold-cheap.

The cost of a gallon of bleach at any discount house is approximately $1. If you want scented, I recently purchased an orange scented bleach at Wal Mart gallon size for $1.19. This old fashioned product is the safest and the cheapest agent against mold available. Like anything, if you are working in a confined place, open a window or turn on a fan to dissipate the fumes of bleach. I have found that even the scented variety has a bleach aroma.

Mold exists in humid climate more frequently than in dry, arrid climates. States like Texas and Florida have had limitations on their ability to carry adequate home owners insurance for mold. The cost to de-mold a home can be in the thousands of dollars. Mold can occur in any state, and it appears the best approach is to try and abate the problem before it gets started, if possible.

Hip, Hip Hoorah for Kim Ray. Just a little time and a little change can make all the difference. In order to get these professional services in New Jersey area you should be visiting mold inspection new jersey without wasting any of your time. This way you get the best consultations and can save yourself some money.

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