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Online Forums for Aquarium Buffs

Online Forums for Aquarium Buffs

For anyone that has an aquarium set-up or those who plan on discovering the underwater realm, there has been an influx of information in books, magazines, internet sites, pet shops and word of mouth. Ultimately, anyone who has any interest what so ever in the tropical or saltwater hobby knows that having the right knowledge, skills and confidence level combined with the right equipment and selection of healthy specimens right from the get-go, will be able to experience the vivid colors, beauty, enjoyment, and thrill of having their own aquarium filled with life. The sales pitch of these amazing aquariums will describe you all the best features and benefits that different aquariums offer. You get to learn about the fishes that you can keep in them and the different ways in which you can maintain and upgrade your little house aquarium. 

One thing that I have found to help me substantially in the overall success of maintaining three saltwater reef tanks during the past eight years or so, is being involved in one or more of the increasingly popular forum sites devoted to the underwater hobbies. “Reef Central”, “3reef” and “Reef visions” are just a small sample of these impressive sites that are created for Aquarius of all experience levels to explore, improve or get started in the underwater hobby as a whole.

The main benefit of becoming involved in a forum site devoted to the aquarist is the unique personal experiences, pros, and cons of a particular piece of equipment, such as lighting or filtration device. Yes, books can aid the aquarist with essential tools of the trade from the leading professionals such as Fenner, Sprung, Delbeek, Nilsen, Moe, Calfo, Michael, Veron, Paletta, and Borneman and others, however, I feel that to be able to build off of these books and take your psyche to the next level, the partaking of one or more of these so-called forum sites will prove to be a very important and integral role in your overall success today and in the future for sure.

The one on one experience that can not be duplicated with books is the most valuable benefit that you can take with you. To be able to get information from another fellow aquarist with the same intentions and aspirations and often times experiencing the same pitfalls or advances will surely aid in your ability to be better prepared and successful regarding all aspects of the hobby.

l know that there is a lot involved in our ability to set up and maintain a thriving, diverse and beautiful aquarium set-up that is as close to that that would be evident in the wild. Often times when we read books or try to find articles on the web, they are generalized, meaning they deal with a group as a whole and not just one type of scenario that may arise in one person’s tank. Again, by being able to spend the time on one of these forum sites dealing with the underwater hobby, you can educate others as to the type of tank, equipment, and livestock you have and then be able to discuss a particular situation under the microscope so to speak. By doing this, you will be better able to answer, control, correct or eliminate a problem or potential problems from arising.

Similar to being in a class that has a better student to teacher ratio, the knowledge, and performance experienced with this better one on one scenario, is a proven accolade that holds true to the aquarium hobby as well. Trust me when I say that by being involved in this sort of beneficial forum environment, you will notice the benefits and reap the rewards in a short period of time. Their are fellow aquarist that belongs to their forums and are loyal members of all experience levels and walk of life, so there should be no question or hesitation regarding getting involved in one of these forums due to the experience level of the newcomer…all are welcome and are treated as one and the same and should gain valuable knowledge and have fun at the same time.

Don’t be shy or turned off due to your experience or lack thereof, or any other formality-they are a moot point! So get out there, get involved in one or more great forum sites and start to reap the rewards associated with being part of a team of fellow aquarists with the same common goals, aspirations, and interests!

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