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Aguila Interceptor .22 Long Rifle Cartridge Review for Hunting

The Aguila Interceptor is certainly one of the fastest .22 Long Rifle loadings available, if it is not the fastest. Firing a 40 grain round nose bullet or hollow point at an advertised 1470 feet per second, the Aguila Interceptor is quite fast. To put this velocity in to perspective, the popular Remington Yellow Jacket fires a 33 grain bullet at 1500 feet per second. This is what makes the Aguila Interceptor’s velocity so interesting is that it is accomplished with a 40 grain bullet. While 7 grains does not sound like much, it is a big difference for a 22 caliber bullet.

Now, you’d get fast loading for your rifle. And you can also use a scope which reviews you can read at https://adventurefootstep.com/nikon-rifle-scope-reviews/ today.

That would help you bring home more bucks on a hunt.

The Aguila .22 LR Interceptor is available in both a solid round nose bullet and a hollow point. I was unable to find any of the hollow point variety, but did acquire a few boxes of the round nose ammo. The Aguila Interceptor appeared to be carefully loaded with the bullets appearing to have an even plating without many flaws that are visible on many .22 LR ammunition loadings. The round nose bullet is pretty standard looking.

I shot the Aguila Interceptor through my H R; revolver, a Marlin .22 bolt action rifle, and a Marlin .22 semi automatic rifle. As I only had three boxes of ammunition, I did not shoot many through the revolver as it does not generally shoot hyper velocity loads well. The Aguila Interceptor shot well through the revolver however, perhaps due to the standard 40 grain bullet. The Interceptor .22 Long Rifle loading was fairly loud through the revolver. As I was shooting in front of an approaching storm front, I put the revolver away and loaded up the rifles. Even with a brisk wind kicking up now and again, there was no problem shooting into less than an inch at 50 yards with a less than perfect rest. A few groups from the bolt action Marlin was less than ½, the semi-auto didn’t shoot quite as well. On a calm day, from a better rest, and with me not being in a hurry, I am sure that the Aguila Interceptor would do better.

I had brought along an apple and a few grapefruits to shoot to see how they would react to the higher velocity. While not a scientific test by any means, I did shoot one grapefruit with a standard velocity load to compare against the results from the Aguila Interceptor. The Interceptor .22 LR did make a bigger hole and do more damage to the grapefruit. I bet with the hollow point loading it would have been quite spectacular! The harder apple blew up quite well with the interceptor throwing a good size piece into the air.

For hunting with a .22 LR, every little bit of velocity means more energy transferred to the game animal. While I would not trade feet per second for lower accuracy this was not the case with at least the guns that I was using. Small game and varmint hunters should definitely give the Aguila Interceptor a try.

Garage Door Services- Keep Safe And Secure

Whenever you are shifting house and require moving your household items from one place to another, you will call the best movers and shakers in town for the job at which they are quite good.

There are many things that you need to look after while doing so as not all the employees have been found to be reliable in the recent times and resort to thievery and pilfer random items from here and there the moment they get an opportunity to do so.

One cannot be too careful before hiring anyone for house shifting as despite exercising care and caution unscrupulous elements are always one step ahead in thinking and are careful in their tracks.

Same goes for garage door services as you would need them to install a door for the garage and even they don’t think twice before resorting to such cheap antics of stealing from their customer’s house.

How to Deal

It is quite difficult to trust anybody nowadays and therefore, you will find many people who are hesitant to call outsiders for fixing things right in the house but telling apart genuine people from fake ones is not that hard a task.

All it requires is alertness and a presence of mind when you are in doubts about the people you have hired.

Therefore, do ask the following questions to the people who have come from garage door services:

  • Enquire about their jobs and their previous experiences regarding the fixing of garage doors
  • Try checking their details and verify them at the office where they work after interrogation
  • Ask some garage door tips to any of them and how strong it is for the garage
  • Ask them about R-values which is a number that describes how energy efficient is the door
  • Ask them about the company policy and whether they follow the rules and regulations

7 Tips For The Average Consumer Purchasing a

When you are buying a camcorder, the first order of business is to define what you are using it for. If you are a filmmaker wanting high def footage to edit a film, this article is not geared towards you. The entertainment industry is constantly changing and reinventing itself so it will be advantageous for you to read a trade magazine. I will gear this article toward the average consumer with all the facts and information that I gathered from https://www.dfydaily.com/. Here are the top 7 tips that you need to consider as you purchase a camcorder.

  1. Know your medium. There are several different types of camcorders. It is rare to see the prehistoric cameras on the market that held VHS tapes. Now, more popular are DVDs, MiniDV camcorders, hard drives, and memory sticks. For practical purposes, a miniDV is your best bet. Memory sticks don’t have nearly enough memory and have grainy images. MiniDV is convenient, holds about 60 min of footage for around $5, and produces professional-looking, clear images.
  2. Know what features you want. If you are not electronically inclined, you may want to look for a camera that you simply need to turn on and go. With auto-focus, most everyone can operate a camcorder and get focused images. Pay attention to the microphone on the camera and ask for a demonstration. A lot of microphones on this camera pick up a lot of atmosphere sound, including the mechanics operating the camera.
  3. Check it’s low light performance. Since most home videos are recorded indoors without the assistance of a professional lighting crew, make sure you buy a camera that has some kind of feature to allow optimal picture for low light situations.
  4. Forget about the megapixels. Megapixels on a video camcorder have no bearing on the picture unless you plan to shoot still photography. Instead, focus on the lens size and quality and how many chips are in your camera. The more chips, and the thicker they are equal better picture quality.
  5. Is it the size you want. Make sure you purchase a camcorder that is feasible for what you need it for. A giant HD camera with wide-angle lenses is really unnecessary for your son’s baseball game. If you plan to carry your camera often, opt for a smaller size. Also, be aware of how heavy and bulky your camera is. If it’s difficult to hold, you will probably be left with shaky videos, so make sure you buy something that you can hold comfortably and steadily.
  6. Ask to test the camera. Before you purchase an expensive camcorder, ask your sales associate to let you get a feel for the camera. Have them demonstrate all the options and explain all of its functions.
  7. Be sure to ask what accessories your camera comes with. Some cameras have limited battery life and need some sort of extension. Be sure your equipment comes with a recharger, the appropriate cords, and some sort of carrying case.

The best advice I can give if you are in the market for a camcorder is to do your research. Shop for a good price, with a reputable company, and for a camera that has a good reputation with solid customer service.

How Does the Internet Help You to Achieve Your Goal?

In a technologically gratifying era of the 21st century, the Internet is something more than a bare necessity. It has spread their wings far and wide to make the world seem a smaller place. The vast panorama of the Internet provides a sense of commonality by providing steady access and reach to every section of society. Gone are the days were encyclopedias or dictionaries were the only way to gather information or data. Internet by its just a click away” provides for hundreds of links having the keyword. Information is thus not doubled but is increased a thousand times more. It adheres to different sections of society and suits their diversified requirements and demands.

The educational sector has recognized a sea change in its functions and procedures with the involvement of the Internet. Students prefer to gather data about a particular subject by downloading stuff from the Internet, which is often written by scholars or researchers. The information thus gathered serves as a potential source which when polished by the school textbooks make the basics clear. It is to be noted that that 21st-century kid demands an answer to questions, which are sometimes next to impossible for the textbooks to answer. The solution is the Internet because it fills the screen with all the data that a particular keyword can supply.

The revolution which has been carved out by internet with the invention of e-books has not only served as a ray of hope for book lovers who earlier used to find it difficult to gather their favorite books as most of the time either they were out of print or their cost touched the sky. With e-books, the cost-effective factor has been incorporated along with easy availability, storage potentialities, and mobility. The e-books require less space, can be stored in a volume and read along a journey. What can be a better gift to a book lover!!

The Internet has carved out a niche for itself by not only stagnating its limitation to educational achievements alone but has shifted its prominence to the industrial sectors too. Starting from the fresher who looks for job suiting his location and preferences from various sites such as naukri.com or monster.com, the company in a similar manner selects the candidates according to their stated requirements. The company also communicates with its clients, shareholder, and customers through the Internet ‘” either though mails, feedbacks or websites. Besides all this, the content that is there on the internet is getting more and more optimized according to the market trends. With the rise of companies like SEO Fort Lauderdale, there are business owners that are expanding their business through the internet. 

The Internet also caters to the teenage group to a great extent, as it’s a source that tends to decrease the communication gap as it provides various networking sites through which they can keep in touch. Internet thus is not just an information generator but it also acts as a data stabilizer, a communicator and a mediator for the tech-savvy generation prominently and the general public as a whole.

Facebook Privacy Changes! Why Are They Done? Read To Know

Are you familiar with another change in Facebook? Facebook nowadays is one of the largest social networking services today and their number is increasing month after month. With 350 million users around the world Facebook is continuously improving their services for the betterment of their users. There is another big change that was happened in Facebook when Mark Zuckerberg the billionaire founder of Facebook. He stated that the “regional networks” was not the best way to control the privacy setting as well as personal data of users around the world. The Facebook now offers the easiest way for every individual to actually control their data or personal privacy as well as the method in which all data are shared across the globe. Even if you choose to share your data to “everyone”, Facebook will still require you to update your setting in the upcoming weeks. Facebook is the first social networking website that will create great impact regarding the social networking platform. Many users choose not to share their personal data to everyone. This is to protect their personal data from people whom they do not know. Accepting friends to Facebook means that you are allowing this people to see personal data about yourself.

According to the founder of Facebook, it was almost 50% of all users are member of the regional networks. It is a very important issue for Facebook to build a much better system. This will allow almost 200 million people to have more control over their information.

It was the regional network setting that can allow an individual to join any network according to their particular city, country and region. This kind of regional network has been phased out. Facebook have found out the users belong in this regional network are unaware that other people who belong at the same network can freely view their profile without any permission. The initial planned for this regional network is for students as well as companies, but according to their most recent study, Facebook has grown very fast. Some of the largest regional network has almost a million members. Their newest plan is more users friendly and can provide their users with a much simpler privacy control.

Facebook has changed their privacy model into much safer setting for all their users. This new privacy model will allow every user to set their content to be able to only their friends, friends of friends, or everyone. Every user should learn how to adapt to this new privacy setting. This new privacy setting can create chaos and get torguard 50 discount code for future shopping for the tools to keep yourself safe from internet privacy concerns and to develop more knowledge about the websites.

if every user will choose to share as much information as initially intended. If you are a user and you do not intend to share your personal information around the world, then the safest option for you is the “friends”.

All users should expect that over the next several weeks, all users using Facebook around the world will be presented with a newly revised privacy setting where they can easily review and update their own privacy setting. Every user will also be given the chance to control whom they want to see each piece of content they will create and upload. These include videos, photos as well as groups and events. You will be able to adjust all the privacy setting according to each piece.

Improving Your Cybersecurity With These Easy Steps

With the rise of the internet, we also witnessed a rise in cyberattacks and hacking related issues. This is why it is recommended that you pay special attention to your cybersecurity to avoid such incidents. Moreover, you see how people are using dll library in order to improve the overall security of their data. Although, this is not enough as hackers and cyberattacks are getting more and more complex these days. In order to improve your security here are the best tips that you can follow: 

  1. Antiviruses and Firewalls This should be your initial approach in order to avoid cyber attacks. As you install an anti-virus you get online and offline protection from virus attacks and other security threats. In addition to that, you also get the Firewall that is pre-installed in your PC that protects your PC from any unauthorized program installation.  
  2. Sandboxing Since the software of malicious programs are getting more and more complex these days, in order to protect your device from such programs you can run them in the sandbox. This is a virtual space that is designed to detect if any program or file is safe to use or not. If you find anything suspicious with the file that your downloading or using you should always check them through this process.  
  3. Online Phishing Phishing training is another great thing that you invest in. With the ever-developing world of hackers, you should also equip yourself with the latest updates and knowledge of cybersecurity.  
  4. Emails One of the most common ways of getting a virus attack is through email. As hackers and online attackers constantly send these spam emails with virus and malware files and as soon as you open these files you device get attacked by the virus program compromising the security of your device.  
  5. Browing and Online protection As you download an anti-virus program you get a safe browsing experience. However, in order to make it safer make sure that you browse the internet safely and take a proper look at what you download and that website that you are using to download.  

Top 5 Benefits Of Using Virtual Data Rooms

With the integration of data in every industry using Virtual Data Room has become a necessity. Instead of keeping everything in a file and store is somewhere physically you get the option to upload your document online and access it anytime you want. All these benefits make Virtual Data rooms an essential part of your business. Here are the top benefits of using VDRs for your business. 

  • The most useful feature that these data rooms offer is the secure storage of your documents. You get a place where you can store and access files that you upload. Besides that, the access to these files is also restricted. Making this more useful for uploading confidential data such as your business details, legal files, and medical records. With all these options you get a really productive tool.
  • Using these virtual data rooms is also another cost-effective way that you can implement for your business. As you use it, you get rid of all the physical documents which make it really easy for your employees to audit and share the relevant data. You can use it to make your business grow more.
  • Since you get the option to access the files that you upload in virtual data room anywhere around the globe you get more productivity for your business and a fast decision making process no matter where you are. Additionally,  there is no problem with time-zones as well, making these data room even more useful.
  • As you can share your sensitive data with your investors safely you get a positive response with investors. Using these data rooms you can grant limited access to your potential investors that can get you really good deals as well.
  • Lastly, with the help of these virtual data rooms, you can easily manage your legal files along with any other important file.

These are the benefits that you get as you use a VDR for your business. Considering all these benefits you should definitely invest in a good VDR according to your business requirements. 

Dentists And Why We Should All Hate Them

Do you know what “root canal” is? It is a dental procedure that was first used by The Grand Inquisitor of The Spanish Inquisition, and it was performed on victims that he particularly didn’t like.
It hurts. It hurts a lot.

When dentists perform root canals, they literally drill a hole deep into your tooth, grab the raw nerve with a pair of hard, cold, steel tweezers, and then yank that nerve out of your head by its roots.

Not pleasant.

Then, after they pull you down off the ceiling, they go into the center of the tooth with tiny metal files and scrape away any bacteria, assorted crud and microscopic demons that may be living there. They go down the root canals of the tooth all the way to the jaw bone underneath the tooth with these files. You can feel the files chipping, grinding and rasping away inside of your tooth. You can hear it too.

Finally, when they are done filing, they drop something equivalent to boiling chlorine into the holes in your tooth to sterilize them before they cover the holes with enamel. (You can literally see puffs of smoke rising out of your mouth as they do this!)

I have this procedure done to three teeth.

Then, twelve years after all of this anguish and suffering, one of these teeth recently went bad anyway. Somehow or other, little, bastard germs got inside one of these sealed, sanitized and cauterized teeth, and caused an infection that hurt so badly that I thought my head was going to explode.

So, I thought that I could just go back to my dentist, have him remove the crown and redo the root canal. This time it wouldn’t hurt because the nerve in the tooth had been removed.

Simple right?

Of course not.

It seems that when a dentist puts a crown over a root canal, he or she cements the thing in place with glue designed to withstand the tons of pressure that are put upon it from the jaw. (Do you remember the commercials for Crazy Glue, where one drop is enough to lift a man off the ground? Well, I guess the dental equivalent to Crazy Glue can lift the QE2 Luxury Ocean Liner.)

So, my dentist sent me to a specialist. I’m not exactly sure what this person’s title was, but it was more than just simply, DENTIST. The title began with an “O”, ended with an “ist” and had thirty-six syllables in between. (I guess every syllable in the title adds $10,000 dollars to the bearer’s annual base income.) Anyhow, this specialist was supposed to look at the tooth, and then determine whether or not he was capable of removing the crown so that my dentist could redo the root canal.

Well, this guy had other, much more expensive ideas. This is where a little research can help. If you are a resident of San Mateo you can search online for affordable doctors in your area. You just have to Google cosmetic dentist san mateo, and you will be presented a list of doctors that are credible and well-experienced. This will help you avoid sudden medical expenses.

I had a 2:00 appointment with the fellow. So I got to his office at 1:45 to fill out the paperwork. After I had finished with that, I sat in the waiting room…and sat . . . and sat. and sat. I read through every issue of People Magazine that was there. I was starting on an issue of Cosmopolitan when, at 2:45, I was finally ushered into the “examination room” by a very comely dental assistant.

At 3:10, this little Italian fellow, complete with the open shirt, hairy chest and the obligatory heavy gold chains comes in, opens my mouth, takes a few x-rays and declares; “We’ll remove the tooth (Who’s this “we”?), extract the wisdom tooth behind it that is below the gum, cut the wisdom tooth down to size and replant it in the spot where the offending tooth used to be.”

You’re going to do WHAT? In MY mouth?

He sounded like a lot of pain to me, but he was the expert.

“What? Whatever happened to just removing the crown so that my dentist can redo the root canal?” I asked.

The answer was a brusque shake of the head. “Can’t do it?” he said curtly and offered no explanation for his decision.

He then turned, and as he was walking out of the examination room, he said over his shoulder, “See my secretary on the way out.”

The guy had all the bedside manner of a Mako shark.

When I saw his secretary on the way out, she set up an appointment for me to come and have the surgery performed, and then she said, “And, on your next appointment you’ll need to bring the payment of $1700.”

I looked at her, blinked stupidly, and said, “How’s that again?”

She stared at me wide-eyed, pursed her lips and said flatly, “Seriously. $1700.”

“How long is this operation going to take?” I asked.

“Just about an hour,” was the terse reply.

“$1700 for an hour’s work? I guess the doc needs a new, solid gold necklace, huh?”


I walked out of the office and never returned.

I then went back to my dentist and said that I wanted another option.

When I explained to him, in graphic detail and wonderfully colorful expletives, what had happened in Guido’s office, he told me that he could pull the tooth, and put a post in its place over which he could then put a new crown.

Price? $500.


Fortnite- The Best of Weapons

There are many things that you can do to pass your time like hanging out with friends, going out for a candlelight dinner with your girlfriend/wife. They are the usual ones that come to mind but why not try out for something new?

Now this can be tough to decide as there are not too many original things to think off that have never been tried out before and the mind is not sharp enough to think of new ideas.

So, let’s just make it plain and simple and stick to video games as, apart from being old, it never gets old and enjoyed by people of all age groups. There are many to choose from so we will not get into that and discuss about the best of the lot in the past few years.

Fortnite is a good example that has become quite popular since its launch in 2017 and keeps getting better and better with each passing day. It is quite different from other games and involves thrills and adventures of an entirely different kind.

Arms Deal

What makes it unique is that it has some of the best weapons that an action packed game requires and is quite into the plot without unnecessary deviation. But what makes it stand out is the variety of weapons that it can provide to players.


  1. Rift-to-Go is one such example that epic games describes as the ultimate one to be utilized to escape from danger
  2. Fortnite accounts xbox is the perfect choice for M4 Assault Rifles that has the highest DPS in the entire game and contains 30 rounds that can make the bravest tremble in fear
  3. SMG or Submachine Gun is another one in the list and has a big fire rate and can be harmful if not utilized carefully

Choosing the best is quite tough has they all have their own merit and players will select anyone based on preference and compatibility.

Fitness in My Life

Being Overweight and How It Made Me Feel

As a teenager, my life was pretty good except for one thing that killed me… that was my weight. I was not huge, I was about ten pounds overweight or less, but it made me so self-conscious. I was sick of being called “chunky” and my brother’s favorite name for me “blubber-gut.” These names made me change my lifestyle for the better and they only made me a tad bit stronger mentally. In the following paragraphs, I will give an in-depth look at what I do to stay in shape and keep some weight off.

Weekend Workout Routine

So on the weekends, I get up and typically head right to the kitchen for some good ole’ breakfast. Breakfast for me is the most important meal of the day and is usually my biggest meal. I eat a decent amount at breakfast because I have all Sunday to burn those calories and carbs off. I usually have for breakfast two pieces of Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Bread with some butter on top, a bowl of Quacker Oats Oatmeal, and a cup of coffee with cream and sugar. My breakfast rounds off at about 900 to 1,000 calories, but I burn a lot of that off so it is fine by me. After, eating I go for a walk around my neighborhood which is about a 1.5 to 2-mile walk and that takes me a good 40 minutes to an hour. After walking, I relax for a half hour or so and re-hydrate which is very important for your body. Later on, I go on an intense four-mile or so bike ride. I typically ride on the road until I get to my local hiking trails where I hike for some of the trails and ride the other parts. After doing my bike ride I either do some other cardio workouts like sprinting and running on my treadmill or I lift 40-pound weights ( I do about 120 repetitions.) Then to top off my weekend at night I do the same walking route I did earlier in the day. I then shower and head off to bed. Sleep is vastly important for your workouts because it lets your muscles and body recover.

Weekday Workout Routine

During the week, like most Americans, I find it hard to work out. So I generally come home and will relax for about an hour and then I will either go on a two to four-mile bike ride or lift weights for forty minutes in my basement. This typically varies on the day. So to say on Monday I will go bike riding then on Tuesday I will lift weights. During the week it is typically a good idea to eat fewer calories than on the weekends because most people get less exercise like me, but if your job is physically demanding then you can eat the same amount. That is basically all I do during the week.

As I followed my diet and workout plan religiously I was able to achieve my dream of a good physique. Now I am a sponsored athlete I can focus on my health much more than that. You can take inspiration from my journey and set a goal for yourself as well. 

Helpful Tips And Tricks For Success

One important thing after working out is staying hydrated, so make sure you drink plenty of water. I also drink homemade protein shakes after working out so that my muscles get the protein they need to repair themselves and so I bulk up instead of losing muscle. Just make sure you stick with your exercise regime and do not give up. It is alright to have a cheat day every so often. So do not feel bad if you overeat or have a candy bar every so often.