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Online Shopping: What You Need to Know

What do you want to do in your spare time? How would you like to spend it? What is it that makes time pass easily and quickly as though it had not been there at all?

There are numerous options available regarding how to spend time and it has been utilized by individuals who are experts in this matter. You don’t have to do something for the sake of just passing time cause that would reflect poorly on your time management skills.

The most tried out formula is to plan an outing with friends for a movie or restaurant or a trip to the countryside. If time doesn’t permit, then just go over to their place for a few days’ stay or invite them over to your house for the same.

Another option is shopping, but that has become tedious and boring due to online shopping occupying centrestage, rendering window shopping obsolete.

ConsumerEpic is a popular website where the customers can rate and review different products based on their liking and experience which is similar to word of mouth publicity that we see for movies.

Online shopping can be done within the confined comforts of home without doing anything except just a few simple clicks on the shopping application on your smartphone.

After online payment, the products are delivered to your address in a few days’ time but still there are things to be taken care of.

Here are certain tips to know while doing online shopping:

  • Research and analyze retailers to conform their legitimacy as there are numerous bogus ones.
  • The site and your mobile data should be secure
  • During online payment, make sure that the virus protection is updated with strong passwords.
  • Never use wi-fi in public domain as it can be vulnerable to cyber criminals



Essential things to know for How to Size Your Ring

Getting a ring sized isn’t really a big deal, but many people (particularly women) get their rings sized just a bit too big or two small. To avoid having to get a ring re sized (like I did with my engagement ring), here are tips to get the perfect size for your ring the first time.

Go to a jeweler and try on the ring sizer. You may think you are a size 6, because all your rings are a 6, but every finger is different. The ring finger on your left hand could be a different size than the one on your right. For the finger that you anticipate wearing your ring on the most, get to a jeweler and have them break out the ring sizer so you know exactly what your size is without guessing.

When I got my engagement ring, it was summer, and fingers tend to carry more heft in the summer due to water retention. I got my engagement ring sized to a 4.5, which was not difficult to slide on or off, and I assumed it was OK since my ring wasn’t slipping. Come Christmas, my ring was getting more and more loose, and my ring had to be taken in again to get re-sized. It was then the jeweler explained to me that I should have chosen a size that BARELY fit (in other words, slips on, but does not slip off without force or soap) when I first got it in the summer. That, she explained, is when a person’s fingers are their widest, and getting a tight fit then ensures that come the colder months when fingers slim down, the ring will still be snug but not loose. I got my ring sized down to a 4, which is slightly difficult to slide off now, and will fit snugly when summer hits again.

It’s important to anticipate bloating (in women) and water retention in general when you get a ring sized. This is why you get a ring sized to the point it is difficult to slide off on its own, but isn’t so tight your finger bulges around it. You don’t want your ring to leave a mark when it is removed. At most, you want the ring to be able to slip off with a bit of wiggling and force. If you can easily slide it up and down, it’s too big. But you want that tiny bit of wiggle room for when you get bloated or retain water in the warmer months.

When I get my ring back, it will be just loose enough to compensate for summer heft, and fit just well enough now that it won’t slip around and just fall off my finger. I’m excited to have my ring sized the way it should be, and had I followed my fiance’s advice (and the jeweler’s) to begin with and gotten my ring just a tiny bit smaller in the first place, I wouldn’t be waiting 2 weeks to get my ring back now. The rings for men and women can be purchased from rear tone. The stores are providing a wide variety of skull and biker rings to the people.

Essential Synergies on Online Marketing Campaigns

I have been looking at the online marketing arena quite a bit lately. It is really a modern-day yin and yang constant cycle. It feeds on itself at an ever-increasing pace. More and more brands seek the help of a reliable SEO company in Canada to deal with such changes too.

The benefit of web surfers is tons of free content. Advertising is pervasive. There are animated ads that seem to stalk you everywhere you go. They dance on the page competing for your attention. The “You scratch my back I will scratch yours” is very evident. Marketers will give away their items to gain yours.

The playing field is leveled and then can change on a parabolic scale. The automated mailers, seemingly live assistants and don’t-go-yet last-minute special prompts. They are everywhere you go. It is a retailer’s dream. Where else can you simultaneous assist millions of customers for pennies?

There is lots of money to be made by exploiting content as well. The content provider is paid or at the very least the content supplier can upload the content for free and reach around the world. Never before has it been so easy to become very wealthy. With the tools available on the web and the people giving away free stuff, I think the success of businesses should be increasing. The main reason 95% of businesses fail in the first year is because of a lack of capital. The capital outlay online in minuscule and the freebies to help you succeed are numerous.

Once you get your perpetual machine in motion it will generate larger and larger amounts of profit, which leads to a faster spinning machine. The product, in some cases, is almost irrelevant to the process itself. The ability to market online has brought many products to market that would not have had a chance in the old brick and mortar business days.

I think everyone remembers the “Back to the Future” movie where five service station attendants come out to service a car at the gas station. Now we pump our own gas, wash our own windshield, and check the air in our tires. We do not even have to walk into the office to pay. The industry has become cost-effective. 5 attendants now would make the price of gasoline $8.00 a gallon instead of $4.00.

The customer rarely sees the storekeeper in the real world and online the proprietor has now become a live chat assistant at the most human of the levels. This does have its benefits though. The prices paid are substantially lower if not free and the retailer makes a higher markup.

The family butler/robot that many predicted would be the first servant of mankind really hasn’t taken off but other types of machines that were not predicted have. I guess the future is not always written in stone like it is in Georgia and the future can be what we want it to be.

Business man drawing social network

Robert Kiyosaki says, he doesn’t work for money he just prints his own, in his businesses. His favorite business model right now is Multi-Level-Marketing and this is the ultimate yin and yang profit generator. Now using the internet “showing the plan”, is easy. The reason people do not want to start an MLM business is their lack of marketing skills. The internet will solve any problems you run up against in marketing your business. One company has even developed a way to give you free leads, up to 20,000 for free and in some cases, they will pay you for using their service. Get millions of free website hits. This is website marketing at its best, check it out.

So when you go online and buy that very inexpensive item and have it shipped right to your front door remember one thing. If you are getting it for a low price or free you probably could be getting paid to do the same thing with just a little thought and ingenuity.

How To Select The Right Vacuum Cleaner

Wow! There are so many types of vacuum cleaners!
That’s right, consumer electronics is a big market, so is the vacuum cleaner market. There are so many jargon involved in the vacs that sometimes, we get dizzy – what on earth does “HEPA”, “Air watts”, “cyclone”, “bagged”, “canister” or “upright”… etc mean?

Well, selecting the right vacuum cleaner, really depends on what cleaning activities you do. For example, if you want a small vac to clean up your car, a hand held (battery powered) vacuum cleaner will be great. But the hand held vac will not be good for cleaning a house with pets and long pile carpets!

What to consider when selecting a vac?

Many things. But the first thing that should come into your mind, is:

“What type of vac I need in order to clean up my house / car / office etc?”

Generally upright vacuum cleaners are good for heavy duty, powerful cleaning, for example long pile, US style Plush carpets. Besides, uprights are larger, hence uprights can take more debris than a canister. Most uprights will have a motorized brush bar, and that brush bars will help to dig out more dirt from the carpets. Beware though, US machine brush bars can be very aggressive towards short pile carpets (mostly in European countries). Short pile carpets can be easily damaged if you use the wrong machine! Another downside of uprights is that uprights are usually heavy, and not as easily maneuverable as others.

On the other hand, canisters or cylinders, are good for normal households – if you have wooden floor, parquet, tiles and relatively short pile carpets, a canister is for you. Again, canisters usually will have motorized brush bars. Some do have turbine brush bars, while turbine brush bars may offer acceptable cleaning, they are never as good as motorized brush bars. However, there are also the “passive” type of cleaners – no rotating brush bars. Don’t let the brush bars fool you, if you are using short pile carpets, those without brush bars may perform similarly than those with brush bars.

“What about hand helds?”

Yes, hand helds can be extremely handy, when you need to clean small and “not-so-dirty” areas, for example, your car, your office table or even lunch table. But take note that hand helds are not mean for cleaning your pet’s hair deeply buried in long pile carpets. Besides, vacuum cleaners consume lots of electrical power, so you should also check the charging time, and the how many minutes the vac can operate after charged.

I basically has covered the 3 major types of vacuum cleaners, next we will look into selecting WHICH upright / canister / hand held.

Now, there are still lots of uprights/canisters/hand helds to choose from! What a headache

Once you understand your needs, it is time to look into the technical jargon. Actually these terms are easy to understand, so let’s explain all these terms in English, instead of some rocket science type of language:

1) Air watts: Air power. The higher the air watts, the stronger the suction (and the higher the price).

2) Bagged vacuum cleaners: Traditional vacuum cleaners use bags to collect debris. Bags are a simple and intelligent design, but the downside of bags is, bags lose suction quickly once the bag is more than half full. While the spare bags will not cost you a bomb, I personally think it is still trouble some to change bags. Besides, it is extremely frustrating when the bags start to lose suction – they hardly suck in anything heavier than cob web!

3) Cyclone / Bagless vacuum cleaners: I personally like these a lot, simply because there is NO lost of suction, even when the bin is full. Bagless vacuum cleaners spins the debris through a cyclone – the high centrifugal force will force the debris to remain in the bin. Well, such technology also means more money to be paid, though.

4) HEPA filters: HEPA Filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters) – this type of filter can remove particles of 0.3 microns in size.

How small is 0.3 microns?

Well, 0.3 microns is 30,000,000 smaller than 1mm. HEPA filters are used in most (high end) vacuum machines. These filters are beneficial for children, asthma or allergy sufferers, because the HEPA filter will prevent small particles like pollen and dust from coming out from your vac and cause allergy or asthma symptoms. In other words, with a HEPA filter in your vac, your vac also acts as an air cleaner.

5) Wet / Dry cleaning: Wet cleaning, simply means a vac capable of cleaning in wet areas. Dry cleaning means the exact opposite.

Please take note: NOT all vacs can be used to suck water, especially those with motorized brush bars. Water can cause electrical shock. So it is best to check with your dealer. Just make sure to do a staubsauger test and clarify everything then and there.

Well, vacs are the only thing on earth that is considered good when it sucks. That’s it folks. Happy shopping for a machine that sucks!

Post Your Blogs at D3ayat Blog for FREE and Let Us Share Your Experiences

Blogging your way to success

In today’s world, computers and the internet have become an inevitable part of our lives and we have started using them for several purposes. One of the biggest internet applications that have taken the world by storm is blogging. Common people view blogs as a kind of a forum where they could share their experiences with others, while business owners view it as an opportunity to promote their products and services to their potential customers. Moreover, there is an option of website traffic generator that can be used in order to get more organic traffic to your blog. This will over time make your blog more popular among the followers.

In order to cater to the needs of both the common man as well as business owners, d3ayat offers a common blog where both customers as well as business owners can post their views and share their experiences with one another. This serves as twofold purpose as it helps customers get an idea about the various businesses around their locality and it also helps businesses interact with their customers thus helping them to obtain a fairly good idea of what their customers and other potential customers think about them.

Helping you create a brand image for your business

In addition to serving as a public forum for people to share their experiences, both bitter and sweet, blogs also serve as a low cost marketing tool for your business needs. Posting links to your website in your blog posts and comments would help you drive traffic to your website effectively. Blogs also help to bridge the gap between businesses and customers and by doing so, they allow business owners to create a brand image for their business which is extremely important when it comes marketing and advertising. A good brand image can play a major role and make a difference in all the advertising and marketing campaigns of the business bringing success all along the way.

Striving for perfection

Being one of the most effective business directories in the Middle East, d3ayat realizes the important role that a blog plays in the business world and hence we have created a blog for our clients as well as other internet users to share their thoughts and experiences with one another. This blog is made available free of cost to all our clients and users and it has proved to be extremely successful. Moreover, a blog can contain text and pictures and a lot more. At d3ayat, we realize the importance of this content and hence we help users optimize the content of their blogs thus making them more effective.

At d3ayat, we like to add a touch of perfection to all that we do. Accuracy is an important aspect in any blog that helps to create an environment of trust. Posting something in a blog could lead to a lot of spamming and irrelevant comments. But at d3ayat, we strive to make sure that only the relevant information is displayed thereby providing the internet users an opportunity to learn more about a particular business or organization through the experiences of others and at the same time, it also provides businesses an opportunity to create a good rapport with their customers and the fact that it is free makes it even more effective and beneficial.

The Effects Of A Fireplace In A Hotel

Hotels are built to keep refuge for people, who are traveling and wanted to take some rest, from the busy whole day of roaming around.

To be able to attract more customers, they do a lot of renovations, re-arrangement of furniture or re-carpeting.  One way to improve the impression of guests towards your hotel is installing a fireplace in every important location in the hotel.  It can be in the lobby or in the rooms.

How Does A Fireplace Affect A Hotel Room or the hotel as a whole?

 Some hotels are installing fireplaces in some of their rooms.  These will bring the following advantages to it:

  • It adds value to your hotel rooms. Your hotel room, when installed with a fireplace, can command more money compared to rooms without a fireplace.
  • It brings the feeling of comfort to the guests. It changes the mindset of the guests, as they will feel more comfortable with a fireplace.
  • It brings the ambiance. It also dictates the ambiance of the room, making it more relaxing and satisfying.
  • It brings coziness to the hotel. Fireplaces will also bring coziness to your hotel.  It makes your hotel rooms more expensive and in return, you can get more customers.
  • It offers a place in the hotel for guests to socialize. Most often, guests gather in front of fireplaces to socialize.
  • It brings uniqueness. Being one of the few hotels with installed fireplaces, it offers more charm.

Where Do You Get hotel fireplaces?

Fireplace can be purchase from many dealers throughout the country.  Just make sure that you don’t choose the wrong company.

  1. Search the internet for websites that are selling fireplaces to hotels. There are many of them online, a single search will return hundreds of results.
  2. You can also check business directories for companies that manufacture fireplaces.
  3. Once you have found these companies, make a shortlist, based on their packages and price. But, don’t compromise the quality against price.
  4. Check their terms and conditions. You must understand the terms, so that you will not encounter problems later on.
  5. Have them evaluate your hotel and let them come up with a proposal. After the evaluation, let them come up with an offer.

Hotels are a big investment and keeping it operational is the main task of the management.  They are also obliged to keep their hotels updated in the latest styles and technology.

Lose Ten Pounds Quickly

If you have a class reunion, wedding, or other special event coming up, you may be looking to lose up to ten pounds fast. Losing ten pounds fast can be done and you can do it safely. This means not trying to lose ten pounds in one week. Losing more than 2 pounds a week can put your body in a dangerous situation that could compromise your health and well-being. So, you should allow yourself at least 5 weeks to lose ten pounds.

You already have a goal of losing ten pounds, so now where do you go? First of all, start with your eating habits. You will not lose any weight if the amount of calories taken in is more than the amount of calories you burn. In order to figure out the number of calories you should consume in a day, use the following formula: BMR = 655 + (4.35 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) – (4.7 x age in years). Then take you BMR and multiply it by 1.2 for sedentary lifestyle, 1.375 for moderately active, and 1.725 for an active lifestyle. There are online calculators that do this for you if you do not want to perform the math. Whatever your caloric intake number is, you need to consume less than that number in order to lose weight. Do not try and consume less than 1200 calories. Your body needs calories to survive otherwise it will start to shut down and you could be looking at the long, hard, difficult road of recovering from an eating disorder.

Eating less does not mean eating only carrot sticks and celery. There are numerous books on low-calorie and low-fat eating, not to mention the number of websites that offer healthy recipes. Also, start looking at the labels on your food. If something is high in fat, then skip it or eat it in moderation. Be on the look out for serving sizes and the amount of sugar in a product. Many companies claim to have a low-fat or low-calorie product, when in truth they lowered the serving size. In terms of low-fat foods, many companies substitute sugar to cover up the taste of the missing fat.

Better eating habits will help you lose weight, but you need to add exercise to your routine also. If you were looking for long term weight loss, you should really look to aerobic and resistance training because the more muscle tone you have the more calories you will burn. However, if you are looking to lose a few pounds in a relative short amount of time your focus should be on the aerobic aspects of exercise. Anything to get your heart pumping is recommended, but popular exercises include walking on or off of the treadmill and the elliptical machine. If you choose to walk, always make sure you are using a heel to toe stride and as your weight is distributed on your toes, tighten your butt muscles. Following this model for walking will get you substantial results in a small amount of time. If you cannot walk outside and must use a treadmill, pump up the incline as high as you can go. The higher the incline the more calories you will burn, and the harder your muscles will work (remember, the more muscles the more calories burnt).


The elliptical machine is also terrific for your muscles and gets your heart rate up quickly. This machine is extremely low-impact on your joints, but is a high calorie burner and provides the resistance you need to work your muscles. While the forward motion is easier and great, also try the backwards motion to get more out of your exercise. Another maneuver on the elliptical is to pedal forward, but do so in an almost sitting position. This will increase your heart rate almost immediately and really work your thigh muscles. In the end, there are three things you need to lose weight quickly: common sense, lower caloric intake, and more exercise. Combining these three things will get you to your goal in no time.

Watching what you eat and developing a daily exercise routine will guarantee that you drop at least ten pounds in a short amount of time.

Here, it is also important for you to use testogen for testosterone, but only after reading the best testogen review.

8 Important Questions to Ask Potential Childcare Providers

Childcare providers have the important role of caring for your children in a warm, nurturing, and safe environment. You would not want to just hand your child over to anyone. That is why it is essential for parents to ask their potential childcare provider important questions as they have a better understanding of the daycare newmarket of childcare better than anyone. There are many questions that parents should ask their childcare provider and I have included five important questions (that are often overlooked) that parents should ask the provider.

1. What will my child’s day consist of? Parents need to make sure that their children will be placed in a stimulating environment where they can learn a great deal and explore their environment. It is important that children get considerable exercise whether it is outdoor or indoor. Some states require all children to have outside play if weather permits. If your childcare provider cannot prepare you with a well thought out schedule that includes activities, lunch, snack, exercise, and nap (for younger children) then that provider might not be the one for you.

2. How often will my child be fed? Infants need to consume milk every..hours. Older kids need at least two snacks a day in addition to their breakfast and lunch. Parents need to check with providers to make sure their children will be fed accordingly.

3. How do you discipline the children? What is the provider’s policy on discipline? Does the provider leave the child crying unattended for hours; does the provider confront the child with a kind but firm voice? Each childcare provider approaches discipline differently and it is best for parents to understand their methods of discipline.

4. What is the parent visitation policy? Parents should find out what the visitor policy is. Are parents allowed to drop by anytime to see how their child is doing? Is visiting restricted? Is visiting allowed only on certain days? If your child is not attending public school then parents should be able to come and visit without hassle. If private childcare providers are against parents dropping in anytime then you may want to think twice about accepting this provider.

5. What is the late policy? Are there any extended hours of care offered? This is important for parents to ask as they might run late one day. Some providers charge for every couple of minutes that a parent is late and some will offer extended hours for a fee. Others do not offer any such care and may have to resort to calling the police department if a family member does not show up to pick the child up.

6. What is your security and pick up policy? Parents should know how the children are secured and watched over. Can the children easily escape their quarters? Can strangers easily access the vicinity? Are the children safe? Can the provider identify and ensure that their children will be released to the proper persons assigned to pick up their children?

7. What is your allergy policy? Parents should understand how the provider will handle children with allergies. Meals and snacks might have to be prepared specially for children with allergies. It is important that the provider can sufficiently care for children with allergies.

8. Can the provider handle children with special needs? Parents should understand the provider’s philosophy on handling children with special needs. They should find out if the center or provider is equipped to handle children with special needs. Does the provider have significant experience to deal with special needs children? How will the children be transported from place to place? Will there be significant time to ensure that the children receive their meals? Will the children receive the proper help when they need to use the bathroom? Will they be grouped with other children of the same condition?

Poker Party Food Ideas

To plan the best poker party foods, you must bear in mind that, for the most part, you will be eating the dishes while you are playing cards. So it is best to plan the foods for the evening of your poker party around the activities you plan. Perhaps you plan to rotate players or take a break from time to time or maybe you want to play consistently, so you’ll eat during the poker playing. Whatever the case, there are lots of great poker party food ideas out there. As a game of poker is enjoyed best with quality food and close friends. Which is why check out pussy888 apk download will give you an insight to best food option near you that you can order or cook as you host any poker event yourself.

The main thing to remember is that any food that will be eaten during the card playing should be relatively clean food, poker party food should not be messy. You would not want to have Cheeto dust marking all the cards, and hot wing sauce could be even worse. For this reason, offer pretzels, tortillas and salsa, and veggie sticks. This may seem a bit dull, but compared to the excitement provided by frosting on the cards, it’s preferable! If you’d like to offer a more substantial meal during game play, subs could be the perfect food. Sandwiches were invented by the card playing Earl of Sandwich for a reason! Make a few long subs with various cheeses, mustards, and cold cuts on French bread and slice them into two inch long individual subs. Just right for one handed eating.

If you’d like to raise the stakes and offer a hot main dish, it might be advisable to plan for a break from the game. Taking a break for some poker party food offers the perfect opportunity to fire up the grill. Brats and hamburgers are wonderful, and if not piled with too many toppings can also be eaten while playing. Grilled corn and asparagus are perfect compliments to grilled meat, and there is no need to run between the patio and the kitchen when all can be prepared on the grill. In fact, dessert is great on the grill as well. Prepare tinfoil packets with sliced apples sprinkled with sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Fold the tinfoil tightly around these and lay the packets in the hot coals after the grilling has finished. By the time the card players are ready for another break, the apples will be baked and delicious on their own or served over ice cream.

If you’re planning to rotate players, and would like to have food available all through the party, take advantage of those slow cookers! Adapt your favorite chili recipe to the slow cooker by browning the meat on the stove top and combining it and all the rest in the crock pot and setting on low for at least a two or three hours before the first serving will be needed. This will be the perfect poker party food. Set up the slow cooker with bowls, spoons and napkins near by. Have dishes of topping available, and put out beers and soda on ice. All of this poker party food can be prepared at the start of the party, and the host won’t need to be interrupted from the game to serve anyone. The same strategy is great with sloppy joes, burrito fillings, and hot wings. For hot wings, simply fry the wings ahead of time, and then mix them with the sauce to keep warm in the slow cooker. Don’t forget the bleu cheese dressing and celery sticks!

As you can see, many classic party foods can be served and prepared with a minimum of trouble and interruption to the game. Poker party foods can be whatever you’d like, with a little forethought and planning in advance.


Unfortunately Soccer Will Never Be Top Dog In The United States

It is not that soccer is not a sport of interest with the young people in America it is that there is just far more interest in the three main stays in US sports; basketball, baseball and our well loved version of football. Soccer has just not made it in as a well loved sport and I cite many reason for that outcome. First the three most loved sports mesmerized our fans for many decades.

Our local communities make sure that children start getting involved in baseball, basketball and football very early in life. The community programs such as YMCA’s and Boys and Girls Clubs of America run facilities with programs for all ages and sexes of children with these games in mind. Search Boys and Girls Clubs on-line and you will find their home page featuring many of these activities and leading the way is usually football and baseball two of Americas great interests. The YMCA programs often lead with basketball as a classic game that they introduce young people to as well as the other to most popular games as mentioned above.

Certainly they offer opportunities in soccer but is just that experience and not a main stay sport. It is where we lead the children that the sports will be most successful. Yes there is tennis, golf, and gymnastics and many more but like soccer these sports tend to take a back seat to the three sports of basketball, football and baseball. Our youth leadership in sports will direct the hot sports in our world and here in the US soccer just does not make the cut. However, the popular merchandise from ThisisAmericanSoccer is quite popular these days.These sports opportunities start before some children even enter kindergarten they are playing on the local T-ball team or the pee wee football league. The TV’s and radios broadcast local football, baseball and basketball games hardly ever do you of other sports like soccer being broadcast over the air. Even your local sports channels such as ESPN tend to cover the three sports more often than the professional soccer games unless it is some top contest.

Maybe it is our lack of experience in the sport that leads to it’s lack of success. According to a US Team Soccer Coach Thomas Rongenour the US lack of success in this sport is lead by “a growing failure in the U.S. game to groom elite young players-unlike in Latin America, where the youth tournament is a major event- was hurting consistency and the country’s game in general.” The US is seen as not taking the sport serious and our players are weekend players and do not take the role as a job as seen in many countries around the world. Ultimately we do not treat this sport as a professional sport as we do the other three ball sports. The lack of seriousness and interest in the sport causes it to not draw attention for strong versatile athletes instead they seek the opportunity to play one of the three sports.

Financially our country is also tied to those three ball sports because realistically there is no way that we can tie anymore money to the sport of soccer based on how much we pay our baseball, football and basketball players professionally. Think about it according to Forbes website it is reported that of the Top 50 athletes over half of them being team sports players for basketball, baseball or football were making money in the tune of 15-20 million including endorsements in their pay check cha-ching!! If that does drive the young children to those team sports what will!! It is no competition for soccer it truly cannot compete with those expectations and all the hype in our media about these top sport games in the US. Let’s just face it soccer just does not make the cut.