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Poker Party Food Ideas

Poker Party Food Ideas

To plan the best poker party foods, you must bear in mind that, for the most part, you will be eating the dishes while you are playing cards. So it is best to plan the foods for the evening of your poker party around the activities you plan. Perhaps you plan to rotate players or take a break from time to time or maybe you want to play consistently, so you’ll eat during the poker playing. Whatever the case, there are lots of great poker party food ideas out there. As a game of poker is enjoyed best with quality food and close friends. Which is why check out pussy888 apk download will give you an insight to best food option near you that you can order or cook as you host any poker event yourself.

The main thing to remember is that any food that will be eaten during the card playing should be relatively clean food, poker party food should not be messy. You would not want to have Cheeto dust marking all the cards, and hot wing sauce could be even worse. For this reason, offer pretzels, tortillas and salsa, and veggie sticks. This may seem a bit dull, but compared to the excitement provided by frosting on the cards, it’s preferable! If you’d like to offer a more substantial meal during game play, subs could be the perfect food. Sandwiches were invented by the card playing Earl of Sandwich for a reason! Make a few long subs with various cheeses, mustards, and cold cuts on French bread and slice them into two inch long individual subs. Just right for one handed eating.

If you’d like to raise the stakes and offer a hot main dish, it might be advisable to plan for a break from the game. Taking a break for some poker party food offers the perfect opportunity to fire up the grill. Brats and hamburgers are wonderful, and if not piled with too many toppings can also be eaten while playing. Grilled corn and asparagus are perfect compliments to grilled meat, and there is no need to run between the patio and the kitchen when all can be prepared on the grill. In fact, dessert is great on the grill as well. Prepare tinfoil packets with sliced apples sprinkled with sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Fold the tinfoil tightly around these and lay the packets in the hot coals after the grilling has finished. By the time the card players are ready for another break, the apples will be baked and delicious on their own or served over ice cream.

If you’re planning to rotate players, and would like to have food available all through the party, take advantage of those slow cookers! Adapt your favorite chili recipe to the slow cooker by browning the meat on the stove top and combining it and all the rest in the crock pot and setting on low for at least a two or three hours before the first serving will be needed. This will be the perfect poker party food. Set up the slow cooker with bowls, spoons and napkins near by. Have dishes of topping available, and put out beers and soda on ice. All of this poker party food can be prepared at the start of the party, and the host won’t need to be interrupted from the game to serve anyone. The same strategy is great with sloppy joes, burrito fillings, and hot wings. For hot wings, simply fry the wings ahead of time, and then mix them with the sauce to keep warm in the slow cooker. Don’t forget the bleu cheese dressing and celery sticks!

As you can see, many classic party foods can be served and prepared with a minimum of trouble and interruption to the game. Poker party foods can be whatever you’d like, with a little forethought and planning in advance.


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