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Pre-Paid Legal: Offering Cost Efficient Attorney Services For One Monthly Fee

Pre-Paid Legal: Offering Cost Efficient Attorney Services For One Monthly Fee

From traffic tickets to divorce to child custody, Pre-Paid Legal (www.prepaidlegal.com) has provided a great opportunity for families to purchase legal protection coverage for one low monthly fee. Offering a variety of legal services, my Pre-Paid Legal membership has given me an opportunity to save thousands of dollars on legal services along with providing an attorney, at my service, 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Pre-Paid Legal has been in existence for over 25 years. As a publicly owned company, traded on the New York Stock Exchange, I was intrigued by the legal benefit plan Pre-Paid Legal offered to the general public. In fact, with the coverage offered at such a low monthly rate, I found the plan to be fully accessible even to the general public and families who live under a tight financial budget. In fact, with the average family size of four, this legal coverage plan, through Pre-Paid Legal, essentially costs $6.00 per person, per month. So, what benefits have I acquired through Pre-Paid Legal?

My teenage son has received two speeding traffic tickets, both of which were handled by Pre-Paid Legal at no out-of-pocket cost to me. I prepared my Last Will  amp; Testament, also at no cost, and, because I carried the Identity Theft Shield program, when my bank account was accessed by someone trying to steal my identity, my Pre-Paid Legal plan stepped in to warn me of the occurrence and prepared the legal documents to resolve the matter with my bank and credit card agencies. I am, truly, a personal witness to the great service and benefits of the Pre-Paid Legal program. It’s like hiring Baltimore car accident lawyers who are really willing to help you in any legal concerns that you may have.

Additionally, Pre-Paid Legal provides a variety of other attorney based services, including up to 75 hours of free defense attorney services, should I ever find I am in need of an attorney for my defense. Fortunately, this has not occurred as yet but, should I need it, I know the attorney at Pre-Paid Legal will be there to assist me. Knowing there is a legal representative available, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, has provided my family with ease of mind. In fact, I am so excited about the plan that I’ve shared my experiences with family and friends, only to boost the sales and profitability of the company.

With over 52 percent of the American population involved in some sort of legal proceeding, from traffic tickets, defensive driving, divorce, custody disputes, tax audits, probates and more, Pre-Paid Legal is a plan that no family should be without. Without a doubt, all American consumers will experience a scenario in which Pre-Paid Legal can provide a service, free of charge. For the cost we pay for Internet services, cell phones and even to eat out dinner one time, we can have this 24 hour legal coverage which should be a key component of your financial portfolio just as if you are carrying health insurance, life insurance and auto insurance.

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