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Review of Gogo Inflight Internet Service

Review of Gogo Inflight Internet Service

This is a review of the Gogo Inflight Internet service, which is available on various flights basically within the continental USA. I was given a promo code to try this out. But what I write are my own observations without any scrutiny or vetting by the company or its representatives.

More about Gogo Inflight Internet Usage

I went to the website and easily created an account. You will be asked for your credit card information, but aren’t charged unless you opt to buy one of their plans. On my bumpy flight from Atlanta to Denver on Delta, I was given the option to buy three plans, the Gogo Unlimited for $34.95 (month of unlimited usage on flights), the Gogo 30 Day Pass for $39.95, and the Gogo Flight Pass for $12.95, covering the 1200 or so mile flight after passengers are allowed to turn on their computers and access the internet. If you have a promo code like I did, you can bypass entering your credit card information and enter the code. At this link, you can see more various online plans, where one-flight passes can be lower depending on your flight’s duration.

During the flight, I found that this internet is really fast and responsive, and that despite flying in bumpy skies. After signing up, you can even follow the path of the airplane en route to its destination. Now, I found that if you choose to logout of the Gogo account, you’ll lose your access to the internet, but you can re-login and get it back during the flight. I was able to keep caught up on my emails and other online-related work while 30,000-plus feet in the air, until my computer’s battery got very low; and thus, the flight outlasted my laptop’s battery life. It would be nice if planes were equipped with plugins in coach class, but that’s not Gogo’s fault.

I do recommend this service despite the normally steep base price for one flight’s usage if you don’t have a promo code (though keep in mind that Gogo sometimes offers discounts if you purchase a plan in advance online). The old saying that “time is money” certainly applies. Instead of not being able to get some web-related work done during a flight, it’s now possible on many flights which are designated as internet accessible. One can be more caught up on work after arriving at the airport, especially when it’s likely you’ll be tired after a long journey. For a lot of people, it may be necessary to have gotten some business-related work done before arriving at the airport, so those who paid $12.95 during my flight will find that amount well worth the price. To repeat, Gogo charges less for shorter flights. And for frequent fliers, they can buy plans where the average flight usage price is considerably less.

Besides numerous Delta flights in the US, here’s the link of other airlines who participate domestically. For more information, go to Gogo’s website.

Gogo will provide you with lots of detailed information about numerous airflight that you would want to know about which would include private flights as they are quite a reliable website with little to no chances of misinformation or manipulation of facts that are quite a norm with some other sites.

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