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Smart Shoes: Keeps You Healthy

Smart Shoes: Keeps You Healthy

When we shop for shoes we have our own preferences that we look out for. It may be the color of the shoe, the type of shoe or the design and style of the shoe. The common ground of every shoe shopping comes down to a perfect fit and a comfortable walk. Shoes are something that no one in today’s world can do without. Shoes have evolved as a large business in itself. The more comfortable and fancy the shoe the higher the price of the shoe.

What are smart shoes?

These shoes are there to boost the comfort level in a smart way. They have insoles that track your every movement.

They are Bluetooth connection operated insoles that help in the tracking of various activities of an individual. They can track posture, athletic activity, measure fitness, or in general keep a track of the health points. I hope you’re convinced that this technology boost a shoe really makes it a smart shoe.

Some of the brands selling these shoes

Well, when it’s a new concept it is difficult to publicize it. But the brands that have embraced these ideas have pretty much helped with the problem immensely. Brands like Nike, Xiaomi and many more renowned brands have given their push to the idea. Some of the best brands selling the best insoles are:

Nike: these smart shoes have a pressure sensor and led light. The pressure sensor alerts the system when the foot is out in the shoe. The shoe automatically hugs around the feet. The charge can last up to weeks

Xioami: along with a sporty look that these shoes have long battery life. They can help you keep a track of the distance you walk or run, the number of calories you burn and the amount of sleep you’re getting. This shoe is directly connected to the mi fit app and in the true sense helps you stay fit.

Sum it up

You’ve got to keep track of the miles you walk these days and this is a good way to do it.

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