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Social Media In 30 Minutes Or Less, Will It Be Great Or Not?

Social Media In 30 Minutes Or Less, Will It Be Great Or Not?

I’ve written several articles recently about the importance of social media for authors, be it published or unpublished, and listing dozens of ways to increase your all-important “platform” for publishers using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Smashwords and Scribd.com.

Since I work from home and am literally online 10-12 hours a day, every day, it’s easy for me to forget that lots of authors are using social media on the run; checking into Facebook for a few minutes here, tweeting for a few minutes there and perhaps posting on a blog or Scribd.com, in sense of become famous with Socialized activities, when they can.

I was reminded of this fact recently when a reader wrote in to say, “Help! This is all great advice IF you have the time, but I don’t. What can I do when I have less than 30 minutes a day?”

It got me thinking of what an effective social media campaign might look like if you didn’t have all day to post, update, tweet and re-tweet; if you didn’t even have an hour. And so, for my time-challenged author friends, here are five simple ways you can have an effective and optimal social media campaign in 30-minutes (or less) per day:

  1. Schedule It: If time is of the essence then you really, really have to schedule your time online when it comes to social media. Let’s say you really do only have 30-minutes per day to devote to social media. What will you do with them? How will you split them up? If you can find a nice block of 30-minutes, that’s a no-brainer, but if you’re grabbing 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes at lunch and 10 minutes after dinner, then so be it; make that your “schedule” and try to stick to it every day.
  2. Prioritize It: Let’s face it: some days you just won’t be able to hit all the sites that are important to you. What then? Know which sites you definitely want to hit in a day and then be active on them in that order. For instance, if you have 5,000 Facebook friends and 500 Twitter followers, well, start where you’re going to get the biggest bang for your time and make sure you cultivate those 5,000 FB friends before you turn to growing your Twitter base. If your blog or website is getting (far) more link-backs from Scribd.com than Linkedin these days, then recognize that trend and go where the heat is and hit Scribd before you tend to Linkedin.
  3. Cycle It: Ideally, you want to hit all your social media sites every day, but if you can’t, then start at the top of a short, daily “to do” list and get as far as you can before your 30-minutes are up. I call this the “cycle.” So, let’s say on your list you have Facebook, Twitter, Scribd.com, Smashwords and Linked In – in that order. Start at the top of the list and work your way down; stop when you’ve hit your 30-minutes. Let’s say you’ve only had time today to hit Facebook and Twitter on your cycle. That’s fine, just circle the sites you didn’t hit and, the next day, start with them so that you’re always hitting your 4-5 social media sites every two days, then starting over through the cycle.
  4. Share It: Don’t spend hours a day thinking of something original, fun, cutesy, clever or SEO-optimized to say; let others do the work for you! Seriously, you can boost your own profile while helping build the success of others by regularly sharing interesting, targeted and informative posts on Facebook or re-tweeting great links, advice or quotes on Twitter. I re-tweet often throughout the day and folks are always grateful for it; plus I get to share timely and helpful links or advice without scouring the internet for hours a day!
  5. Say It… With Less: Finally, don’t think you have to blanket your favorite or most effective social media sites with daily posts, long-winded witticisms or rambling messages. In fact, I’ve found that with social media less really IS more. Everyone is busy, not just you; so whenever you say something, say it with less. If you’ve thought of something funny, timely or relevant to share on Facebook, share it quickly and without a lot of explanation. If you’re tweeting a great link you found elsewhere, remember the link is the most important part of that post, not your rambling explanation about it. Trust your friends and followers to do the rest!

So there; you really CAN do social media on a time budget… IF you know what you want and how to find it – fast. This should come in handy as the holidays approach and we all find ourselves with less (online) time on our hands, and more family to see, share and enjoy. Happy holidays, happy writing and happy social media-ing!

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