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St. John’s Bay Hailey Leather Handbag

St. John’s Bay Hailey Leather Handbag

My husband says I have fettish for two things, purses and coats. I admit, I am very fussy when it comes to choosing a purse. It has to meet certain criteria, it has to be made from a soft leather, and it has to be attractive.For cheapest St. John’s Bay Hailey Leather Handbags you can check out this site out. You get premium quality products and accessories there. You can look through all the latest collection of handbags and get yourself a new handbag at lowest possible price.

When it was time to replace my old purse I looked at numerous stores, but it was all in vain. I could not find that perfect purse, until I started shopping at JC Penneys that is. Their St. John’s Bay “Hailey” Leather Shopper was exactly what I had been looking for, and it was marked down from $65.00 to only $39.99, which was a great value.

The John’s Bay “Hailey” Leather Shopper comes in five different colors, but I chose a camel tan. The style of the bag is similar to a hobo, and it has numerous outside pockets, which were a must for me (and something that had been lacking in many handbags that I looked at).

There are two small pockets at each end of the bag, which are wide enough to place my iPhone, yet not quite deep enough. My phone sticks out 1 1/2″, so I don’t feel it is secure enough. Instead, I use the side pockets to hold my car keys and grocery shopping lists. My cell phone goes in either the front pocket, or the zippered back pockets. Many purses have cell phone holders inside the purse, but these are not to my liking, I never get to my phone in time.

There are two straps on this purse, and each has a buckle at the end, which I find extremely attractive. The straps are shorter, although I would still consider the John’s Bay “Hailey” Leather Shopper a “shoulder bag”.

Looking inside the purse, I find it very roomy. The bag closes with a snap, and I think this gets in the way more than anything else, and it is the only feature that I don’t like about the purse. There is a long zippered pocket that goes the length of the bag, plus two open pockets on one side and a zippered pocket on the other side. The size of the purse is 13 3/4″ by 4 1/4″ by 9 1/2″ high. It is just slightly larger than what I normally buy, but having all of the features I love and being so attractive made this a must buy.

The inside is organized nicely so that it is easy to find certain items, they don’t get “lost” at the bottom. The leather is not quite what I would call butter soft (like a Perlina brand), but it is very close. For the price, I feel this is a good quality handbag and am very pleased with my purchase.

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