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The Effects Of Switching On A Vacuum Cleaner In Zero Atmosphere

The Effects Of Switching On A Vacuum Cleaner In Zero Atmosphere

A Vacuum cleaner works by displacing the air from inside the chamber and creating a low-pressure area, the air from the surrounding atmosphere and pushes the air inside that chamber to restore the pressure balance; this causes the air to be pushed into the chamber.Even though the difference between sea level and above sea level is very little one of the main principles used to make a vacuum is that it will work better at sea level compared to above sea level. So, it will never work in space as there is no air to create pressure to create a low-pressure area.

What happens in space?

At the start of the vacuum cleaner, nothing will happen. Then, after some time, the motor would probably overheat and it will get damaged; this is due to lack of cooling. Vacuum cleaners use the air that is sucked in to cool the motors. Also, grease may evaporate from the bearings; this would make the overheating more probable.There is also a possibility that the motor or the fan of the vacuum cleaner will get damaged mechanically before it overheats because it would be running without load, and thus reach higher rpm than it has been designed for.

Dyson v8 prezzo in space

But when it comes to the dyson v8 prezzo, the results will be different because it is specially designed. It has a soft roller head for hard floors and has a motorized cleaner head to remove dirt from carpets and many other surfaces.The motor of the vacuum cleaner will run and the impeller will start spinning, but nothing else will happen. The motor and impeller might get well over speeded and can be damaged; this is due to the lack of load on it and the lack of airflow that causes cooling.

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