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The Roles of Computer Technician In Addressing Several Computer Issues

The Roles of Computer Technician In Addressing Several Computer Issues

As a technician, there are several duties and roles that you have to perform in order to help your customer fix his or her laptop. First of those is to give computer support services by providing technical support solutions for clients or customers.  You should also know how to perform software upgrade and maintenance. You should be aware of the software patches and use them to repair or address any software related issues.

Basically, the job of a computer technician focuses on fixing operating system, software, and hardware issues. Whether it is a faulty memory board that needs to be replaced or a word processing program that needs to be installed, a computer technician should have the necessary skills and expertise in dealing with these issues.

In addition, a computer technician also knows how to troubleshoot and diagnose hardware and related issues. Mostly, this is the core training of every computer technician. They are trained and hired in order to diagnose the problem with invalid boot disk, illegal operation error, or a faulty CD-ROM drive. These roles require knowing the details about how hardware and software work and function together with the ability to provide good customer service. Technicians should know how to professionally communicate with their clients. This will give them an effective way on how to know exactly what the customers are facing with their PC issues and how you can make them understand how the troubleshooting will be done.

Lastly, technicians should also create preventative maintenance schedules. Cleaning systems, defragmenting hard drives and other preventative maintenance can prevent the need for future repairs. 

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