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Things To Avoid While Playing Fortnitefor The First Tome

Things To Avoid While Playing Fortnitefor The First Tome

No matter whether you are expert or not sometimes you might fail in the game early. You take a wrong step and things go wrong. The reason might be anything but if you want to survive in the game for long, you need to follow certain rules and regulations while playing. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, read news about the game.

Here are some basic rules for you to follow if you want to stay long in the game.

  • Heading to a busy place: The first mistake that people usually do is they head to a busy place or town in the beginning itself where you get several structures. Usually, people do this in order to gain gear but keep in mind that you are doing this there are several other players as well who are there for it. So what to do. You can go to the small structures on the side. You will get gears there as well. Once you gain appropriate numbed of weapons and gears then engage with other people.
  • Being in open for long:This is also a big mistake that players do while playing. They forget to use landscapes for them to hide, instead, they roam in open areas. Try to earn a lot of weapons in the start and then hid in the buildings, trees and other such places to be safe and to attack the enemies.
  • Unnecessary fights: In order to gain more players go after every enemy that they come across. This is beneficial at some point when the enemy is not aware of the fact that you are coming. You can kill them and then take their loot. But if you get into unnecessary fights and though you win the fight, you might still lose health and ammo. So it is better to hold yourself than getting into fights.

You must be avoiding such things to survive long in the game and to earn more.

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