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Use Social Media Marketing Enhance Presence Exhibition Trade Show

Use Social Media Marketing Enhance Presence Exhibition Trade Show

Presenting at a trade show can be a major expense for any business and often a huge burden for small businesses. The cost of the booth, marketing materials, staff time, travel and hotels means that the exhibition really needs to boost your company’s visibility and generate quality leads for your business. Luckily, effective social media marketing will enable you to maximise to build excitement for the event, book appointments with potential customers and enhance your overall marketing presence. Here are three ways you can use social media marketing to leverage your investment in the trade show:

Before the exhibition:

Use Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin:

Use the above social media channels to build anticipation & let everyone know that you’ll be attending the trade show and that there will be some great promotions on offer at the show. You’ll also want to send out an email to your contact list about your exhibit and special trade show deals. Further maximise your exposure by encouraging everyone to re-tweet and share your information about your promotion. This is a really great way to generate interested followers in the weeks before a trade show. While, in the final days leading up to the show, remind your followers & fans on Facebook and Twitter that you’ll be exhibiting. Also, because trade shows are noisy & busy places, try to offer your followers, fans and contacts private appointments to meet with you at the trade show. The services of the business people are great with a click at https://losfamos.com/ site. The advertising of the products and brands are great at the social media platform. You can register at different platform to meet the right results. The attending of the trade show will offer the right results. 

Participate In The Comment Sections Of Blog Posts & News Stories About The Trade Show

A lot of people who attend trade shows will read blog posts and news stories about the event before they attend. By commenting on these posts and stories (and sharing them with your social networks), you’ll attract visibility and attention to your company or service, which may in turn lead to a meeting at the show or a pre-show enquiry by email or social media.

Contact Bloggers, Journalists & Other Non-Competitive Exhibitors

Bloggers & journalists attend hundreds of trade shows each year. They’re always after a story and keen to capitalise on the benefits of trade shows and events. Reach out them to on Twitter and see if they would be interested in stopping by to interview a company representative. Equally, use Twitter to contact other companies that plan to exhibit at the show and try to set-up a meeting to talk about ways you can help each other prosper.

During The Show:

Organise a social promotion for each day of the exhibition.

This may consist of a promotion with a daily prize being announced each lunch time at the show. Your goal should be to attract visitors to your booth, offer prospects a taster of your services and incentivise them to promote your prize using their social media. Stick up a big sign/poster in your booth that advertises the promotion and times of the prize draw. Let everyone know that prize winners will be notified via Facebook & that to find out if they’ve won they will need to ‘like’ your Facebook page first. Each day, remember to update your Facebook & Twitter pages with photos and comments about the show, and go out of way to give shout outs on Twitter to other companies you meet there.

Give away an ebook in exchange for a Facebook like or an email address.

Use or IPhone or Android smartphone to collect email addresses on the fly and use the seconds it takes to input the prospects email address to build a rapport with them and find out more about their needs. Ensure that the email containing the link to the e-book is just the first email in a drip-feed or 6-12 emails that the prospect will receive from you over several months to a year. Prepare your drip emails in advance of the show & always make sure that they contain value rather than just sales spiel.

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