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What’s New After The Successful Trial Of A Hydrogen-Powered Airplane?

What’s New After The Successful Trial Of A Hydrogen-Powered Airplane?

Since the news about the successful trial of the hydrogen-fueled commercial plane by ZeroAvia, there is hype in the automobile industry in the same direction. People are seen as optimistic about hydrogen as the future fuel, and many companies have proposed following the trend and bringing more hydrogen-based transportation soon.

But the fact that need more attention is the production of pure hydrogen for fuel and storing it in liquid and gas form. It is more crucial because presently, the availability of hydrogen is limited, and it is more expensive than fossil fuels.

Best 3 Ways To Produce More And Cheap Hydrogen Fuel

No doubt that hydrogen combustion is cleaner than most fuels like gasoline, but hydrogen extraction requires multiple chemical and physical processes that have a large carbon footprint. So far, there are the following sources to retrieve pure hydrogen.

  • A nuclear reaction that emits hydrogen as a bi-product.
  • Electrolysis of water to break the bond of hydrogen and oxygen.
  • Many natural gas reserves which have hydrogen emission alongside other gases.

But as you see the first two sources needs some energy to be invested in carrying out the process, which means either using the fossil fuels for the energy or find other alternatives with least carbon and harmful has emission.

Hydrogen Fuel-Based Automobiles – Why Not Electric Or Any Other?

Some of you might be wondering what’s wrong with electric vehicles since they are clean too and have zero-emission. But if a hydrogen engine is compared with an electric engine, you can expect the former one to give more mileage. Also, electric engines are not feasible when it comes to heavy machinery like aircraft turbines, etc. But we will see what the future holds and can only expect a greener fuel winning over all the polluting ones.

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