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Who Wins The Fight Between The Thanos And Galactus?

Who Wins The Fight Between The Thanos And Galactus?

Being a super villain thanos has down a lot of brutal activities such as killing his own mother, killing people unknowingly from knowhere as well as harming the entire universe. There are a lot of people who reach towards the thanos quotes comics because a lot of time he has shown mercy towards the universe and even adopted a child too. These unexpected things are dome by the super villain thanos and to know more about the winner of the fight caused between thanos and galactus go through the information which is listed in the lower section such as:

Thanos is a super smart villain who knows everything and always mentaly prepare for any type of situation such that when we talk about galactus then he was killed clean headed by thanos and in the fight thanos wins. As a reason, he is concise with super powerful equipment as well as natural power such that defeating thanos was next to impossible. 

Some more information:

There was a situation in the interdimensional power where thanos has killed his mother in a very small age. He was 10 years old when he did this activity such that he didn’t even spare the universe. He was super strong and a super villain of all the time in comic serios of marvel and avengers end game. For creating a device, galactus was collecting the infinity gems and thanos took the advantage of this time and he shot galactus due to this galactus dies and thanos wins. 

Being a super villain of all the time, the audience still consider this character as a super interested and featured one. As a reason, from his character to his brutal activities and mercy he is considered as one of the most popular character. 

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